Friday, October 30, 2009


Tomorrow is Halloween! This is good. I carved a Jack o' lantern.
This is it.
I finished my midterms too. They were busy, but not hard. I'm done though which is good.
Now all i have is shooting the breeze for another like week until the courses get back into action
there's a sort of lull now because nobody wanted to distract us from midterm studying. Indoor track starts tomorrow, i'm super pumped! ^_^

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's a rescue kitten, four months old
He's (it's a dude) white and orange and named shane.
Picture coming later when i find a memory card reader. He's playful and nice and friendly
Pretty much everything that "My" cat, Charlie, isn't. I have 3 cats now, Charlie, Tyya, and Shane. Tyya is pretty, like really pretty. She's a long haired siamese. I compared her to this contest description and she fits it pretty well, no abnormal white stripe or spots or anything. Charlie is my cat, she doesn't like most people and she's really shy. But she reminds me a lot of myself :/ My mom doesn't like her much because Charlie only likes kids, me best of all :) Tyya doesn't like anyone, and she will bite you and be generally grumpy if you pet her too much (more than twice).
I like Charlie the best because she is mine, she always sleeps on my bed and generally only lets me see her. She hides on my bed when people are here(especially if they are loud) and when it's just me in the house, she'll come downstairs to eat and stuff. Shane's a pretty cool guy too. eh fell off the couch and doesn't afraid of anything. He also found a bag of shredded paper waiting to go out for the recycling and knocked it over and made a ridiculously big mess.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Headlong into... something.

It's been *like* two weeks since i last posted. I've been busy. Last night, i got to see Blue Man Group! Well, not REALLY. I was working at a concession stand at the arena, where they happened to be playing. But we closed up after the opening act and then i just watched the rest. I missed the opener and the first 20 minutes-ish of the actual concert. BUT IT WAS SO COOL. They had all sorts of things that they were making music with... these pipes that they were hitting, and a piano with the top taken off. There is a pretty unique sound of a piano being hit by a sledgehammer. They also hit a bass drum with a sledgehammer. the drum was mounted on this big stand, and it was sort of springy so it didn't totally annihilate the drum.
Today there was cross country provincials. I ran 40:50 for 10k, which is decent for me, but i was last place :/ It was a decent race though, it was really cold and windy, and there were lots of hills.
Midterms are coming up too. My first one is economics, this coming Friday. Then i have Linear Algebra on the following Monday, and finally Calculus and Programming Practices on Thursday. There is no midterm exam for Linguistics, which is really nice, because it's one less thing i need to worry about.
Tomorrow is my parents' anniversary but we had the party tonight. It was a nice party. there was Chinese food and more food.
Also, I've taken to playing video games in the CSSA lounge, specifically Castle Crashers. It's an awesome game.

Monday, October 5, 2009


It's October!!! That means that i totally just blasted past the blog's first birthday :/ Oh well. It's just a number. Not like it means much to me. Or at least i'll tell myself that until i believe it. I seem to be telling myself a lot of things lately... like this comic i read once, about a machine that tells "beautiful lies" to people.... I might have it saved somewhere, but i don't want to go rooting through my pictures to find it. I have too many.
I got Audiosurf! It's a pretty neat game. It's like guitar hero, or DDR, for those of you who aren't total nerds, like i am :P The only difference is that it can just create the tracks for any song that you give it, so you get to play with your own music. It's really fun too. It feels a little bit like playing in the middle of a busy highway though D:

This is serious post. It is Serious.

I really want to get back into WoW. It's probably a bad idea, because i already spend too much time on the computer in the first place, and it'll just be a horrible catastrophe again.
Forget if I've told this story yet, but WoW actually sort of saved my life...
In grade 7 i had all sorts of friends, who were without a doubt, some of the more sketchy people in my school. In grade 8, i was still hanging out with them a lot, watching as they all started smoking one by one, and getting into drugs I stayed out of it, and as a result i was ridiculed and such like any normal freak in middle school. At the beginning of grade 9, WoW was released, and i started playing with my friend. It was a whole new world (literally). I had used "the Internet" sort of before that, but this was my first time using it as a mask, so i could be someone else for a while. I was addicted from the first time i played it. I stopped hanging out with most of my friends, even the ones who actually played the game. I spent more and more of my time in the game, i still have my character. It's an undead warlock named "Racenthius". My parents kept yelling at me about spending too much time and the game "controlling my life". It wasn't. I didn't suffer in school or anything because of it, i just stopped doing stuff with my friends. In grade 10, i stopped playing, because my brother shared the account with me, and his marks WERE suffering (between you and me, Internet, they probably would have suffered anyways.). Suddenly there was a huge amount of time in my week that i had no clue what to do with. I tried to fill it with homework, and i was still bullied horribly in school. I didn't quite match stride with anyone else, so for grade 10, i mainly kept to myself, being a loner; becoming more antisocial and shy. In grade 11, i went into IB. My parents didn't think it was a good idea, they said I'd always been a slacker, and i should just stick with my mid-high grades in the normal program, be a regular old kid. I decided to go into IB anyways. IB is an advanced program, look it up on wikipedia or something. So, i tried to fill my time with homework. I ended up having more homework, and wasting the hours from 3:30-6:00 Monday to Friday anyways. When everyone else was doing work, i was shooting the breeze by myself, and when they were all hanging out being friends, i was doing work. Every hour i wasted, i thought "I should get off this game and do something. Right after this match/song/level." And so i kept going. By now i had a whole new circle of people i called "friend" even though i never heard from them. All my original friends dropped out of school pretty much on their 16Th birthday, once they could get a job. Then they worked at minimum wage, moved into a crappy apartment and stayed there, smoking a pack a day and god knows what drugs. I know at least one of them is living happily like that.
I've never been particularly good at anything. Just "more than OK" at pretty much everything. I know people who can do better than me at pretty much anything i can do. The only thing i seem to be good at is wasting my time and making myself a general impediment to people who actually are trying to work. I've never been particularly motivated to do anything with my life. I'm just delaying having to make a choice for a while. Right now my chosen path is "Something in computers" which is a pretty broad spectrum in the job world when you think about it.
Every so often i worry about this. I always go back to my mom's words to me, calling me "loner" or anti-social. I am. I'm an introvert in the biggest way possible. I never draw attention to myself, i hardly even make eye contact with people. Even when i see someone, i feel like i should talk to them, and TRY to make friends, but even then, i'd never dream of talking to them. I just sit there and hope that they'll maybe be friendly and talk to me first...