Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The princess is always in another castle.

Five days and i wish i'd gotten in JUST ONE MORE run.

Seven days, and i'm really not that ready for history.
Six days, and i'm only sort of ready for english.

Nine days, and i'm more or less ready for math.

A couple weeks, and i'm not ready for physics.
Two weeks, and i'm not ready for english (again).

Three weeks, and all i can manage is a wan smile for Comp Sci.
Twenty three days, and i found out i'm not ready at all for french.
Twenty four days, and i'm not allowed to play Warcraft.

It's hard to say which is the hardest... At least only twenty four days, and i'll be done making misguided decisions for the summer. Speaking of summer, i keep forgetting to ask Helen for flight info... I'm going to have to spend all my tuition funds on plane tickets! Oh no!

I never did finish blogging about my birthday... No time like the here and now in space-time i suppose...
From my friends i got assorted video game stuff... Nexon cash, Team fortress 2. That was sweet, except i haven't gone on MapleStory for weeks, and i apparently ran right out of hard drive space on the ol' compy. From my family i got three shirts, with varying amounts of buttons :P
One Atari shirt, which is cool
One button-up shirt that looks alright, i haven't tried it on though.
One polo shirt that also looks alright on me.

I also got a lottery ticket, with specially picked numbers! Only one of them was the right number though... And i got jeans, which i sort of desparately needed. Then i also got some candy (turtles and jelly bellies :D) And a book, which is really quite interesting, but i have no time to read it right now (see the top of the post). Then i got a large sum of money(!) and a portable hard drive!!! That's definitely really good, because now i have ~infinite space in the way of memory, for at least a couple years, even if i take all my files, and download(I mean BUY of course.) a new album everyday. And a new, top o' the line game every month. 250 GB is really a large sum of data...... And i got a Zune!
It's like a Microsoft iPod, for those of you who aren't enlightened. It's really quite nice, it makes more sense than those silly Apple contraptions, and it definitely seems to try hard to make you like it. The only problem is those Mac people made that ad campaign, and now Microsoft/PCs are "nerdy", so no matter how cool the Zune is, it's already on it's way to hang out with the Linux people. They really are quite a bit nicer than their iPod counterparts though, the touch pad is scrumtrallescent. And they have some entertaining games. As well as this really neat wireless thing, where you can send songs to other people nearby who have their Zunes turned on. All you need is to go to starbucks, and trade music with someone, then you can go home and buy/download the song to keep, instead of the three play thing. Which makes sense by the way!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Apocalyptic countdown

Well, here it is... It's the end of April, and i'm really not ready for anything that's happening next month. Or after that even. I don't have a clue what i'm going to do during the summer, except for some vague trip for roughly a week, that is probably not going to happen anymore :[ Then in July i'm going to find out i failed high school or something, and have to go back again. THEN I'm going to get a job, and just stay working at Best Buy for my entire life, even after i've finished university (maybe), and moved out, and everything.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today i turned 18! Wheee!
It was pretty sweet. I woke up at 6:30, and then looked outside, and it was snowing! I was like
Then i went and got ready, and went to school :P
I'll tell you kids... Being an "adult" is great. Everything is shiny and wonderful, and people treat you completely differently. I mean just this morning, seven people gave me candy, and nobody's called me dumb yet today! Also there's the whole thing with the children folk asking you for alcohol, which is less fun. -_-
But actually: It's not that different from the last 17 birthdays when people ask "do you feel any different?" and i say "I dunno, not really...."
That's all to write so far, except we had a fizzyx exam this morning, and it was just burtal. Brutal even.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Internet Symphony

I found this on Soul Skittles' blog, and then like ten minutes later when i went on YouTube. It's pretty cool, i wish i'd known about it earlier, so i could have tried, or at least had a copy of the music... That would have been sweet. They did a pretty good job making it all nice and "everyone can use the Internet"-y i suppose, but the people on the internet MOST e.g. TEH TROLLS are thankfully absent.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Not much to report today... Easter was pretty par, My cousin came in with her boyfriend from Calgary, that was sort of exciting. For the egg hunt, my cousins put some of Alex's eggs in a water bottle, and then put said water bottle in the fish tank. Hilarity ensues. Also, Alex taped one of mine to the ceiling. (for those of you who aren't enlightened, i am pretty short.) More Hi jinx ensue. Then we played video games. Fun was had by all, except for me, because i sat there and won twice, then tried to concentrate on the silly old Statistics take-home test. -_-
Monday was just as uneventful (more like FUNeventful.(I am sorry.(I just can't help it sometimes!))) I started playing Warcraft III again, and had some RIDICULOUS games...
My favourite two:
Massive Gyrocopter raid on the town halls around the map
Six Players, one is playing, two are messing around, One is getting freaking owned in their own base, and two just are chumps.(I was one of the ones messing around.(We built a wall of guard towers. Outside the other team's base.(I should have saved the replay. I'd put it on youtube.(Hehe, nested parentheses.))))
Today was quite eventful, sort of... I have lots of work to do, and not nearly enough motivation...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post 50!

Hooray! It's time for the fiftieth post EVER. Unless you consider the ones before the blog as posts. Then it's the sixty fourth post EVER. Whoo hoo! that's like... 1000000 posts in binary! Nice!
Yesterday was "let's-give-people-exam-schedules day". Then i went home and put a [nice neat x] on each calendar day when i had an exam. Then i took a piece of paper, and added up all the minutes for each exam until i got to the end, and then i looked at it, and thought 'hey, that seems like a familiar number of minutes...'.
Then i divided it by 60, and SURE ENOUGH, it was 24. Hooray! a full day's worth of exam-y goodness in the span of two and a half week! whee!
So, now i have four weeks to get ready for a ship load of exams, followed by the end! I suppose the question i am asking myself is: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but is it bright enough to keep going?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i went in to school yesterday, thinking "haha, with Mr. B's help, it'll take me like half an hour to finish my Dossier!"


I'm sure you can figure out the rest of this story.

Friday, April 3, 2009

For all you zombies:

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Technically the last day of spring break today :/ I didn't do much, and i have a lot to do. It's been snowing all week, too. Except it's too warm out, so the snow gets close to the ground, the melts and makes everything all wet.

Basically the only things that DID get done, i did yesterday... I went and saw Monsters Vs Aliens, which was great. You should see it if you haven't. Also, we went mattress shopping, and now i get a new bed, one that DOESN'T cause me back problems! hoorays! and finally, i did like ten pages of my Dossier Write Up, which i was supposed to be doing lots of. Only around five pages left, then i have to go and get screenies!