Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's a rescue kitten, four months old
He's (it's a dude) white and orange and named shane.
Picture coming later when i find a memory card reader. He's playful and nice and friendly
Pretty much everything that "My" cat, Charlie, isn't. I have 3 cats now, Charlie, Tyya, and Shane. Tyya is pretty, like really pretty. She's a long haired siamese. I compared her to this contest description and she fits it pretty well, no abnormal white stripe or spots or anything. Charlie is my cat, she doesn't like most people and she's really shy. But she reminds me a lot of myself :/ My mom doesn't like her much because Charlie only likes kids, me best of all :) Tyya doesn't like anyone, and she will bite you and be generally grumpy if you pet her too much (more than twice).
I like Charlie the best because she is mine, she always sleeps on my bed and generally only lets me see her. She hides on my bed when people are here(especially if they are loud) and when it's just me in the house, she'll come downstairs to eat and stuff. Shane's a pretty cool guy too. eh fell off the couch and doesn't afraid of anything. He also found a bag of shredded paper waiting to go out for the recycling and knocked it over and made a ridiculously big mess.

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