Friday, February 6, 2009

Temporary respite

This post falls neatly in between me getting yelled at because of my less than stellar (but not much!) marks in the second term, and me going and writing my little heart out about the effect of Artificial intelligence on Real Intelligence. Today i didn't do much besides sit around, and play guitar. I learned Nowhere Man! It's fun :D. Then i watched a movie. after doing speed skating of course. I still can't find my... train of thought.... Yup, it just kind of left without me there, and i haven't a clue what i was going to write. Nope. Rien. Nada.. Zero.
then there is Shakespeare in the Snow next week too i guess. Smartass IB kids... They all think they are clever when they say "SitS is dead! Hahaha! I made a funny! Will you accept me socially NOW guys? Guys?? ...Please???" Their main arguments are thus:
1. We don't do Shakespeare in the snow when there is snow on the ground.
2. We are not doing Shakespeare when there IS snow on the ground.

This time we are doing Austen's Sense and Sensibility. No, it is not Shakespeare. Yes there is snow on the ground. The point of SitS is that it snows a lot here, and it stays for most of the year. There is much cynical joking to be had around groundhog day about stuff like "only 6 more weeks of winter? woohoo!" We already DID our Shakespeare play this year, last time, when it was cold enough to have frost on the ground, but not cold enough to run around on the lake, or have snow on the ground. The POINT is that you go to a place in the middle of nowhere, and focus everything on the PIECE OF LITERATURE that you are supposed to. It's just called "Shakespeare in the Snow". Just like marshmallows don't have any stuff from mallows (which, incidentally grow in a marsh) anymore, they are made from gelatin, because it's easier to work with, and keeps longer. we do NOT call them "Gelatin Dessert Treats" or something like that.

Now, for something else to write, while i gather my thoughts, so i can spew them everywhere again... I think it is time for a couple shoutouts. You can guess who they're for, or just enjoy them in silence if you DO get them...

I'll break your ankles!

I'm REALLY sorry i insinuated your boyfriend is perfidious!!

Why do you never respond anymore?!

I didn't mean *YOUR* boobs, i was talking about... someone... else?

Nice QC shirt, i always find it weird that someone else reads the same webcomics as me, but is just that much more indie.

Indie people are silly. They spend their lives on the internet, and when they get off of it, they go outside and proclaim loudly "I AM FROM TEH INTERNET", with things like inside jokes which are hilarious if your on the inside, and not so much if you are even slightly on the outside. They even have a SCORING system for it! You get points for making obscure references to things that most people think would be kind of cool, except that they're really obscure. And for wearing ripped jeans that are too tight, and high tops, and buy all your clothing at Goodwill, or the internet of course.

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