Saturday, December 26, 2009

Required Post-Christmas Post

Christmas is sort of over for now... Unless you count the whole "christmas season" to also include up to Epiphany, but i don't.
I got some cool stuff for Christmas! I got Mario Kart and Wii Sports Resort, and some nice clothing, and books and lego and a crazy Rubik's Cube thing... It's called Rubik's 360, and it's WEIRD.
But not really as hard as a Rubik's Cube is, which is handy. The "trick" is a little difficult to grasp, but if you've taken linear algebra, it's logical and easy. :D
We also got Rockband 2 for christmas! And several other video games for the Wii; Alex got Madden '10 for his Xbox.
We debated going to Best Buy and getting in on all those sweet deals, but decided it wasn't worth it. It's snowing and windy out. It's been snowing since Wednesday night, and i've had to shovel ~4 cm of snow of the walks like FOUR TIMES in the past two days. I'm about to head out and do it again...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Note to self: Remember to make clever post title

I finished my exams! Whee! Now i have so much free time!
Well, actually i was done on monday afternoon. There was a mistake in the exam schedule, and i didn't check my school email during exam week, so it wasn't until monday afternoon, at about 2, when i found out i had an exam at 3. I managed to get there in time though, which was good. Monday night and Tuesday were spent at my friend's house, playing video games.
Things to do over the break though: Running, Skating, Video Games, Hopefully an animation in flash or something. i wanted to do it last month, but i was busy with exams :S
Also: I have to buy something for my sister, but the only thing she's asked for is a pair of gloves, that are sold out EVERYWHERE (They are Olympic Gloves, really nice, hard to find.)
but for now, nothing to do for a little while...

So that's where they come from...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I should really be doing my comp sci project right now D:
Instead i'm connected to the internet, which slows my working down to ~5% CURSE YOU YOUTUBE.
Also: Final exams are coming! I should be studying. I'll start later.
Also: Aidan gave me his lego. MORE LEGO = MORE POWER! But i don't have time to play with it until like christmas, so stay tuned for an even more epic castle. Also: I asked for more lego for christmas(to my mom's chagrin) so i can make a second castle and have a battle of mythic proportions.
Alex bought an xbox 360! Now i have one more thing to distract me from being productive! Yay!
Yesterday there was a track meet. I ran the 1000 and the 600. Also there was a math contest called the "Putnam" contest. It's named after some famous math guy. It's also the hardest IN THE WORLD. it takes six hours to write, but i was only writing the second half (I was running for the first half.) It was seriously hard too. I read the problems and i was like

Then i was like "okay, i sort of understand this one, kind of i guess." And so i ended up getting solutions to 3 out of 6 problems. Then i found out that one of the solutions was wrong. And the other two... well let's just say they're not the most acidic solutions in the world. But they're not the most basic either!
Finally, before i go to do work, you people should listen to owl city. It's awesome.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back and better than ever!

My apologies for letting my blog gather dust :/ This month i did stuff. (like not on the internet stuff) AND on the internet stuff!
I started playing lego again. I made a castle of epic proportions, with an equally epic army attacking it. If i remember i'll takey picture.
Also, i started playing Warcraft 3 again. It's still fun. There's also the same number of jerks who go AFK and make you lose :(
Also, i started running more. Not as much as i need/want to but more.
AND FINALLY, school's been picking up before exams, so i've been having less time to do other stuff.
So there you have it. 4 things that would each take up a full amount of time AT THE SAME TIME.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Tomorrow is Halloween! This is good. I carved a Jack o' lantern.
This is it.
I finished my midterms too. They were busy, but not hard. I'm done though which is good.
Now all i have is shooting the breeze for another like week until the courses get back into action
there's a sort of lull now because nobody wanted to distract us from midterm studying. Indoor track starts tomorrow, i'm super pumped! ^_^

