Tuesday, March 31, 2009

grar. This is why we can't have holidays together.

Day 2 of spring break. Already the novelty of not having to go to school has worn off, and i am stuck with the reality that i have to put up with my family for another week... it's going to be a loooong weeeeeek. They are like a pack of dogs, that is none too bright, and not very nice. I have to go around telling them things like "don't call girls n00bs" "finish your lunch" "don't yell at your children." Then they say things like "why not!?" and i say "it's not polite." But now i have a better idea. I took the 200 loose pages in my binder (you think i am exaggerating, but i am not. i haven't unclasped the rings in a month, i am scared they will break.), and scattered them around the sun room, so it's a terrible mess. Then i spread my text books out nice and pretty, and put in two chairs
That way they look at it, and say 'drat, no room.' and leave me alone! it works too! until someone cleared off a chair and sat there watching me. That was bad. Now i have a stack of textbooks on the floor not being useful.and i have a new CS textbook for some reason.
OH! I just looked out the window, and it appears to be snowing again! hoorays for snow! Eh, it won't do much, it's all melting. And freezing overnight again. Then melting the next day. and freezing the next night. The bad thing is that it forms really smooth ice. The good thing is that it clears the snow from the high parts. The bad thing is people still think it's okay to leave poop on the sidewalk. THERE WAS FRESH STUFF TODAY.
for reals though. I went for a run. on the way back, there was a brand new turd right IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALK. IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ICY PATCH. =( i was running and i was just like ._. That is disappointing.
And there was an email from the running people, saying "If you used a fake name to sign up would you PLEASE come and change it to your real name? people might steal your stuff. I can understand the humour in "Bob Loblaw" or "Wilma I Ball" but actually guys. cut it out."
Then i thought 'hehe. Bob Loblaw...' but i can't find the humour in "Wilma I Ball". Anyone care to explain it to me???

Edit: Today i got bullied into straightening my hair. It was an ordeal. Now i look like a girl. That is all.
Edit: It is snowing again. Hooray! That is all.
Edit: Oh goodness. I am turning into a Twitterer! NOoooooo! Somebody quick! give me something to write about so i have more than 200 characters! Must... not... become...corrupted! AHHHHhhh. It's snowing a lot! I did not have a Slurpee today, and that is actually weird for this time of year! YES! Success! Paul is made of Win and Awesome! With just a dash of Nonsense! YEAH! That is all.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Zany Break antics.

Spring break starts for us Manitobans today. well, TECHNICALLY Friday. but today is the first day we do not have to go to school. I have all of spring break to finish my Dossier. Blech. AND i have to wash the walls today. I'll probably think of some deep metaphor about that during, and then i will jump off the end of it. Metaphorically.
Something else i was going to say... hmmm... training for another half marathon... taken to drawing stuff that i don't normally... OH!
There is still snow here! Several! AND I'm officially done all my CAS hours, so i don't have to fill out forms anymore! except the last one... Also, that means i am kinda sorta excused from sandbagging. Which sounds like hard physical labour. With arms. q(-_-)p (he is giving thumbs down in case you can not tell.)
I feel like i should have a massive blog post because i haven't written anything in a week, and it's a holiday. But i think I'll leave you with this stuff.
And also this game here. It's pretty tricky. I'm on level 22, after the whole weekend. I hope you try it d(^_^)b (he is giving thumbs up in case you can not tell. (sorry, if this seems condescending, but you can never be too careful on the internets.))

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


HOoray! It is snowing again!

