Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feel the spice of life… mine is salt.

Because salt is the most boring spice i can think of. Today it was raining in the morning, and thundering and lightning-ing. Just like yesterday morning. That all blew over rather quickly, by like 10 it was done. Then it was overcast and humid all day. I went to the mall and watched people. Then i took out my clipboard and drew. Then i made notes on it and glared at people. After that i went to the Apple store (zomg!) yes, me, yes, the apple store. I looked at the iPads. I was just as disappointed with them even with my low expectations. It’s quite literally, a big iPod touch. It’s not even as big as i though it’d be, I thought it would be like the size of a sheet of paper, but it’s smaller. And the whole “gestures” thing doesn’t even work half the time. AND i sent my friend an email from it, and it didn’t even go! when i got back home, i had an email from the mail server saying “what the crap are you doing, you can’t send emails like that.” The only cool thing about the iPad is that they all had Plants vs. Zombies on it. except you can buy that game for the computer and it’s better.

THEN I went to the food court, and i ordered french fries. Then i wandered around the mall eating french fries and then i left. Then i went for a run in the park, but because of the thunderstorms, that turned into a different adventure. It was really muggy and green everywhere, kind of like the jungle, and there was a big tree that fell over and i had to climb over it! And then there were big puddles and golf carts everywhere(for the teddy bear picnic). Then i saw some of my friends biking the other way too. After all that, i got tired, so i went back home, then it started to rain. again. In fact, it’s STILL raining! It’s just about to stop though, which is good.

Also, i started using Google Chrome, instead of Firefox! It’s kind of exciting, except i haven’t figured out how to block all the ads yet, which is a hassle. instead i spent an hour-ish trying to find a good theme to use.

Monday, May 24, 2010

all work and no play makes Paul a dull boy.

Well, at least it would if i ever tried that. Something along the lines of “A little hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk?” Strictly speaking, smelling like cold cuts at the end of the day is not the worst thing that you can smell like. Also, the whole job isn’t TOO too hard :) It’s hard to do it fast though, and they want you to be fast.

To be honest, it’s more of a “all play and no work makes Paul very bored” sort of thing actually. all i do these days is hang around and shoot the breeze.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Computer is here!

My new Computer got here yesterday afternoon, so i’ve been getting used to it… There’s a program on it that lets me write blog posts without actually having to open up the internet and go to blogger, which is handy, because i forget to do that frequently. That being said, I REALLY like Windows 7, it’s very shiny and works quite well. I haven’t tried out anything really yet, except for internet, and this, and installing stuff. I still have to transfer all my files and stuff over to it too, and pick a new desktop image. The one i have now is kind of cool, but i think i can do better. Just finished downloading all of my games from steam too, Portal is free now! It’s because they released Steam on Mac, so everyone who has a Mac and plays video games (All five of them) can play computer games with everyone else. To celebrate this, they’ve made Portal free for everyone until the 24th! Wheee! IF by some chance you don’t know what Portal is, i ask: What??? Even people living under rocks and those sealed in mine shafts for the past 30 years know what Portal is! It’s a pretty cool video game. there is cake at the end of it. That is all. I have no pictures or anything else for you today, because i didn’t move my stuff yet. Weren’t you reading!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I got a job! I got hired in the deli at safeway! Also, on wednesday i got $100 from google! But i can only use it for advertising my blog :/ BASICALLY it means that the only thing i get from it is more money for more advertising. I'd actually make real money if i had something to sell here. But i don't, so basically all i get is the next $100 faster if i use it :P
And my new computer shipped yesterday! That means it should be here soooon!
AND last weekend i ran a half marathon! My time was a little slower than last year, but it was raining and wet out, unlike last year. I still beat everyone who i was supposed to :P
That's about all i've to write right now. Time to go play mario party/kart!