Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Math fun

SO i was having trouble with this math problem, and it was too complicated to draw out on MSN, so i'm just gonna stick it here. It's from the Yellow Review Package that is due at the end of the month (i.e. Friday). This is the only problem that's given me trouble....
So, i went and got help from Mrs. Decelles, and APPARENTLY, the whole "mixed number" thing that was giving me trouble in the first place is a FILTHY LIE. Why must IBO lie to me? Why do they pollute my pure unsullied website with their blasphemy? I'm pretty sure that i have never wronged them. Oh well, i suppose that now i have an anecdote to tell people...

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, now that the madness of the weekend is over I finally have time to perform the proverbial "Hard Reset". All i need is a toothpick. Anyone know where my reset button is?

But actually. There is nothing quite as awesome as waking up in the morning and realising that despite the world's best efforts the previous day, you are still alive. Right now i can feel every single thing that i did to myself since i woke up last time. The day after a big race/tournament/meet is always awesome because you know for pretty much sure that you aren't in the Matrix but you're actually in the real world. You get up and walk to the shower and cringe because your legs and arms and back are all stiff and don't move easily. Or maybe that's just me.

Can't really think of much to say right now. Weird. Let's see....

The ultimate tournament was yesterday and on Saturday. I didn't get to play the first day, because of Shakespeare in the Snow. I got there at 3:30, and i was excited because i was just in time for the last game scheduled for the day. Then i went to the table to see where we were playing. WE HAD A BY. that's the end of my story. In the second day i got to play in all three games, and got two spirit awards. I also got pwnt in the back of the head/hand. BY MY OWN TEAMMATE.
Oh jeeze. I realised that i hadn't posted this just now, when i decided to check up on the ol' blog
Well, here it is i guess. I'll try to get into blogging again, i just kind of stopped when i realised how much stuff i had to do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Into the Abyss...

Well, it looks like this is going to be my last post until several whiles later. I'm leaving in 10 hours for Delta Marsh, for Shakespeare in the Snow.
For those of you who don't know: I actually REALLY REALLY LIKE Shakespeare. Not sure why, but i just DO. I like everything that has a moderately interesting story.
Got back from the Awards night like an hour or two ago. It was quite interesting. The Jazz band this year is TERRIBLE. it's full of self-absorbed grade 11's who are convinced that they are the shizzness of the world. That and a bunch of grade 12's who give -3 damns out of 17.
Have you guys been writing "" in creative and hilarious places? you should. If you do and take a picture, i'll give you 500 bonus points, and a 1-up. think about it... FREE points! all you have to do is commit an extremely minor crime. it's not even a crime. write it nicely and then say it's art.
On a completely related topic, does anyone think i am depressed? because i get the feeling that people think i am. always fawning over me and stuff. And THEN i saw this little ad that said i could make MONEY from my blog. So i clicked on it, and it decided to add some related to ads to my blog. Then i moved it around because i didn't want it to be right on top of my blog. Then i looked at the ads... "Make MONEY off of your blog..." "Blog Tools and gadgets" "Depressed? there is help..." wait... DEPRESSED?! You know you are doing SOMETHING strange with your life when you can fool even the Google that you are depressed. To reiterate: I'm not Depressed. There is NO help. I like to consider myself Misanthropic. And it's YOUR guys' fault! (looking at YOU Bojan and Andrew...)
Make sure you look at my profile. It makes me happy to see that people look at it. Also, i spent a good sum of time on those questions! they were *Hard*! And i also ran out of characters in the random question. Apparently you can answer their questions about mud and dirt and clay in LESS than 400 characters. that's INCLUDING spaces. i thought that it was all about EXPRESSION here in the blogosphere! It's actually more about pretending to express yourself, while the people who actually are putting themselves on the frontlines against the flames and trolls are ridiculed. I have been there. Trust me kids, it's not pretty. There are trolls that will destroy you from the inside out, with their wicked fire, and insane mutterings. The rational mind was not MADE to deal with that kind of abuse or lack of any use whatsoever. Sometimes... the only way to kill a troll is to become one yourself. BUT. can you live with what you will become in the battlefields of the Forums?
An elite force of the world's greatest minds are preparing to venture into the largest bastions of the trolls. They have been named according to the domain of the trolls residing there: YTMND, 4CHAN, and the OT. YTMND and 4CHAN are extremely close, and whoever controls one holds heavy sway in the other. the OT is by far the most extensive and worst infected. We no longer need powerful champions. Now we need people. Will you take up the fight? will you carry the light and lead them into the dark and back, my wayward children? Perhaps. But YOU... you were the first to return. the most wayward son.... you are special, different from the rest. it falls to you to keep this a fortress dedicated against stupidity, and morons. Do not fail me in this request...
I must go now... they have found me. I may return. i may not, but remember this, the memes are the greatest idols on the internet. Misuse will result in the loss of their potency. Guard the sacred cats with your sanity. Here, lives mean nothing. Your mind is your greatest weapon. Use it well, keep it well oiled. And make sure you don't feed it after midnight.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It seems that has come to their senses, and decided that i am, in fact, a person again. This calls for a celebration! I think i am going to go get a job. That seems like a reasonable way to commemorate this event.
I got 26th in Provincials on Thursday. It was awesome. The only bad part was that i COULD have gotten better, but my shoe came untied, and i had to stop and tie it >_< I took a time lapse of the prairie as we drove back. This is like half an hour of driving. There WAS another fifteen minutes before that, but the camera was moving around too much then, so i just deleted it. Then after that i went straight to Ultimate, where we were playing Elmwood. We won 12-10, and it was a really good game. Elmwood is about the same skill as us, so whenever we play it's a good match. It used to be like that for Gordon Bell, but they don't have a team anymore. Then i went and drove around Lindenwoods. For those of you who do not know the horror of Lindenwoods: It's actually a maze. None of the streets go straight for more than 100 metres, and they intersect with themselves, or with the same street twice. Funny story, I was driving (no that's not the funny part. Jerks.) and i was going like 20 so i could see the numbers, because Lindenwoodsians have a problem with light, and there was three cars behind me, doing what i was doing. Then we realised we had passed the house, so we all turned around in the SAME driveway, and like ten people joined the party. Carpools only work when at least one person knows what they are doing.
I am also obligated to mention Aidan in the blog, because he is deserving of a blatant personal attack... NOBODY ELSE is missing that many brain cells, and they would all think it's a bad idea to hurl your shoulder into someone's face. If you see Aidan, feel free to call him a nasty name. @Aidan: YOU ARE A MORON.
Anyone know lots about hips? Since Thursday, mine clicks. It's kind of worrying me... It's also only the right one.
Counting Crows is a pretty good band.... So is Blaqk Audio.
Alright, i'm just grasping here, because the video is taking a while to upload.
Perhaps some random funny things i heard recently. "Trust me, I won't spill that much. Just hand me the gasoline, I do this ALL THE TIME." "I swear to God, Paul... You set me on fire ONE MORE TIME..." "Ohhh!! If we light this on fire, WE CAN COOK THE SAUSAGE!!!" "This Tic-Tac, Andrew's drink...." "AIIIEE! DIE FACEBOOK!"
I had the most enlightening epiphany today, while i was running. I was trying to remember EXACTLY who "Janel" was, because she didn't email me for a month, and i had nothing good to write back, because conversations don't keep for a month. Then i looked at the clouds and thought "Wow those are some exquisite clouds. I wish i could draw those or something. Then, all of a sudden i was like "HOLY CROW! JANEL CAN DRAW!".
I decided that i didn't really want to post that video that badly anyways. I'll probably put it on Youtube later. Maybe.
i finally wore my sweater that has the thumb holes. I never realised how skeletal my fingers are until i saw them under twilight, without the hand part of them. My fingers look even bonier than zombie fingers, like straight up skeletons.
I played around with the settings for the blog a bit too, so now people don't have to make an account to comment on it. Hoorays! On the same note, You lazy bums! it's not that hard! Kids these days. No respect for the old ways. It also feels just that much nicer, because there is that many more things that i can screw around with

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Day

Haha, i just kind of realised that ME commenting on my own blog only works if people actually read it, and feel obligated to get involved in it. Otherwise it's just someone stumbling across a true gem of literarianism, amidst the mindless drivel of the blogosphere, and then after they have left thinking "hmm, that was kind of nice..." i yell something well thought out and intelligent after them...