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's a rescue kitten, four months old
He's (it's a dude) white and orange and named shane.
Picture coming later when i find a memory card reader. He's playful and nice and friendly
Pretty much everything that "My" cat, Charlie, isn't. I have 3 cats now, Charlie, Tyya, and Shane. Tyya is pretty, like really pretty. She's a long haired siamese. I compared her to this contest description and she fits it pretty well, no abnormal white stripe or spots or anything. Charlie is my cat, she doesn't like most people and she's really shy. But she reminds me a lot of myself :/ My mom doesn't like her much because Charlie only likes kids, me best of all :) Tyya doesn't like anyone, and she will bite you and be generally grumpy if you pet her too much (more than twice).
I like Charlie the best because she is mine, she always sleeps on my bed and generally only lets me see her. She hides on my bed when people are here(especially if they are loud) and when it's just me in the house, she'll come downstairs to eat and stuff. Shane's a pretty cool guy too. eh fell off the couch and doesn't afraid of anything. He also found a bag of shredded paper waiting to go out for the recycling and knocked it over and made a ridiculously big mess.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Headlong into... something.

It's been *like* two weeks since i last posted. I've been busy. Last night, i got to see Blue Man Group! Well, not REALLY. I was working at a concession stand at the arena, where they happened to be playing. But we closed up after the opening act and then i just watched the rest. I missed the opener and the first 20 minutes-ish of the actual concert. BUT IT WAS SO COOL. They had all sorts of things that they were making music with... these pipes that they were hitting, and a piano with the top taken off. There is a pretty unique sound of a piano being hit by a sledgehammer. They also hit a bass drum with a sledgehammer. the drum was mounted on this big stand, and it was sort of springy so it didn't totally annihilate the drum.
Today there was cross country provincials. I ran 40:50 for 10k, which is decent for me, but i was last place :/ It was a decent race though, it was really cold and windy, and there were lots of hills.
Midterms are coming up too. My first one is economics, this coming Friday. Then i have Linear Algebra on the following Monday, and finally Calculus and Programming Practices on Thursday. There is no midterm exam for Linguistics, which is really nice, because it's one less thing i need to worry about.
Tomorrow is my parents' anniversary but we had the party tonight. It was a nice party. there was Chinese food and more food.
Also, I've taken to playing video games in the CSSA lounge, specifically Castle Crashers. It's an awesome game.

Monday, October 5, 2009


It's October!!! That means that i totally just blasted past the blog's first birthday :/ Oh well. It's just a number. Not like it means much to me. Or at least i'll tell myself that until i believe it. I seem to be telling myself a lot of things lately... like this comic i read once, about a machine that tells "beautiful lies" to people.... I might have it saved somewhere, but i don't want to go rooting through my pictures to find it. I have too many.
I got Audiosurf! It's a pretty neat game. It's like guitar hero, or DDR, for those of you who aren't total nerds, like i am :P The only difference is that it can just create the tracks for any song that you give it, so you get to play with your own music. It's really fun too. It feels a little bit like playing in the middle of a busy highway though D:

This is serious post. It is Serious.

I really want to get back into WoW. It's probably a bad idea, because i already spend too much time on the computer in the first place, and it'll just be a horrible catastrophe again.
Forget if I've told this story yet, but WoW actually sort of saved my life...
In grade 7 i had all sorts of friends, who were without a doubt, some of the more sketchy people in my school. In grade 8, i was still hanging out with them a lot, watching as they all started smoking one by one, and getting into drugs I stayed out of it, and as a result i was ridiculed and such like any normal freak in middle school. At the beginning of grade 9, WoW was released, and i started playing with my friend. It was a whole new world (literally). I had used "the Internet" sort of before that, but this was my first time using it as a mask, so i could be someone else for a while. I was addicted from the first time i played it. I stopped hanging out with most of my friends, even the ones who actually played the game. I spent more and more of my time in the game, i still have my character. It's an undead warlock named "Racenthius". My parents kept yelling at me about spending too much time and the game "controlling my life". It wasn't. I didn't suffer in school or anything because of it, i just stopped doing stuff with my friends. In grade 10, i stopped playing, because my brother shared the account with me, and his marks WERE suffering (between you and me, Internet, they probably would have suffered anyways.). Suddenly there was a huge amount of time in my week that i had no clue what to do with. I tried to fill it with homework, and i was still bullied horribly in school. I didn't quite match stride with anyone else, so for grade 10, i mainly kept to myself, being a loner; becoming more antisocial and shy. In grade 11, i went into IB. My parents didn't think it was a good idea, they said I'd always been a slacker, and i should just stick with my mid-high grades in the normal program, be a regular old kid. I decided to go into IB anyways. IB is an advanced program, look it up on wikipedia or something. So, i tried to fill my time with homework. I ended up having more homework, and wasting the hours from 3:30-6:00 Monday to Friday anyways. When everyone else was doing work, i was shooting the breeze by myself, and when they were all hanging out being friends, i was doing work. Every hour i wasted, i thought "I should get off this game and do something. Right after this match/song/level." And so i kept going. By now i had a whole new circle of people i called "friend" even though i never heard from them. All my original friends dropped out of school pretty much on their 16Th birthday, once they could get a job. Then they worked at minimum wage, moved into a crappy apartment and stayed there, smoking a pack a day and god knows what drugs. I know at least one of them is living happily like that.
I've never been particularly good at anything. Just "more than OK" at pretty much everything. I know people who can do better than me at pretty much anything i can do. The only thing i seem to be good at is wasting my time and making myself a general impediment to people who actually are trying to work. I've never been particularly motivated to do anything with my life. I'm just delaying having to make a choice for a while. Right now my chosen path is "Something in computers" which is a pretty broad spectrum in the job world when you think about it.
Every so often i worry about this. I always go back to my mom's words to me, calling me "loner" or anti-social. I am. I'm an introvert in the biggest way possible. I never draw attention to myself, i hardly even make eye contact with people. Even when i see someone, i feel like i should talk to them, and TRY to make friends, but even then, i'd never dream of talking to them. I just sit there and hope that they'll maybe be friendly and talk to me first...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nothing Incredible

As the title would suggest, nothing spectacular has happened since friday. My cousin had his birthday. That was fun i guess. I went over friday at like 8, and came home saturday at 4:30 for a shower and a run. Then i went back for another party. Sunday we had dinner there too. All in all life is nondescript.

Not much else to write here, i just felt like writing a post. Here's a pic for your troubles anywho.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Zip Zaps!

This week brought many new adventures, and a medium-large order of razzmatazz and shenanigans. Not much happened, I took my brother to Cross Country on wednesday, and on thursday i hung out with my friends again. It was cool. We went into the engineering building, which is awesome. Every engineering building in a university is cool. There was a couch in the main room, which we just sat on, until the people whose couch it was came and vacated us from it. Then we went up to the Compy Sci lounge, which was pretty cool too. It was pretty empty when we got there, except for me, lloyd, mandy, and sandra. There were also two Engineering Students. Then a whole bunch of people showed up and it was cool Everyone was like "hurr video games are cool" and i was like "lol ya." THEN me and lloyd thought of this great idea.... Why don't we get Zip Zaps, and race them around the EITC?! It's a lulzy idea, with absolutely NO bad parts! Almost as cool as throwing paper airplanes in the main room. (the main room is a cool place. I'll try to remember to take a picture someday. Maybe Monday or Tuesday. It's massive. There are SIX FLOORS. And balconies.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More shenanigans and nonsense adventures

Today was the first meet of the cross country season. It was actually just a time trial, so our coach could see how good we are, and so he can pick who gets to go on the travel team (That's the team that goes to all the meets around the vicinity of Manitoba and the surrounding region) (they do us good...should you ever see someone wearing a Bison's shirt, i want you to stop them and tell them "Son/Girl [select appropriate]... ya done good.")
anyways. It was a 2 km loop, the guys did it three times, and the girls did it twice. I ran my 6 k in 24:47, which is alright-ish. 4:12 per km isn't that great, but it was hilly and muddy!
Yesterday i had the rest of my classes (finally lol) Well, just my first two labs. I had Comp Sci, then Calculus in the afternoon. First, when i got to Compy sci, i was afraid that everyone would be really smart and everything, because it's a second year course, and i'm not a second year chap. But it turns out that everyone's just regular old dumb kids anyways, so i fit right it. I even got everything to work! Yay me! Our lab is in a Mac lab, which means that i have to use a Mac. It's not so bad though... The whole one button thing is annoying, but we don't actually use the Mac parts of the computer. What REALLY happens is we tear a hole in the Mac bit, and get at the nice Unix piece underneath. (Unix is this other Operating System, like Windows or Mac OS X, macs all run Unix, which has been made pretty so people who don't feel like devoting their lives to computers can use it.) Calculus was a neat lab too, our TA is really nice, he just gave us some problems, and then worked through them with us. the only problem is that there isn't enough chairs in the class, so the 8 slowest people have to stand/sit on the floor at the back of class.
Also, on thursday, me and my friend Lloyd went to the Max Bell Centre (sports complex on campus) It was sweet. For those of you who don't know this place, it's got a track, an arena, and it's attached to a big gym, and the other building Frank Kennedy, which has more gyms, and a pool. The best part about it being on campus is this: The arena is open year round. The best part about THIS is that the zamboni has to resurface the ice all the time. The best part about THIS is that it takes all the snow it scraped off the ice and dumps it beside the parking lot. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. FREE SNOW IN SEPTEMBER. It must have been at LEAST 30 degrees out, and we were having a snowball fight! Then we took a big bunch of snow and made a snowman halfway across the campus :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Impressions of University

