Tuesday, December 30, 2008

it IS a really great word...

I was just kind of running about the internet, specifically Blogger, and i came across Soul Skittles' blog (again) when i reminded myself 'addle' is a great word. It's really fun to say. And it sounds funny when you say it with accents from elsewhere. Like the Maritimes. ay'ddle... or even further east, from UK "a'ddlle" or even from the good ol' prairies. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *breath* AAAaaaaaaaAAAA'ddullll. I'm not even joking. We actually have accents flatter than a three-day-old bottle of Coke, left out in the sun. After it was opened of course.


Today ranks pretty high on the list of days that i really wish i was invisible. I'm exhausted, and still half-frozen from the two day speed skating camp which ended today, but i still have to stay conscious for another while until all these people decide that they have had enough of the party and leave. I'm not even sure which party this is, it's not any one's birthday, not a holiday, and really nothing important that i can think of. It's not an anniversary, nobody just got here (from elsewhere in the world) or is leaving. Also, i didn't have a chance to shower since this morning, so I'm pretty sure i smell like a mixture of ice, sweat, and deodorant. Blecky. At least i don't smell like feet. But that's not the only reason i want to disappear. In the middle of said party (read: 5 minutes ago), my supervisor at work phoned and told me that "my term with HBC has expired" and that i should seek a new line of employment.
*Spoiler alert* This turns into a rant about Transformers, so i'd go watch the
movie before reading too much more

Speaking of other things that are comically crappy happening to me, yesterday, my mom told me that she would rather watch a movie than pick me up from speed skating, so i would have to make my own way home from The Oval. I got a ride with my friend, but my mom failed to tell me that i would need my key. Why she would think i had my key? i don't know. I always tell her "most people don't bring important pieces of identification, or other valuables to places where they leave their stuff in a room that is unlocked and free to go in and leave for the whole day" WHICH IS TRUE. i don't know about you folk, but i like to keep my stuff in the "not stolen" category. SO, i was locked out of the house, and the garage was locked, so i had to sit in my backyard, in the -30 freezing cold for an hour and a half until my dad came home and let me in. Then my mom came home another hour later, at 6 and told me "come on, let's go to a party at your cousins! it'll be FUN!!!" to which i replied "Hell no." Then i got dragged to my cousins for, and i quote: "only about an hour or so". This turned out to be two hours, and then my parents decided to go pick up my cousin who was done work at 9:30. But, they got to the mall, and found out he was ACTUALLY working till 10, and also closing the store. Meanwhile, i was trying to lie down and pass out at my cousin's in peace, when everyone was making tons of noise. Then they decided to wake me up so we could watch Transformers. Fun!!! Then, at 11:30, my parents showed up and said "okay, time to go!" So, it looks like i am going to be going to bed well after midnight every night this winter break. Which, is NOT good. I like to go to bed really early, and wake up disproportionately early. (read: 10-11, and up at around 5:30-6:30, 7 at the latest.)
I have several beef with the movie by the way! If the transformers learned to speak English from the "World Wide Web", why did only ONE have a ridiculous accent, and why didn't any of them speak leet? If I learned to speak English from the Internet, i would FOR SURE have a much awesomer way of speaking. By using words like "awesomer" for starters. AND, why didn't Optimus Prime use that kickass-sword-firey-death-thing when he fought Megatron?! FURTHERMORE, why did Shia La-whatever-his-name-is bother saving Megan Fox? Especially after she was all bitchy to him in the first most of the movie. i would have let Starscream or Bonemuncher or Crazydeath kill her straight away! and how could a couple of computer-y type people dodge those little ninja stars things when all the security guards couldn't? the transformers movie is made of LIES and FAIL. and also some pretty cool toys. i'll have to admit. There IS more than meets the eye, but most of that stuff is hidden away for a reason. kind of like why really really fat people wear baggy clothes.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas again

Here is a nice list of things i got, for archival purposes. Don't read it or anything mmmkay? I might add smartass remarks later, but i just want to see what i got, and write it here so i don't forget.

1 box of lego, guitar stand, Fender guitar picks: blue and thin(EXACTLY what i asked for! thanks julia!), a handy book of beatles music, two hoodies, pyjamas with polar bears on them, nice sweater so i don't wear a t-shirt to formal occasions anymore, t-shirt (which will most likely be worn to a formal occasion), Wii Music, assorted money: various currencies, Family Guy Calendar (it was bad enough having to remember to change a MONTHLY calendar this year, how am i going to remember EVERY DAY?!), Long underwear, tights(RUNNING, not ballet. smartasses.), speed skates(which are extremely awesome and all that. i used them christmas eve, at 7:30 in the morning), watch strap, Assorted fantasy books(looking forward to reading all of them :D), ear covery type things(which consists of a head band and ear muffs), milky way bars (:D), Guitar hero Aerosmith, and i'm sure i've forgotten something, but all my stuff is strewn about my room in a festive manner. As with before festivity IS key.

