Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everything went better than expected

This week was absurd and ridiculous. I got all my assignment in on time, i FINALLY caught up (pretty much) watching Chuck, and on Monday there was a huge blizzard that dumped like a foot of snow here. I'm super excited about that, but the other residence of Winterpeg are less than thrilled. ALSO it's been REAL WINTER HERE! It's like -20 finally.
I got a job too! I'm a TA at the university for a math workshop on the weekends. It's not really permanent, cause the workshop only goes on for a month, but it's better than nothing! I'm thinking of applying to work in fastfood, but i'm not sure if i really want to do that....
Also: here is a song for you. Now, i'm off to do more stats homework!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Spicy Chicken flavour

I am taking a break from linguistics and computer science at the moment, thought it would be a good opportunity to write things here.
The weather here sucks. It's been between like -2 and +1 for the past two weeks, everything's melting and getting all messy and stuff. I was supposed to have a speed skating meet today, but it was too warm, so it got cancelled. Yesterday was the second day of it, and it really sucked. It snowed/rained (yes. rained) starting friday night, basically until an hour ago when it stopped. Saturday morning, they were using the tractor to clear the snow from the oval, and the ice was so soft the tractor actually left tread marks in the warmup lane. As the day went on, it got a little colder, so the ice froze a bit, and the tire marks left, but then it got EVEN WARMER. The ouside lane of the corner was like slush. The times were basically what you'd get if you ran the same distance on a track in skates. NO GLIDE AT ALL.
AND i think i have a concussion, from something, but i don't remember hitting my head ever. All i know is i've been having headaches, especially when i jump/stomp/run or do anything that has more impact than walking. D:
Yesterday, i took Alex and Charles to Safeway to buy drinks though. It was pretty cool. They ended up getting 48 cans between the two of them. Charles paid $4 for his 24, of assorted Crush products, (including his $2.50 donation to Haiti), while Alex paid $10 for his Dr Pepper. I got 6 cans of orange crush because i drove them there, and Alex to work today.
On a homework-y note, the comp sci project actually turned out to be easier than expected; half the work was done for us. Linguistics is easy too, only i was doing it in a semi-public place and getting weird looks as i sounded out words (we're doing phonetics. I was sitting there trying to find the sounds in "serendipity"; "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ehhhhh RRRRRRR ehhhhhhh nnnnnnnn d ihhhhh p ihhhhhh t eeeeeeeeeeeee". or "loquacious".)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Busy, busy. I have been busy. All sorts of work and stuff. My stats class is a lot of work. I've also been doing all sorts of other stuff. I spent the day making graphics for a math contest. i also signed up to be a note taker for all sorts of classes. Lots of homework assignments this term too. Comp sci project due friday, stats assignment monday, and uhh... calculus homework that's not really DUE per se, but i have to do it sometime, otherwise i won't do good in that course at all.
Alex bought both seasons of Chuck today, we've been watching it for several hours. I've been doing my stats homework and those graphics for the math exam.
My mom got me Macromedia Studio MX, so i also was playing with FreeHand today. I also have Dreamweaver and Fireworks and Flash! All sorts of fun programs to play with! And on the less fun programs front, i've had to install like seven inane programs for stats. AND one of them installed all sorts of ridiculous Yahoo! add-ons for Firefox. feh.
The weather is really warm here, it kinda sucks. It's only january, and already all the ice and snow is getting.... not... good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The End of the Beginning of the Middle bit of the...

Winter break is almost over! For most of us, it probably ends tomorrow. For the awesomes of us (read: Me) i have another couple days. I start school again on Wednesday! :S This time in new and never before seen classes!? Well, not COMPLETELY new... Two of my classes go all year, Linguistics and Economics. The other three are ALL NEW!!!!1 which is fun, i guess. IT DOES MEAN that i don't have to do that silly programming practises anymore. That course was hard :\
Instead i'm in some other compy sci course and Calculus 2 and Statistics. They're mostly in the mornings, except tuesday/thursday, when i don't start till 10, but i have to stay until like 3, which sucks. I'd rather just get it over with and enjoy my afternoons.
The rest of the holidays were cool, Not sure if i mentioned it, but i got a large amount of video games for christmas, so i basically played those all day for the whole break. I saw alexander yesterday, because it was his last day in Winnipeg. He's back in Vancouver now, and getting ready to start tomorrow :P
I still have several games to OPEN, let alone beat. Haven't opened Mario Kart, Wii Sports Resort, or Wii Fit Plus. I've also only done half of Rockband 2, but that's more for having friends around to play it with right? (now... if i could just find some friends... :/)
For new year's i went to Aidan's house and we played HexBox Full rotation, for like 13 HOURS IN A ROW. I got there mid afternoon, and we went to bed around 6 (the next morning) Basically we played Castle Crashers, and Left 4 Dead 2 all evening/night and then we started watching Star Trek (the new movie, not the nerdy ones) at like one in the morning. Then we played Modern Warfare 2 for a couple hours, then we played castle crashers, then aidan went to sleep and i went to bed shortly thereafter. I woke up at like 10:30, and he didn't wake up till 2. I considered just leaving him there, but i decided against it :P
It's going to be a little weird going to bed at a reasonable hour again also :/ I don't think i've gone to bed earlier than 2 this whole break D: