Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Computer is here!

My new Computer got here yesterday afternoon, so i’ve been getting used to it… There’s a program on it that lets me write blog posts without actually having to open up the internet and go to blogger, which is handy, because i forget to do that frequently. That being said, I REALLY like Windows 7, it’s very shiny and works quite well. I haven’t tried out anything really yet, except for internet, and this, and installing stuff. I still have to transfer all my files and stuff over to it too, and pick a new desktop image. The one i have now is kind of cool, but i think i can do better. Just finished downloading all of my games from steam too, Portal is free now! It’s because they released Steam on Mac, so everyone who has a Mac and plays video games (All five of them) can play computer games with everyone else. To celebrate this, they’ve made Portal free for everyone until the 24th! Wheee! IF by some chance you don’t know what Portal is, i ask: What??? Even people living under rocks and those sealed in mine shafts for the past 30 years know what Portal is! It’s a pretty cool video game. there is cake at the end of it. That is all. I have no pictures or anything else for you today, because i didn’t move my stuff yet. Weren’t you reading!


Anonymous said...

SO JEALOUS!! I wish I have a new computer....
Well, atleast you get to meddle with it and have fun. Hope you enjoy it.

YEAH, let's watch toy story 3 and ignore people's comment on that movie being childish!

Haha...thought I was the only one who talked to chess pieces...XP

Anonymous said...

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