University is nice. All my classes are really easy. In Computer Science, we're learning C, most of the people in my class haven't been exposed to it ever before, but my mom showed me a couple things a while ago. Calculus and Linear Algebra are easy-peasy. I already know the entire syllabus for both of them, i just didn't get the credit because i only challenged the SL exam. :/ Economics is dull. Linguistics is fun though, so it makes it all worth it.
Yesterday i went and saw the movie 9. It was pretty good. I was entertained, to say the least. It was really really short though, about an hour and five minutes. I want to go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but i don't think i'll see it friday when it first comes out... Too expensive on "Not Tuesday". (Movies are with free popcorn and half price on tuesdays, so it costs $10 and you get everything) I also really want to see Planet 51, but that's not till thanksgiving. Which is later...
But back to these courses! Yesterday, in Calculus, our prof just didn't show up for half the class. It was ridiculous. Everyone was like "what is this." Then they all left because you know, in university you don't have to stay there if you don't feel like it. We're all adults. Like 20 minutes after class was supposed to start, someone phoned Machray Hall (The math office) and asked where our prof was. They answered "lol i dunno ¯\(º_o)/¯"
At half an hour into the class, two thirds of the people (read: All the ones whose parents paid for uni for them) left. And one of those dumbasses left a stinkbomb in the class somewhere. There was a loud POW! Then there was a horrible horrible smell. Note to the internet: IF YOU ARE AN ADULT GOING TO UNIVERSITY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SMART AND NOT ACT LIKE A FUCKING 12 YEAR OLD.
THEN he just showed up 40 minutes through the class and was all "Sorry i'm late lol." The end.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Textbook "fun"

So i have this gift card and coupon for my university bookstore so i can save a whole bunch of moneys on my textbooks, But i forgot them both at home when i went to buy my books today. Instead, i just bought the two cheapest ones on my list ($40 and $65) Then when i was walking to the bus stop it started to rain. like a torrential downpour. There was like an inch of water all over the streets, EVEN by the drains! When i got home, like five minutes ago, i took my new books out of my bag as fast as i could. They were mostly fine because they were right next to my back, but my Linear Algebra book is PRETTY RUINED :( AND the receipt was next to it, and it was plastered to the cover, even after i peeled it off, there is still a bunch of ink left on the cover (which is WHITE) So NOW i have my $40 comp sci book, which is still pretty good, it's a little wet on the corner, but it's fine. THE OTHER ONE, Is pretty much destroyed. I actually am heartbroken.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Adventure, Same Paul

University starts tomorrow! I'm really excited, and also a little nervous at the same time. I'm going to take the bus, at like 7:30 in the morning :/ Then all the cool orientation stuff, I've been told that it will be a fiesta of free stuff. Also i've been getting back into shape, after not doing any running for a month... I wasn't really INACTIVE... i walked everywhere, and was out and about lots, but it wasn't as much as i was used to.
Vote for Bub & Bob. Master Chief is alright, but he's really not that great of an hero. All he did was shoot stuff. Bub and Bob are the true heroes.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Sweet(ish) Home

Well, now i am back home from my marvelous journey across the continent. It was fun. I made friends. Now i'm back at home, and life is mediocre again. I got another $800 in scholarships, my first term is only $550! Yay! But i'm also back at home with all the things i was happily free of on vacation.
Thing 1: My family.
Thing 2: Not having someone to entertain me every hour of every day.
Thing 3: No friends hanging around; they all left.