Back from the christmas

Christmas was an ordeal. there was quite literally A SHIZZNESS of people in my house. for those of you who don't know, that is like a thirty-very.9 on a scale from one to crowded. Also, i didn't get anything really fun that i can play with, besides stuff for my guitar. But that's kind of tricky, because nobody ever taught me how to read guitar music. I can play a tab, and chords fine, but i can't read the actual NOTES, which is sad, because my sister got me a book of beatles music. Then i got clothes, but half of them i can't wear, because they're actually ATHLETIC clothing, which means you wear them while you are going and getting all sweaty so that you don't get AS sweaty. Then i got two hoodies, but i didn't get to wear them really yet, because i had to go to stupid work for the last two days, ALL DAY D: THEN i got an assortment of Wii games, but there is always some other moron on the ..tv.. yes. I just had an epic reset right there. But TV is the word i want. So yeah, i'm sitting here with a crapload of sweet stuff, but not being able to play with it. *scowls* My christmas day/evening/whatever time of day it was is comme ca: First, i woke up at 6:30, because i had my watch on for the first time in a week, and i normally sleep through the alarm on it, but i'd gotten used to not having it on my wrist. then i went back to sleep. Then at 7, i was woken up by my brother, and two sisters, and cousin, who were thumping around the house like a herd of idiot kids. then i rolled over and looked for my stocking, which should have been pretty much sticking in my face like the previous christMASes. THEN at 8:30, my mom said "paul, it's time to get up now, we want to open presents!" Then i was like "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and i said "fine." Then i said " Turn on the light, i wanna look in my stocking first! and she said "okay" i looked down, and there was NO STOCKING! D: i sat up a bit, and looked at my dresser, and at the foot of the ladder, but it wasn't there! i was like \ \ this close to crying! and then my mom was all 'ohhh, maybe 'santa' didn't find it because your room is such a mess!' but THAT wasn't it, because i cleaned it up so that i'd have stocking stuff in the morning!! then she saw i was LIKE CRYING, and she was like 'maybe charlie is hiding it?' because charlie (the cat) was sitting on it, at the foot of my bed. I was quite happy about that. It's really distressing, when you can't find your stocking, on the last christmas of your childhood ever, and you were up till like three in the morning, making mushroom turnovers (i made mushroom turnovers, they were awesome). DON'T YOU JUDGE ME. grr. Then we opened presents, it was pretty cool. i had cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast.
In my stocking i got some cool stuff too, i got a rubik's cube, but it's called a "SUDO-CUBE" which, if you didn't immediately get, means that you have the numbers 1-9 on each face. I'm scared to mix it up, because it seems much more confusing than an ordinary cube. I also got a headband, giftcards for movies and subway, and a comb, and a lot of white hot chocolate. That's good, because i've been complaining since like a while ago because we never have any hot chocolate in our house, let alone the white kind. But actually, i like white hot chocolate better. I like brown hot chocolate and black tea, and any other ethnic drinks that you can name. Colours aren't races, jerks. If i was white, and someone called me white, i'd be like "i'm CANADIAN fool!" But, as it is, i am not white, and i am canadian all the same.
At least i don't have to work until next saturday... AND i have a speed skating camp on monday and tuesday! this is HUGE. it means that i don't have to put up with my extended family AT ALL for two days! Speaking of extended families.... My aunt decided that $100 canadian in euros is now worth something more like $250 CAN, so she made a big point about not getting me a present. At least she compensated for this by telling me at every chance i got that i should not expect a present.
Life today came with extra weak sauce, because my dad didn't drive me to work, because my silly (read moronic) aunt didn't plug the car in last night, after driving around until three in the morning, and he decided to wait until five minutes before i started working to tell me that i'd have to walk. THEN i had to work, whilst mon ENTIER FAMILLE, ont barrels of fun and laughs playing laser tag while i had to work. THEN i had to stand there and work, when my supervisor told me that there is a strong possibility that i would have to seek new employment elsewhere. THEN i had to walk in the frozeycold back home, because everyone else was too busy having supper at a nice restaurant to come and get me. THEN i got yelled at for letting the girls and alex watch a movie that wasn't REALLY appropriate for children while i was working. Explanation: I was working until 6:30, and at around 6:00, my IDIOT B(R)OTHER started "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Then, i walked in the door at 7:05, half frozen, and all the way hungry and like 87 percent tired. Then, my mom phoned, and gave me a hard time about being on the compy, because i wasn't watching the movie, so WHERE ELSE would i be? then she yelled at me for letting them watch the movie, which was like half done, and i found out there was no pizza left because stupid alex had to go and eat it all so i wouldn't have supper. THEN i can't play guitar hero aerosmith awesome super fun edition 5 or whatever the hell it's called, because alex decided that he wants to play Wii Fit by himself. SO i'm stuck ranting on the internet, still cold tired and hungry.
Speaking of which, would anyone like to donate some money to the "let's start Paul playing WoW again?" i am in dire need of some MMORPG-y goodness.
Speaking of which, Maegwin and Laura, and whoever else feels charitable: SAVE ME. Come and kidnap me, so i don't have to put up with my family anymore! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE.....
I need a new picture for my blogging profile. But it's too hard to get a good picture of Tyya (the cat who i currently have a picture of on here), and i already have Charlie (the other one, who is the MSN one. You can add me if you haven't already, it's leetsp34k3r@hotmail.com), and i really can't stand buffy or daisy, so they don't get to be on the inter-blogotubes. And all my fish are dead, so i can't really take a picture of them. Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmastime fun

It's Christmas time again, and that means that i should probably give the internets a rest for an hour to run to the nearest mall and hemorrhage money until people are satisfied. Or i could just go to 7-11 and buy slurpee coupons for everyone! yeah!