And it has been for the past while, and it's not supposed to stop for another while! That means we get TWO WHILES OF SNOW! IN MARCH! It's the best news ever! Now i don't have to look at smelly dog poop melting all over the sidewalk when i go running! and just in time too, my dad was all "if you want to run the half marathon in a month and a half, then you best be steppin'." Basically he told me i should be getting in at least 10k a day, which isn't all THAT much, especially when i've only got a month. But now it's 10K in the SNOW! YAY!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

work, work

Crunch time in IB means a whole different thing... "Crunch time" in normal people world means "darn it, i didn't feel like doing my homework for the past three months, and now i have to do three hours of it ALL AT ONCE! woe is me!" "Crunch time" in IB world means "You have one week to do 175 hours of homework. go." (Fun Fact: there are 168 hours in a week)
Basically, instead of squeezing kids so they go "Crunch", IB takes kids, and then beats them until they go "crunch" and THEN they bathe them in salt, and THEN they phone their parents and tell them that they were bad sons/daughters.
A new reflection. I despise Google ads. DESTEST. LOATHE.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wet :P

Today, as well as yesterday, it's warm out. That means everything is melting :O I went running, and it was all wet. I stepped in a puddle, thinking "psh, whatever, it's like two centimetres of water." THEN i stepped in a pothole which was artfully covered in water. and i went "rats!" and then i was wet up to my knee, but not on the top of my foot, because i splashed all the water out of the hole, and picked up my foot before it went under i guess.
THEN i got back, and i decided that because i don't have to wear my deep-winter jacket which is warm enough to stay alive by unzipping it, and tucking your legs, arms, and head in, then zipping it back up again, and sitting there, which could be on the top of Mt Everest, and waiting for someone to come along to pick you up and carry you like a large, warm rock into the nearest building. Anyways. I decided that it is officially slurpee season. So, me and alex, and the dog went to the nearest 7-11 (buffy swam most of the way) Then we got slurpees. The end.
I also watched this cool flash video. It involves a stick man fighting the flash interface

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART
Now, you folks watch that. i am off to eat somewhere...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Insert Obscure Hitchhiker's reference here

Today would be the second day this week that i have had no school in the afternoon. YAY! except by 2:00 i've run out of things to do by myself (internet or no), and i am bored for another three hours until i go to speed skating. I need to make friends with people in... *checks a map*... England. Then it would be like the middle of the evening, so they'd be done dinner and homework and be just getting on MSN and they'd be all "eyyyy, Paul!" and i would be all "eyyyy, !" and much shenanigans would be had...
I suppose i could just go and get a full version of IRC, talk to whoever is on in the world. It would be great. It would be like... Paul and his IRC buddies on another wacky adventure!
Or i should go find a cape and a mask and then fight crime... I would be "El ?" and have unventures, which would be put into hardcover comic books. (it is pronounced "ell kwest-shunn marck" for those of you who are wondering.)
That would be sweet. Alternatively, i could do some mad core exercises for three hours, and then have like a 30-pack, and be able to run a half marathon in 57 minutes (which is really fast for those of you wondering.) OR i could maybe get a job and contribute to society!!!! Hooray!!!
Or you know... not.

I was looking at all the other people who put "Winterpeg, Manisnowba" on their profiles. I know at least one of them, but it made me sad, because all of them do not blog anymore... I wonder how many blogs are just dead, because nobody cared enough to say goodbye to them and deleted them. I'm also a little sad that someone has selfishly taken the name "inter.net" and only has a place holder page there. If you had a sweet name like that, you should at least TRY to write something worthy of it... I like the sites that use the doman as part of the name. Like "ysoserio.us" They make me smile. Like one of the IRC channels i frequent, worldch.at :P
But it's actually really sad that everyone is gone from the internet who is also in Winterpeg. What if there was a massive zombie outbreak, and i was the only one left? would it be the same feeling? What if i had to light my friend's undead corpse on fire?!?! That would definitely give me a series of psychological problems. Good thing i know how to survive zombies, at least temporarily. Run upstairs, and destroy the stairs behind you. They can't figure out fine motor skills like jumping, or grabbing ledges, so you're fine as long as you make sure there are not any nice ramps or staircases for them to get up. Though if there are enough of them, they'll pile up and make a zombie staircase in their insatiable urge to tear your delicious flesh from your bones!Good thing my basement stairs are situated underneath the other stairs, so they'll have to fill up the entire basement first :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Day of Provs

