Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Note to self


Aw crap. I wrote this the other day and now i forget what my idea is....
This happens all the time you know. Actually only about half of my blog posts make it to the "published" part. I bet you that it was a really great idea too! It could have cured.... the whales. yes. see?! i could have cured the whales if only i wrote more on my note!
But at least i remembered the picture!
And it occurred to me. Puss in Boots is like the first LOLcat. He's wearing BOOTS first of all. Then he also can talk, and he is quite hilarious. Not the Shrek Puss, like the ACTUAL storybook Puss. Yeah. He's a trooper. Someone should make a LOLspeak version of Puss in Boots.

Once tiem Miller has three sunz. He says "oh hai, you can has mai stuff doodz." and teh first son said "i can has mill?" Teh second son says "i can has donkeh?" then ther wuz nothing left for liddle sun, except kitteh. Kitteh said "i can has shooz?" nd kid said "k".

So teh cat got teh shooz, and then kid n cat say 'kthxbai' and kitteh says 'wiat here, i go catch rabbits'.
Teh kitteh catched the bunnehs an he gived them to teh king. He says "i has bunneh. you can has bunneh. is gift." den the king was all "lol srsly?" and kitteh said 'lol ya. is from mar-kee of carabis."
Den kitteh went into fields and said "dis mine now k?" and pesents say 'lol k, but der is oger n he'll be madd.'
Kitteh said "lol, dun wurry."
Kitteh said to oger "i'm in ur base, killin' ur doods lol" oger died.
kid says "lol thx kitteh. you sav'd da dai!"
Teh end.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's over?

Well, Friday was the Hand In Your Extended Essay, Little IB Nerds Day. That means that that particular nightmare is over, and i get to go back to the rest of the internet. I would just like to say that i am kinda proud of my essay :/ Not overly proud, because i did it last week, but still, pretty proud. It was on Artificial Intelligence, and i learned a lot about it. Lots of interesting things going on in computers these days... It seems weird to me, but the whole Deep Blue thing is actually over a decade old! Deep Blue was a supercomputer that challenged Garry Kasparov to a chess match in 1997. It then beat him. Which was quite exciting. Then i went and learned about CAPTCHAs and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the internet, and everything. I think extended essays should happen more often. And not for Marks.

Moving on. Now, the current nightmare is Relativity, which is just not easy to wrap your mind around. It's got all sorts of little holes in it, and sharp edges which poke your mind, and give you a headache. Except it's not a headache, but you just feel like your overheating, and you need a good long run or something. That's what i'd like to do. Instead of having Phys Ed in school, they should just give kids an hour, and tell them that there is a trail with money on it, and the further they get, the more money they get. MOST FIT SCHOOL EVER.

Now, off to bed with me, because i have to drive all the way to Brandon in teh m0rn.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Life and Times of Poll

So, in case you can't scroll down or see it, there is a poll on the side here. You need to do it. Apparently i have to do primary research, and have to do it, and stick it in the essay for the 18Th, because Mr. Buskell decided that he doesn't want to just hand stuff in under the wire.
Also. Video+Cat = Great.

Now, let's go see what is in that fridge...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Temporary respite

This post falls neatly in between me getting yelled at because of my less than stellar (but not much!) marks in the second term, and me going and writing my little heart out about the effect of Artificial intelligence on Real Intelligence. Today i didn't do much besides sit around, and play guitar. I learned Nowhere Man! It's fun :D. Then i watched a movie. after doing speed skating of course. I still can't find my... train of thought.... Yup, it just kind of left without me there, and i haven't a clue what i was going to write. Nope. Rien. Nada.. Zero.
then there is Shakespeare in the Snow next week too i guess. Smartass IB kids... They all think they are clever when they say "SitS is dead! Hahaha! I made a funny! Will you accept me socially NOW guys? Guys?? ...Please???" Their main arguments are thus:
1. We don't do Shakespeare in the snow when there is snow on the ground.
2. We are not doing Shakespeare when there IS snow on the ground.

This time we are doing Austen's Sense and Sensibility. No, it is not Shakespeare. Yes there is snow on the ground. The point of SitS is that it snows a lot here, and it stays for most of the year. There is much cynical joking to be had around groundhog day about stuff like "only 6 more weeks of winter? woohoo!" We already DID our Shakespeare play this year, last time, when it was cold enough to have frost on the ground, but not cold enough to run around on the lake, or have snow on the ground. The POINT is that you go to a place in the middle of nowhere, and focus everything on the PIECE OF LITERATURE that you are supposed to. It's just called "Shakespeare in the Snow". Just like marshmallows don't have any stuff from mallows (which, incidentally grow in a marsh) anymore, they are made from gelatin, because it's easier to work with, and keeps longer. we do NOT call them "Gelatin Dessert Treats" or something like that.

Now, for something else to write, while i gather my thoughts, so i can spew them everywhere again... I think it is time for a couple shoutouts. You can guess who they're for, or just enjoy them in silence if you DO get them...

I'll break your ankles!

I'm REALLY sorry i insinuated your boyfriend is perfidious!!

Why do you never respond anymore?!

I didn't mean *YOUR* boobs, i was talking about... someone... else?

Nice QC shirt, i always find it weird that someone else reads the same webcomics as me, but is just that much more indie.

Indie people are silly. They spend their lives on the internet, and when they get off of it, they go outside and proclaim loudly "I AM FROM TEH INTERNET", with things like inside jokes which are hilarious if your on the inside, and not so much if you are even slightly on the outside. They even have a SCORING system for it! You get points for making obscure references to things that most people think would be kind of cool, except that they're really obscure. And for wearing ripped jeans that are too tight, and high tops, and buy all your clothing at Goodwill, or the internet of course.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well. Nothing much to see here, i suppose you can all move along. Although i do feel compelled to say "You should watch the Office. It is funny. FUNNY. Ha ha!"
I failed my driving test this morning, and blogging whilst in a bad mood turns out bad, so i'm gonna leave now.