Speaking of snack food, my speed skating coach got these new things called 'Pro Bars'. They're roughly the greatest granola bar type thing since some guy thought it would be a good idea to pull grass out of the ground and use the seeds for stuff. which was a while ago. You buy one, and first you think "wow, i didn't really want to pay that much for this." then you either open it and eat it, or you stick it in your pocket for later. If you eat it, you finish right away even though they're pretty big, and you turn around and buy another one, for later. or if you stuck it in your pocket, you just skip that last part, and think "wow, this thing is like a brick." They ARE like bricks. Except tasty bricks. apparently they're organic too, but does that really make a difference in a performance grade granola bar?

Monday, December 15, 2008

back from the dead!

well, not REALLY back from the dead yet. I die tomorrow. at 10:05. And then i have a track meet, and after that, i think i might be starting WoW again. so needless to say, there may be another hiatus. I'm debating whether to spend my money on a video card so i can KILL zombies, or reactivating my WoW account, so i can BE a zombie... Decisions Decisions.
I'm pretty nobody even READS this anyways, you just like the way the words look, so that it looks kind of like you're doing something with your life when your parents walk in the room? TELL ME. Do the nice sentences and proper grammar and syntax please them?! Whatshisname, i am talking about YOU. Everyone here knows who whatshisname is. Even whatshisname. DON'T contradict me. i am making PERFECT sense. HAHAHAHAHA.

I did it again... i left this monstrosity of a post in the drafts folder hoping that it would turn into a pile of bricks and friendship or something nice. Now i'm stuck with like half a rant and thirteen twentyfourths of a whine.
The oral went spectacularily. my teacher actually had tears in his eyes when i finished. It was like that, because for practising, and doing our poetry unit, our teacher was like 'hey, i can just give them this, and then say what I want to say on it, and then make them think that THEY did it.', so we all picked out one poem from a book of like twenty. then we spent like a week preparing them, and went through them at a rate of like two-three per class. Now this was like a month ago. Then i decided not to DO mine until the last day of presentations, because i have the luck of some lucky bastard. Then my teacher was sick for three days, a weekend came, and then several other ridiculous things happened, too, so i didn't actually GO until last thursday. The day of my oral(tuesday) i was freaking out because i didn't know ANY of the other poems, and when i looked through the back of my envelope, there was lines ordered like they were in a poem!!! OH NOES!
but then i opened the envelope, and inside there were three copies of MIDSUMMER MORNING RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(my poem)
roughly the greatest thing ever. I sat there and wrote down everything that i had said, and then everything that my teacher said, and then i talked fast for fifteen minutes. Stay tuned, i'll add more later. i have to go dance around the tree in a festive manner, throwing lights everywhere.
This just in. Someone is sending me christmas cards from Vancouver, BC. If you are the one doing this: "who ARE you? you forgot to write your name on the return address, and i can't really read your signature that well." if you are one of the people going 'wtf paul.' it's pretty hard to read.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finger Puppets!

If anyone can teach me how to make finger puppets, go for it. maegwin is being dumb and not making me any. It's not like i am going to make them into voodoo dolls or anything! that would be stupid. that would result in me having needles stuck in my fingers. Which is bad.
Also, while i am on the subject, I need a webcam, and lots of no questions. It will be most glorious and amazing. Windows Movie Maker or something like that would be handy too. i have 6:45 of prairies that has no sound whatsoever. I'm also debating whether or not to put some subliminal porn in it. Maybe i'll just say there is and wait for some chump to say 'hayyy, thar b noo pr0n hear!' Then i will be like AHAHAHAHA n00b! that is some extreme rick-rollage! it will be VERY internet worthy, and VERY hilarious.
But actually, somebody make me finger puppets. i will actually love you forever. If anyone does make me them, i would definitly play with them every day. More than video games. And eventually, there will be more than eight puppets onstage at once and everyone will be like WTF? and i'll be like 'that one's not a FINGER puppet!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!' and everyone will be like 'ewwwwwww' and then i'll be all 'jeeze, i'm just using my toes as fingers. relax. morons.'
And now for a story of sadness and tears and crazy awesome. To keep the madness monkeys at bay, we'll go in alphabetic order.
Crazy awesome- Rise Against is coming here Friday (tomorrow) as part of their Appeal to Reason tour. Disturbed is coming here Saturday. I have enough money to go to one or both of these, and probably buy myself a t-shirt should i so desire. Also, the MTS centre isn't that far, i could probably convince someone to drive me, or just take one bus there.
Sadness- I have to work Friday and Saturday evening.
Tears- I have to work Friday and Saturday evening and there is nothing i can do about it. Also i have no finger puppets to display my true emotions with...