That's it.
Other than that... not much is new. I helped my aunt move stuff, and my other aunt is learning how to use Skype, so i'm getting calls and such whenever we're both on. It's a little awkward, because she expects me to be coming back as if i lived out there and am going to school there. (Read: Every long weekend, holiday, or spare chance i get) (I do not plan on going back for a while.)
I still have some things to do. I have to find this girl i barely know, and give her a present from my friend. It'll be an adventure. AND i have to find Heidi, and Andrew and everyone else left in the city for "Chilling"
I just got back from "Inglorious Basterds." It's a good movie. I officially give it the "Paul Seal of Approval."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

British Columbia (tl;dr)

I’m on the train back home now. I’m not exactly sure where I am, or what time it is, but I think I’m somewhere in Saskatchewan and that it’s 11 o clock. Judging by the terrain, we’re most likely in Saskatchewan. It’s LIKE Manitoba, but it’s actually not as flat. Alberta is flat-ish near Saskatchewan, but it’s still bumpier. Manitoba is straight up planar. The west coast was fun. I did basically everything. When I got there, Wednesday morning, I went to my aunt’s house, then we dropped off our stuff, then we went downtown. First she showed me the bus system, and then we went to the library so I could check my email. After that we went to NCX and bought her a computer, because hers had been broken since January. The next day we went back downtown and got her a modem so she could use the internet. Then we walked around Stanley Park, which is this huge park, right on the edge of the water. There are beaches all around it. Friday, I went downtown by myself, and I met up with Laura and Maegwin, two fine upstanding ladies who used to live in Winnipeg and went to school with me… They were like half an hour late, because their bus had stopped working on the bridge, and some other bus related excuse. I got to have a good look around the Chapters while I waited for them. I know what I’m going to spend my gift cards on when I find them  It’s going to be Pride and Prejudice and Zombies :) We went to Stanley Park, to the Aquarium. It was pretty cool, I saw dolphins, then we saw the belugas, and there were otters. I liked the otters. And there was a turtle and some jellyfish, and some normal fish and a monkey and a caiman! We also saw mudskippers. They were cool. And there were frogs. After that, we went to a coffee shop, where Maegwin threw her coffee at the ground and we had to get another one. Then we went to their place and had supper there. Saturday, my other aunt picked me up, and she took me to her house. She lives in a suburb-ish city from Vancouver called “North Vancouver”. It’s pretty nice. First she took me to Lynn Canyon, which is this canyon with a suspension bridge and river running through it. We hiked a bit there, and then my cousin and I went and splashed about in the river. We saw some guys who were using a waterfall as a waterslide! I was wearing my jeans, so I didn’t. But it looked fun! After that, she took me out to some Indian restaurant, and then we walked on the seawall. Sunday, I met with my friend Evanna from camp. We walked on the seawall at Stanley Park, and we went onto the beaches and picked up crabs and played with them. It was entertaining. Then we walked down the street and I got souvenirs for my sisters. After that we had supper, then we went back home. I took the Sea Bus! It’s a really big boat that ferries you across the inlet/bay thing that Vancouver is built on, to North Vancouver. Then I took the bus to my aunt’s house and that was the end of the day. Monday, Maegwin and I did this hike called the “Grouse Grind” It’s a trail that goes up the side of Grouse Mountain (duh) It’s a really big deal when you do it apparently, sort of like a coming of age thing there. When you get to the top, they have this house type thing with a restaurant, café, shop, and some other stuff in it. There you can buy a ticket on the Gondola back down. Also they apparently have zip lining somewhere there! We just went on the Gondola and left however. We didn’t find it too hard. We made it to the top in somewhere between 50 minutes and an hour. When I told my friends they were all “WHOA! You’re hard core!” and I was like “Not REALLY. I wasn’t really going that fast….” We stopped a couple times because Maegwin didn’t bring her puffer, and was going “Hah… heh…*Pant* *gasp* *wheeze*” In my experience, when people do that it’s a bad thing, so I was waiting for her and I was like  and she was like “oh, stop it already *pant