Did i mention how awesome Rhapsody is? yes? oh well. It's like if you took Dragonforce, and added violin parts to it. VIOLIN parts, in METAL. it's exactly like you would imagine the soundtrack to your life would be, if you lived in Azeroth, or Hyrule, or somewhere similar. Not so much the Underdark though, that would be different. The singer is really good too. I guess not everyone has as fertile an imagination as i do though. It's like this. Think Lord of the Rings, but with more dragons and magic. more like Final Fantasy i guess.

That's pretty much all i have for now, i'll perhaps write more after school. It's raining, and there is cross country today :D Rainy and Running go together like White Hot Chocolate, and Key Lime Pie. VERY WELL.
So, I still have to get my head around the fact that if i take more than a day to write an entry half of the things become irrelevant. I keep all the stuff in though, it adds a distinct nutty flavour to my works.
Cross country yesterday was fun. My shoes still aren't totally dry. There was THREE INCHES of water in some parts, and like twice that in one part. I biked through all that today on the way to ultimate. Then i biked back on the road so i didn't spray myself with mud again. Speed Skating started several short slices of ...succulent... time ago (i realise that "of time ago" doesn't start with "s", but if i wrote "sof stime sago" i would have had to commit honour suicide.) I didn't like being in the advanced ice as much, because they've all been skating together for longer than i have skated total, and they've been on ice this season for six weeks already. I'm not as fast as them, and there is nobody to talk to :(. But i guess that it's the coaches decision. He told me not to worry too much, because there are a bunch of people who weren't there yet, and he's going to move more people up.
Apparently somebody thinks that i am a spambot. They locked my blog and are making me write word verifications for everything. That means that i'll most likely forget to save it, and then i'll close it and realise that i didn't save and cry. The thing said that spambots are characterised by lots of posts really fast, generally with nonsense writings in them, and links everywhere. This is FACEBOOK's fault... They're on to me. I've got to get to a safe house. and i also need a laptop case with a hand cuff on the handle so i can hand cuff it to myself, and also have one of those ear pieces with the little coily cord going down the back of my tux.
I'll stick this up for now. Make sure that you find some links on the page, and tell The Machines that i am not a spambot. Honestly. And leave your comments, i'm feeling a little unloved. More stuff to follow, but i am EXHAUSTED right now. I'm so exhausted, if i were a pipe, you'd have to find a muffler for me. a fancy chrome muffler, because those are awesome.
I have to tell you, this whole me being a spambot quickly lost it's novelty. It's actually really annoying and tedious. I do find it most vexing, and trying on my nerves, who are my best friends... Seriously though, if you can find any violations of the terms of service here, then please tell me about it, so that i can take it away or edit it. I miss my auto-saves :(.
Just got back from Pride and Prejudice. It was pretty good. I missed the first couple minutes of it though, because some random jerk decided that i was in his spot on the bus so he picked a fight with me and then got us both kicked off. This was at like bannatyne, so it was probably faster that i ran down to main and then to MTC instead of following the bus route. Jerk guy just laughed at me and wandered off too, he didn't even CARE about the spot.
Latest Idiots News. I got back from the play at like 4:00, and i immediately noticed that there was 4 too many kids in my house, and they were carrying powerful cleaning sprays, and screaming. The air also smelled like people had been playing with bug spray and Lysol, but that's probably just me. Then there was a small noisy war centered on the fact that they had gotten the dog to puke and were wiping it on each other. This is pretty much the only time i felt sorry for the dog, ever. Then i went to get a snack, and one of THEM had eaten like half of the sausage rolls. You'd think i'd be desensitized to this by now or something, but it's still bad as ever. It's about as bothersome as having ants running all over you, while listening to the Conservative Party of Canada speaking to you, and then sniffing sharpies and lighter fluid. (Just kidding about the CPC remark, you guys are kind of okay i guess.) The only redeeming part about them is that one of them is politically cognisant, and so i get into intriguing discussions about stuff with him. As much as people talk about Sarah Palin, it's hard to find any weirder discussions about her.
It's sad that people don't email me anymore. in the last month, i have gotten more emails from my MATH TEACHER than from spam, and friends, and useful junk mail combined. This is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Very. Wrong.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday fun.