I'm putting this part here now, because i really don't like the way things turn out when i blog angrily.
Basically, the second day of provincials was just the worst day ever. My dad woke up late, so we ended up getting to the arena late, and i didn't get to get new skates until AFTER warm up, so i used the crummy ones for warm up, i could hardly walk. Then i got my new skates molded, and i was like :D
Then, i was like :S, because Randy put the blades on with a bigger offset than the old ones had, so it felt funny. THEN i just had a bad start. nothing to blame here than me, such that i got stuck behind Ray. Ray is a pretty big guy, and trying to pass him is like putting a quarter on an upside down lawn mower, and then trying to grab it. No matter how good an idea it SEEMS, you are going to get slashed pretty good. So, basically i was trying to inside pass him after EACH corner, but the skates were weird, so i didn't stay as tight as i used to, so i almost ran into the whirly blades of slicey death. THEN Devon fell, and he was pretty far ahead of us by this time, and Ray went around him for whatever reason, and he ran himself into the mats, and started flailing around like even more of a maniac. Like someone trying to trim one of those little desktop bonsai trees with a scythe. HIS BLADE WAS THIS CLOSE TO MY FACE:
Apparently this also alarmed all the officials, along with Ray's effect on the ice. So instead of getting to skate our 3k on nice fresh smooth ice, we got moved to the very end. So, we had to skate 3k (27 laps) on basically the worst ice possible. It's definitely much worse than after a hockey game, because hockey skates can't gouge out massive chunks or anything. Speed skates are really slender, and are good at flicking little divots out of the ice. The ice was so bad... and because i'm just that light, i went *budda budda budda* over all the ruts and scratches in the ice, until my legs were actually asleep. The best way to pretend this is to bury yourself to the waist in cellphones, and put them all on vibrate, and then call them ALL. They also brought in this troglodytic rule where "if you get lapped twice, you have to forfeit the race." so basically, because Devon was so much faster than us to, it was like a game of keep-away, only you had to move to let the person you were trying to keep ahead of past. THEN at like lap 23, i fell, because my legs were all spasmy-outy and so i sat there and watch as devon caught up the remaining THIRD OF A LAP and passed me. IN SHORT, i had to drop out of my favourite distance, after it was basically ruined for me, all because of one punk kid who can't be bothered to learn how to skate in a courteous and not deadly manner!

Although, my ankle is much better now, due to the fact that it's no longer collapsing and i can walk without pain anymore. YAY! AND i passed my road test yesterday also. It was most exciting. Except that my mom took all the keys in to work with her today, so i couldn't drive to speed skating. >:( It would have been NICE TODAY TOO, because it is MINUS FREAKING FORTY. my face was "rimed" with frost when i walked into the changeroom.
Then i got home from being frozen again, and !!!! i wasn't locked out again! and even better! there was food waiting for me! this time they left the chicken fingers in the oven, so i didn't have to eat them cold. Noth that it really matters though, i don't believe in microwaving leftovers. I eat EVERYTHING cold. It builds character :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

