Tuesday, March 31, 2009

grar. This is why we can't have holidays together.

Day 2 of spring break. Already the novelty of not having to go to school has worn off, and i am stuck with the reality that i have to put up with my family for another week... it's going to be a loooong weeeeeek. They are like a pack of dogs, that is none too bright, and not very nice. I have to go around telling them things like "don't call girls n00bs" "finish your lunch" "don't yell at your children." Then they say things like "why not!?" and i say "it's not polite." But now i have a better idea. I took the 200 loose pages in my binder (you think i am exaggerating, but i am not. i haven't unclasped the rings in a month, i am scared they will break.), and scattered them around the sun room, so it's a terrible mess. Then i spread my text books out nice and pretty, and put in two chairs
That way they look at it, and say 'drat, no room.' and leave me alone! it works too! until someone cleared off a chair and sat there watching me. That was bad. Now i have a stack of textbooks on the floor not being useful.and i have a new CS textbook for some reason.
OH! I just looked out the window, and it appears to be snowing again! hoorays for snow! Eh, it won't do much, it's all melting. And freezing overnight again. Then melting the next day. and freezing the next night. The bad thing is that it forms really smooth ice. The good thing is that it clears the snow from the high parts. The bad thing is people still think it's okay to leave poop on the sidewalk. THERE WAS FRESH STUFF TODAY.
for reals though. I went for a run. on the way back, there was a brand new turd right IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALK. IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ICY PATCH. =( i was running and i was just like ._. That is disappointing.
And there was an email from the running people, saying "If you used a fake name to sign up would you PLEASE come and change it to your real name? people might steal your stuff. I can understand the humour in "Bob Loblaw" or "Wilma I Ball" but actually guys. cut it out."
Then i thought 'hehe. Bob Loblaw...' but i can't find the humour in "Wilma I Ball". Anyone care to explain it to me???

Edit: Today i got bullied into straightening my hair. It was an ordeal. Now i look like a girl. That is all.
Edit: It is snowing again. Hooray! That is all.
Edit: Oh goodness. I am turning into a Twitterer! NOoooooo! Somebody quick! give me something to write about so i have more than 200 characters! Must... not... become...corrupted! AHHHHhhh. It's snowing a lot! I did not have a Slurpee today, and that is actually weird for this time of year! YES! Success! Paul is made of Win and Awesome! With just a dash of Nonsense! YEAH! That is all.


K o w a o m o t e said...

Hello, fellow CN half-elf! Yeah, I sometimes have to tell my parents to "stop that, it's rude".
Ice is worse than snow, IMHO, but the poop thing is pretty bad.

'Wilma I Ball' ... I don't see any humor to it, either. Will my ball?


Anonymous said...

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