Today was well wasted. I intended to finally catch up on all the myriad things that i HAVE to finish if i feel even a little inclined to pass school, but apparently spending the day driving sisters around takes far more precedence. "Oh well, you still have tomorrow!" is what i was told by my mom when i was freaking out because i had wasted six hours driving back and forth between the forks, portage, and home. If ANYONE could perhaps lend a hand in organising me a little at least, it would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has MS Paint (or the Mac equivelant), and a lot of time on their hands, i am in the middle of a massive project that would go so much faster if i didn't have this one part distracting me the whole time.

Driving was especially dull today, mostly because there was nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't run any red lights, or stop signs, or hit anything/one.

I finally picked my EE topic. Something about the Internet and how it affects society in general. I think that it's pretty much perfect for me. It's going to be amazing. The marker will weep when they read it, and then they will rip all their kids' paintings off of their fridge and put my essay on it.

Got back from my run a little while ago. The hallucinations this time were pretty much on par. Maybe a little faster coming, but just the same stuff... Lots of thinking instead of hallucinating actually. I always have the best ideas when i hit around 8k. Today: To save on airfare, i should just MAIL myself to Nova Scotia! Rhapsody is a great band, I should go listen to them when i get back. Why do i always eat fried foods before a long run? I could taste Fergie's Fish and Chips at around 3k.

No ozone today, but also i didn't take my music with me. I listened to an infinite symphony of sound, the soft whispers of the wind through the leaves... The crunch of gravel underneath my feet, in time with the soft panting of my own breath... The swish of my shirt as i moved my arms. The scrape of falling leaves as they slide across the cement. The slap of the other runners' feet with their laboured panting. An imperceptible hiss of bike tires, with a small woosh when a lone car drives through the serenade of nature and athlete. Then there was the smells and tastes! the bitter grittiness of the gravel dust, whipped by the wind. The earthy rot of the leaves as they are trampled underfoot, forgotten forever. The salty bite as your own sweat drips into your eyes, causing them to water and tear. Two miles later, you wonder briefly whether it is sweat or tears falling from your face. It doesn't matter though. You've done 5 miles, you're almost done. As you pass yet another couple walking with a baby carriage, you wonder if you'll ever find someone so perfect for you. Or maybe they aren't perfect for each other at all. Then you reach home, the last mile spent in quiet solidute. Your mind flits back down the road, fast forward stuck in reverse. You can see everything you saw as if from someone else's eyes. Then you drink water. You drink until the water cooler is gasping for air, while you still swallow the pure clarity. Finally you stop, and give yourself respite. You immediately overheat and start sweating again. You can feel the fresh sweat cutting rivulets through the crust of salt around your temples and chin, it doesn't matter though.... Then you go and write about it in your blog and laugh to yourself thinking: "haha, like all of the people who read this will be like WTF?!"

It doesn't look like that anymore actually... It's much prettier when the leaves are gold, brown and red. There are two parts of the sidewalk where no leaves fall, a narrow line through each side, where the bikes crush them and sweep them off to the sides and middle. It looks like the leaves are lava, and someone has driven a quad straight through it. A quad that doesn't melt and runs through lava.
Now for the actual description of the hallucinations....
Pretty much what happens is at 2k my mind starts to wander away from the rest of me, as i settle into a rhythm. then at 5k my brain says LOL WTF WERE R U? then i get a conflict between my mind and my brain, that ends in me thinking about some random inconsequential thing. then i start contemplating this thing, because my brain and my mind are having a tea party or a deathmatch with swords with guns on them or something. At like 8k, i start hallucinating, generally about whatever i was thinking about, but this would be 10-15 minutes later, so i would be proud if it was the same thing i started with. Then i start having even BETTER hallucinations, about concepts rather than people. I fought communism and capitalism today. It's like being trapped inside the political cartoons in a paper, with naught but your wits and a crossbow. At 15k, everything fades away, and you are running on nothing, towards nothing, your breath, heartbeat, and footsteps all echo inside your skull over and over again. Then at 20k, all you can see is a stadium in the distance. When you get to it, you see that it is filled to the top, but the top of the stands seems to extend outwards and upwards forever. The crowd sparkles with camera flashes, and they are shouting your name... "Paul! Paul! Paul!...." You realise that THIS is life. THIS is why you are here, THIS is the reason that you wake up in the morning. Then you finish, and the world disappears again. You see a digital clock glowing behind you. "1:32:33"... "1:32:34".... Then the world fades back in and you are pushed away from the numbers. Someone hands you a banana and a popsicle, you see a bucket of chocolate milk cartons and think "what the hell, i'm not going to run anymore today!" and take one. You then step out into the sunlight with your food, and more people swarm you with congratulations, and queries about the course, your time, your legs, mundane things that don't matter anymore.
Don't you look at me like that... I'm not crazy. I know it. Now for reals. Being salty is one of the weirdest feelings ever. You feel gritty, but then the salt is in all the tiny little cracks, so your skin is smooth to the touch. Also, don't drink from a SIGG if you're really salty, because it makes the rest of the water salty too. It's pretty gross.
Roseisle is going to be AWESOME! the leaves will look like lava flowing down the hill. I'll try and remember to take pictures

Friday, October 3, 2008

News from the Frontlines

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, there is no school for me today. I had to go in anyways, and write a physics test. During that hour, multiple teachers walked it, got my attention away from my test, and thinking they were the most clever person in the world, boldly stated: "Umm, you know there is no school today, right?". I laughed very loud and realistically for each one, with a "HA. HA. HA. YOU ARE QUITE FUNNY GOOD SIR/MADAM (select appropriate) SUCH GOOD TASTE/SARCASM IS TRULY A GIFT EH, WOT."
Then i would glare at them and go back to my test. One of them i decided to patronise, and he believed that i had no clue where everyone else was.
So i finished my test, then i came back home, only to find that The Idiots have already infested it. I still have no ideas how to get rid of them, i just kind of ignore them until they leave.
In other news, i have been listening to the Goo Goo Dolls, and Counting Crows all morning. In there, right between two A Fine Frenzy songs was Gorillas. That made me laugh.... Trip Hop and whatever you would put the rest of those into doesn't mix well. It's kind of like peanut butter and Blue Jello. It MIGHT very well go together, but you would have to try a peanut butter and blue jello sandwich to know. I think a better thing would be "making hot chocolate with Coke instead of water...". In other Food related news, i am almost done the last of the penicillin that the dentist gave me last week, and i found pita chips and snap peas in the kitchen! If anyone feels up to a celebration in honour of this momentous event, please feel free. You can come up with your own name for it...
Lime Jello is for sure the best thing in FOREVER. I made some yesterday, and then i had it for elevensies. (Elevensies is the meal that comes between brunch and lunch, at around 11 o clock) I don't actually get to EAT elevensies much anymore, because of history.
You know, it's funny. Now that i actually HAVE a real blog, i can't think of as much random stuff to write down. It's also a little weird because i have no idea whatsoever what is going on in any of my classes, because i missed about a WEEK already. I can't wait until like February, when I'm going to be missing pretty much every second day for track meets. Then there will be lots to write about, such as all of my times that i get. So far i have set one new record this year, in the 5K, with 17:51, at Roseisle. hopefully I'll set a new one for me next week.
You can disregard that picture by the way, i was just fiddling around with the options. Or you can look at it. It's from our trip to Kentucky, when we stopped at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. It was pretty cool. they had all these corvettes (go figure) Then they had a whole bunch of concept Corvettes, which are like Corvettes, but BETTER. It's like if Fred Astaire and MC Hammer had a love-child, and that child danced. And by dancing i mean being amazing. You can LIFT the frame easily! In other car news, I get to play ride monkey for most of tomorrow. You know, it's like where i get up bright and early and ferry my sisters around to various parts of the city. The BEST part is that i get to have my mom in shotgun, freaking out the whole time because i apparently CAN'T DRIVE AT ALL. I should really schedule my road test soon.... Before the snow hopefully.
Yeah, so each time i come back to this, there is another line added between my paragraphs.... It bothers me a lot, so i have to keep deleting them. Hahahaha. I just told my dad that i am writing a love letter. People are so gullible. That's why things like Facebook work, because you can fool several million people with a simple lie, that YOUR way is BETTER. This is why people have wars. BECAUSE THE OTHER PEOPLE ARE STUPID.
In Idiot-related News, Alex, and his band of morons are trying to convince John (Alexander's step dad) that they are entitled to a sleepover at his house. It's especially funny, because he told them that they couldn't, and then he told me to tell them that they couldn't. He'll cave though. They all do. This is another reason that Faxbook can survive, because normal people allow themselves to be swayed by the other "cooler" people. Those people are so cool, they seem to show the signs of Hypothermia, such as decreased brain function. Also, i was playing Halo 3 with Alexander today. We were doing Coop, and then he got kind of far ahead, with a mongoose. So he backed up so that i didn't get pulled over to him without getting the other one first. Funniest Halo thing ever if you have played it once or twice at least. I was about to get on it, and then he splattered me while driving backwards. For those of you who are giving your screens blank, uncomprehending looks, or who just don't understand the gravity of this situation: It is QUITE HARD to splatter someone with a mongoose, because "splattering" involves getting going at a good clip and turning them into a nice smear on the road with your car/hovercraft/motorcycle/plane. The mongoose is hard because it's a little bigger than two Segways taped together, a little smaller than a quad. Backwards is even harder, as you can imagine, because it involves driving a car backwards, with no shoulder checking whatsoever. Then there is the whole accidental part. Speaking of smears.... I was biking to Ultimate in Assiniboine park yesterday, and i got on to wellington crescent. There was FRESH ROADKILL!!!!! Blecgh! Roadkill is bad enough when it's a week old and all grey from other tires running over it. This was still wet and glistening. You could also see that one other car had run over it too, because there was little puddles of gore evenly spaced going away from it. It was the most revolting thing that i have seen in the past little while. For anyone feeling like doing something about it, it's about 100m before the overpass, right after Lanark. It's a squirrel i think, and it was a big fat one.
I've kind of lost my appetite for blogging just now, so i'll stick this up and perhaps write more tomorrow.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is Weekend Time!

Hoorays, i made it to the end times! I was actually in class for about 45% of this week, and i am now roughly VERY behind on EVERYTHING. I have to finish a book, do a history summary, a physics test, find some sucka to explain what i missed in physics, then i have to DO the physics assignments. I'm pretty sure that Dr. Mitchler hates me. She's been not very polite with me two days in a row now, and i am pretty sure that when i take MY own time to write HER physics test, she'll be all grumpy at me... Neah!
Anyways, back to the weekend! I'm probably going to be on and off the compy for most of it, so feel free to check in on me and make sure i still know which country i am in, what my name is, and tedious things like that. I will most likely go through ALL of my music for the weekend. As much as i love all music, i still only have a paltry 40 hours or so. Newer songs this week are pretty awesome. "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy, "Blind" by Planet Smashers, "Future Proof" by Massive Attack, and "Let Love In" by the Goo Goo Dolls. That last one isn't actually new for me, i just hadn't heard it in a while and thought "Huh, that's pretty nice... let's go again!". "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles is pretty good too.
So, for those of you who have been into my house before, i moved my massive pillow against a little corner of the Playroom, and then i wedged myself into it. It's awesome now, I piled like thirty stuffed animals of various sizes and species behind it, so now it just covers it, and there is a massive butt-print, because i sat in it for three hours. All you need is one thin blanket, and a book or something to entertain you, and you don't need to get up ever again. You could fall asleep instantly. I left a fleece blanket there, so if you want to read in it, there is always at least one cat sleeping on it. (In case you haven't figured it out, i am most proud of myself :D)
In case you're too lazy to find the old post, I'll point you to it. Start at the top of the screen, then go down like 300 pixels or so, more like 400 though, depending on your screen res. Then you'll see a little calendar, click on the "First Light" post, to see the very first post EVER!!!! Wasn't that easy? No? Oh well then. I guess it's too late for you. You can also see what other people think of my mad ravings, and write your own drivel on the interweb too! hoorays! Virtual high fives all around! Except for YOU! BA HA HA HA! i control the virtual high fives around here! AND the cake also! HEEHAW! Guess what you can do about it? NOT MUCH! (that was originally ha ha ha, but with no spaces, and the spell checker didn't like it.)
Aw. I just realised that i alphabetised my favourite songs this week without even thinking about it... Something is terribly wrong with me.... BUT, no worries, i bet YOU wish you were as screwed up as i am! you only DREAM about being this messed! then of course you wake up in a cold sweat and reassure yourself it's only a dream.
Anyways. I have decided that it may be time for me to start a new blag soon. Yes i know, another one. But i don't really want ALL my thoughts muddled together. The other blog would most likely be told like a story, from some severely kick ass future, where i have a katana, and Facebook has taken over the world and i am the sole rebel. If you want, you can come and join my band of misanthropic bad asses, but you have to bring your own crazy awesome weapon. Maybe a sword like Cervantes has in SC4, with a GUN on the end. yeah... a sword with a gun on it.... or maybe you could have like a shuriken, but in some crazy cool shape. Whatever you want though, it's up to you if you want to fight the machine.
You know, i used to be proud if i wrote 500 words in one sitting? i also used to not be able to touch type, but i can now. I also write at least a thousand words in one sitting, on a slow day. Now that i have a blog though, it's going to shoot straight up like a satellite at escape velocity from Jupiter. I also used to not use apostrophes, grammar, syntax, or basic spell checking.
Now that i am all grown up and mature (relatively) I can just kind of let my mind off it's leash, and leave it here for someone else to come and pick up its crap. You should try, you'd be amazed at how many other people do the same, but they seem to lose their minds and just find the trail of crap and fling it at you. Youtube is where such minds collaborate in a massive crap-fest, which involves seeing who can shovel the most into a shotgun barrel and just blast it over everything

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Light.

Well... i decided that i was finished with the old LaToP nonsense. For those of you who just kind of stumbled here randomly, Hi! i doubt i will hurt you physically, but your sanity is better left over there in the corner with the other ones...
This is the new Life and Times of Paul. It's actually a real blog now! anyone can read it! hoorays! Feel free to write down the name and write it anywhere you can, bathroom stalls, urinals, walls, lockers, people's hands or arms, inside a DNE circle on a whiteboard, the desk, anywhere! Just don't do anything questionably legal or creepy. Don't carve it into your forearm or kidnap children and brand them with it. That will force me to take drastic actions against you. You may survive, but it will not be pleasant.
Anyways, a bit about the blogger, Paul. I'm a pretty awesome guy as you may/may not know... I can emotionally scar children from fifty metres, but i don't actually like scarring anyone, in anyway...
I waste most of my time in various forms of the Internet, be it Maple Story, or MSN, or the plethora of web comics i read. Other things that i do include sassing morons, reading, more video games, eating, reading, running, eating, repeating myself, making bad jokes, making distasteful jokes, and video games.
There is kind of a lot of pressure on me right now isn't there? i have to make the first post good, otherwise people will get the wrong impression of me won't they? TOO BAD. NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION. if you would like to share it, then start your own blog. If i cared the slightest what you had to say, i would most likely read your blog.
Jeez. some one's phone is ringing somewhere in my house. It's not the land line, but it's annoying the everliving patience out of me. Like holy crow, who leaves their phone on the LOUDEST, in some one's house? that's horrible... where do they learn that, their parents?! i am going to go find that phone and give whichever sod answers a very strong talking to.
Anyways. I started this blog because it was too time consuming to write all the email addresses in each time i wanted to post a new one. This way i can send one mass email once and then they can look whenever they want! the nice people at blog spot even made a handy dandy nifty difty "follow this blog" link, so that even YOU can follow the blog! go on, try it!
Soo, now for the real beans and wieners of the blog...
Today was the last cross country meet, i got sixth... Kelvin won most of the categories.
So, Helen asked me to go to Kenya with her to build schools for kids... It seems kind of random, but an adventure none the less. I will most likely join her if i can afford it :P it's still really up in the air though, because I'm still waiting on Zellers to call me back. I should probably look a little harder for a job if i want one... I also want one of those handy little laptops.
So, now is the time for Paul to catch up on his homework. Anybody want to make up their own questions for me to ask them in the presentations tomorrow? I still need to do all of that, and then finish off that history assignment. Anybody who doesn't feel like sleeping tonight is welcome to join me in the endless symphony of sadness and toil. Just wait, later in the night I'll think of better words. They will be quite... salubrious.