There and back again

DARN IT! I pressed enter again after typing the title. :(
Moving on. I returned from an extended vacation from the internet yesterday, and I can safely say i've missed it.
It was pretty cool though. The lake was all frozen over, so you could walk on it, and there were igloos on it too. Then it warmed up-ish, so everything got all foggy. Then i found a big stick. Then i walked out on to the ice and was alone. It was awesome. Everything was white! there were no shadows, no horizon, no noise, nothing! It made me think about dying, but in the good way. Like "whoa. I wonder if this is what happens once you die. that would be just freaking crazy. yeah..." But yeah, it was great. Nothing like absolute solitude and silence for the brain.
I liked the book too. it was Sense and Sensibility. As we talked about it, it sort of grew on me, like a callous. But then once it is almost all done growing, you get used to it, and dismiss it as a novelly useful part of your body. But seriously. I really did like it. More than Pride and Prejudice, which was okay i guess sorta.
Moving on. Aidan now has a "blog", but it's really more of a webcomic. It's moderately funny i guess, sorta. Tadaa!
Moving on. Today was the first day of provincials for speed skating. It was great. My crappy club skates are all but demolished from me going too fast for them to handle. My ankle was like breaking. BUT that means that i get to go get fitted for new skates TONIGHT!!! But yeah, it's actually the most painful thing ever. I could find out roughly the force on my ankle from skating on it, but it would probably make me sad. It's probably ALOT though. I could barely walk when i got off the ice after the 1500. And my ankle basically collapsed in the 1000 D: But aside from that, it was a pretty okay day. Some people from the Mint were there, and they were trading quarters with us for the new speed skating ones. I shall find a picture. Nahh too much work. You can just go on the Royal Canadian Mint site, and look at it for yourself. It's not even in circulation yet! I'm special! I have three of them. I got four, but i gave one to my friend Robyn because she forgot her old quarter at home, and i felt kinda bad for her :P
Moving on. I was really quite upset yesterday when we drove over the bridge, and i got a look at the river. ALL THE ICE IS ALL MELTY'D! :( That means no more happy fun running on the river anymore! I was looking forward to going running with my camera again, and taking pictures of the river! oh well. I will go tomorrow maybe if it is not dark out, and take pictures of Wellington Crescent again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the middle of nowhere

Tomorrow is the second SHAKESPEARE in the snow. Not "novel study" or "austen" or whatever smart-alec name you want to come up with. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Which basically means i take a three day exile from the internet, and physical activity to go read a book. Which is NOT OAKY. that's because i don't get to run in provincials for indoor track, which means that my dad will be all "hurr i am so disappointed in you." because i didn't race. :P Then on the weekend, i have provs for SPEED SKATING o_O. except it's in SELKIRK O_o. Which means it's quite a ways from home ._. That means ANOTHER two days from the interblag. How will i ever survive?!?
what i need is to launch a small sattelite into a geocentric orbit above Manisnowba, and then i just send an internet signal up to it, and BAM! LAN over mathematically half the globe (to some extent.) well it wouldn't REALLY be LAN everywhere... It would be like one common internet signal that could TECHNICALLY be recieved all the way up to a tangent drawn from the sattelite over manitoba to the surface of the Earth. If you could some how make the signal super-special-strong, then you'd have the same wireless internet for everywhere you went in...*checks Google earth* pretty much everywhere from somewhere around london to about japan. And then from like brazil (?) to around siberia and BECAUSE it's all wireless, the compy would sense it as a "local network", so as long as you have a clear view of that part of the sky, you could play whatever LAN game you felt like with your friends.
Just think! if somebody did that, they'd basically have made a private internet! for only the cost of Normal Internet, which isn't all that much. You could give your own TECH SUPPORT! :o
I switched the M and N keys in the compy lab the other day. It freaked out the grade 9s. At least one of them did not comprehend that the keys don't matter, it's the button underneath them. As in, the M and N keys still wrote M and N, but they were labelled N and M. Mr. Buskell got mad. But not really mad, more like amused in a bad way. To remove keys: take a pencil, and jab it underneath the key, and then wedge it out. Don't force it too much, and don't do it on a laptop, but they were made to be able to come out. Then you just press them where you want them with your thumb. They pop back in.
*DISCLAIMER* Only do this if you are sure you know what the hell you are doing, and can touch type pretty well perfectly, because it's weird to get used to. But in the end, it's quite worth it, because the next person comes and they look and they think "something... is awry." and then they start typing, and they're like "WTF?" "I'n tryimg to type, but the letters are wromg! TEACHER! NY KEYBOARD IS BROKEM!" Then you say "lol pwNt"

And yes, i fully intended to write 'oaky' up there, thank you very much.