Monday, December 15, 2008

back from the dead!

well, not REALLY back from the dead yet. I die tomorrow. at 10:05. And then i have a track meet, and after that, i think i might be starting WoW again. so needless to say, there may be another hiatus. I'm debating whether to spend my money on a video card so i can KILL zombies, or reactivating my WoW account, so i can BE a zombie... Decisions Decisions.
I'm pretty nobody even READS this anyways, you just like the way the words look, so that it looks kind of like you're doing something with your life when your parents walk in the room? TELL ME. Do the nice sentences and proper grammar and syntax please them?! Whatshisname, i am talking about YOU. Everyone here knows who whatshisname is. Even whatshisname. DON'T contradict me. i am making PERFECT sense. HAHAHAHAHA.

I did it again... i left this monstrosity of a post in the drafts folder hoping that it would turn into a pile of bricks and friendship or something nice. Now i'm stuck with like half a rant and thirteen twentyfourths of a whine.
The oral went spectacularily. my teacher actually had tears in his eyes when i finished. It was like that, because for practising, and doing our poetry unit, our teacher was like 'hey, i can just give them this, and then say what I want to say on it, and then make them think that THEY did it.', so we all picked out one poem from a book of like twenty. then we spent like a week preparing them, and went through them at a rate of like two-three per class. Now this was like a month ago. Then i decided not to DO mine until the last day of presentations, because i have the luck of some lucky bastard. Then my teacher was sick for three days, a weekend came, and then several other ridiculous things happened, too, so i didn't actually GO until last thursday. The day of my oral(tuesday) i was freaking out because i didn't know ANY of the other poems, and when i looked through the back of my envelope, there was lines ordered like they were in a poem!!! OH NOES!
but then i opened the envelope, and inside there were three copies of MIDSUMMER MORNING RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(my poem)
roughly the greatest thing ever. I sat there and wrote down everything that i had said, and then everything that my teacher said, and then i talked fast for fifteen minutes. Stay tuned, i'll add more later. i have to go dance around the tree in a festive manner, throwing lights everywhere.
This just in. Someone is sending me christmas cards from Vancouver, BC. If you are the one doing this: "who ARE you? you forgot to write your name on the return address, and i can't really read your signature that well." if you are one of the people going 'wtf paul.' it's pretty hard to read.


Paul said...

Festivity is key.

K o w a o m o t e said...

Festivity IS key.
I hope you noticed my emphasis on the word "is".

It's pretty hard to make a teacher to cry- out of joy.
My professors are too stingy and in high school you could make a teacher cry, but for the wrong reasons.
Congrats, you lucky bastard.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas.

Soul Skittles said...

Hey...just wanted to say your About Me thing cracked me up...

Paul said...

Goodness, there are a lot of people in here...

Anonymous said...

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