Sunday, February 21, 2010


I haven't posted because OLYMPICS!
And studying, but mostly olympics. Studying is hard :/ I've still got quite a bit to do for calculus, which will be a good time and a half. School starts tomorrow, after a week off for reading week.
I did quite a bit of stuff: studied, ate, ran, read, slept.
Exams start soon, and also races for track and skating start again. Track on wednesday, skating sunday, exams on Thursday and saturday. Another exam in march, and some exam some other time :/ I'm going to be busy busy again. And i need a job too :(.
ALSO, you may have noticed i've kinda avoided talking about the actual olympics. Super pumped as i am about them, i'm a little disappoint. Canada should be doing better in my opinion. ESPECIALLY IN HOCKEY AMIRITE?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is when my weekend starts now :P The "real" weekend was busy busy busy. Friday, i volunteered at a track meet, until the evening. Then on saturday i worked for the day, and volunteered for the evening. Sunday i volunteered again all day. It was a lot of volunteering.
Sunday night i had to hurriedly finish my computer science assignment, because i was busy all weekend.
Volunteering was cool. Friday i just sat at the finish line and said who came in what place. Saturday i poured drinks and set up and cleaned up stuff. Sunday i was helping at speed skating ( i could have raced, but i would have missed the first day, because of work.) Basically all i did was run heat sheets around.
Now i'm just studying for tests this week, and then next week is reading week!
Also, i started playing Mario Kart. I'll put my friend number here when it's convenient, if you have mario kart wii, we can race!
Here is the number! 4297 4608 9192