Monday, March 30, 2009

Zany Break antics.

Spring break starts for us Manitobans today. well, TECHNICALLY Friday. but today is the first day we do not have to go to school. I have all of spring break to finish my Dossier. Blech. AND i have to wash the walls today. I'll probably think of some deep metaphor about that during, and then i will jump off the end of it. Metaphorically.
Something else i was going to say... hmmm... training for another half marathon... taken to drawing stuff that i don't normally... OH!
There is still snow here! Several! AND I'm officially done all my CAS hours, so i don't have to fill out forms anymore! except the last one... Also, that means i am kinda sorta excused from sandbagging. Which sounds like hard physical labour. With arms. q(-_-)p (he is giving thumbs down in case you can not tell.)
I feel like i should have a massive blog post because i haven't written anything in a week, and it's a holiday. But i think I'll leave you with this stuff.
And also this game here. It's pretty tricky. I'm on level 22, after the whole weekend. I hope you try it d(^_^)b (he is giving thumbs up in case you can not tell. (sorry, if this seems condescending, but you can never be too careful on the internets.))


K o w a o m o t e said...

~(o_o)~ (he's doing a crazy dance in case you cannot tell)
Hu, hu, hu!

Well, happy spring break! With all that snow, if probably doesn't fell like spring. And I'll try that game- it says it's a riddle game, so it's probably fun!!

Oh, and about the virus comment: Yeah, I kind of figured that he's just doing this to show others that he can make a virus.
Pretty stupid reason... As well as "wanting to destroy the internet"

Paul said...

if i was just A LITTLE BIT more motivated, i'd give you some V for Vendetta-esque speech about the internet.

Anonymous said...

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