Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a great many of the humblest apologies…

because i haven’t been posting in a while. I’ve been super busy, what with that job and also with playing video games and sleeping and stuff. It’s quite busy actually. I sleep in (ish) in the mornings, and leave at about 9:30, then i get home at about 6:30, leave again at 7:30 or so, and don’t get back till after midnight. Then i go to sleep and wake up again the next day. I also really should be doing more running… Not exactly sure when i’ll be doing that though. Recently i went to a comic book workshop. i learned a plethora of things about comics, but not what i went in expecting to learn, which was a little bit of a downer. ALSO, i got moved to a new pool, away from the pool with the really good kids who always came with their parents. I got moved to a far away pool, in a slightly sketchy neighbourhood, with kids who always come with their parents and probably don’t realise i exist. Which is good. They also moved my partner from my other pool, which sucks because he was a pretty cool guy. My NEW partner is quite a bit younger. He gives me quite a window on “Kids These Days”. who apparently do not know how to use a broom or mop.

I still haven’t registered for university classes yet. I’ve picked all mine out though! I’m taking all kinds of comp sci, a couple linguistics, and a math and a stats and philosophy!

I went to the Fringe Festival on Monday. I saw two shows, “The Macabre Show of Horror and Macabre-ness” and “The First Five Minutes are Slow” I liked both of them, the first was super funny, and the second was a little silly, but still enjoyable. For some reason they kind of skipped out on a scene or something at the end though, because it was like the climax of the play, then the end, with no real explaining as to what happened. :( I would recommend the shows, but as the first one’s name suggests, it’s kind of grotesque, and like i said for the second, it’s quite silly. But if you like vulgar sorts of things, or improv, you should check out these shows.

And now, i must away! for it is fast approaching bedtime, and there is much nonsense to do before then!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy as a bee, doing whatever it is that makes them so busy.

I’m busy, so i haven’t had time to actually blog lately. I’ve started my new job, as a wading pool supervisor! (Not a lifeguard, i’m not actually certified as one :/) It’s pretty cool, if you don’t mind hoards of children splashing you constantly with water. Today was my first day, and let me tell you, cleaning broken glass out of the pool for an hour and a half before you can fill it is no fun at all. My pool is kind of in a ghetto…

Also i’ve been playing video games. World of Warcraft, again, as well as this steam game called Super Laser Racer. Yes. it is exactly as cool as it sounds. It’s like Mario Kart meets Space Invaders at some crazy rave, and they do some things that are awesome, and questionably legal.