pant*” and I was like “but what if you die?” and she was like D:< Then she fell a couple times and I was like LOL. But I didn’t say that. She would have probably hit me. Monday evening, we went on the seawall again. We saw some seals. I SAW AN OTTER! It was definitely a highlight of the trip. It was just swimming along the side of the rocks, and being awesome, and there were seagulls around trying to get it, and it kept diving under the water when the seagulls came. Tuesday, I just hung out with my aunt all day, we went and watched my cousin diving. Wednesday I caught a bus out to White Rock, where I saw my friend Rianna. She’s cool. We hung out there all day; we walked on the beach, and sat on the wharf. While on the beach, we saw these little crabs, so we dug them up and they were like *SCURRY* and scurried away. Then they buried themselves again. I found a mussel that was alive, and hadn’t been eaten by a seagull. Then we also saw this weird fish that looked like it was jumping when it swam and it buried itself in sand. :/ Then we went to KFC for supper, and then we went to a gas station to get ice cream. Then I got the bus home, and that was the end of that. After I got home, I had supper again, and then we went to this ice cream place that had 218 flavors! I wasn’t feeling that adventurous thought, so I got “chocolate chip mint”. I wasn’t really in the mood for “durian” or “wasabi” or any other nonsense like that. Tuesday morning we went to the train station which is also the bus depot. I got on a bus and then I went to Kamloops. While on the bus I was listening to loud music. I think I might have damaged my headphones :/ either that or the bus did it. Now one of them rattles a little bit. In Kamloops, my uncle Garry picked me up from the bus depot; he gave me a short tour of Kamloops. It’s a nice city/town. I’m not really sure how big it is, but it’s in a little valley in the mountains. It’s really hot there, and it looks sort of desert-y. Also the river running through it is nice; it’s cool and clean so you can swim in it, and there are sandy parts, so it’s like a beach. They also have this thing where you can get on a tube and they drive you upstream a bit and then they drop you in the river and you just float down the river until they come and pick you up and one of the beaches. I didn’t do it :/ Friday, I got a ride to one of the beaches, and then I sat on the beach all day and read a book. I read Marley and Me. It was warm too, like 32. Thursday it was 35, but it was cooler Friday because it was smokier. I saw a whole bunch of water bombers and helicopters taking off. It was pretty exciting. Saturday morning, I left really early. We got up at 5:30. and then packed my stuff, then I got on the train. The train is about half full. I also don’t have money for food D: they don’t take debit here, so I am stuck with my cookies and trail mix for sustenance :/
I’m looking forward to being home (sort of) I’m going to try and get a job right away, and also I have to hang out with a bunch of people before school starts. I have to find someone because I have a present for them, but we’ve talked like twice :P It’s from my friend in NS. This present has travelled 9000 km! and I’ve travelled about 12 500 km! Best guess is that the trip cost about $1100 including food, shopping and travel. Which is pretty good for a month, and an entire continent.

The Other Side

I’ve spent the last ten days in BC. It was really fun. I saw a whole bunch of people who I haven’t seen in a while. I did lots of stuff; in Vancouver I did ALMOST everything. I didn’t get to see the Sky Train. And that’s pretty much it… Kamloops was cool too; it was really hazy from the forest fires and I saw a bunch of water bombers taking off all day.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nova Scotia (tl;dr)

This post is about the stuff I did in Nova Scotia. I got in on Friday, at about 5:30 so about an hour late. Then I got my bag from the carousel, and looked around for someone I knew. Helen wasn’t there right away, because the train was an hour late and she didn’t feel like hanging around for me. So then I went to a bench, took out my computer, and I looked up her number, and I was going to call her, and be like “hey, where are you?” and then when I got to the pay phone it wanted me to pay like $4 to call her so I was like “no”. Then I tried putting in the area code before the number, and I was about to put the coins in, when I saw Helen walking in, so I held on to my quarters, and I was like “Helen!” then she led me back to the car, where I met her dad, Ron. Helen also made me go across the grass with my big heavy bag :/ When we got to her house, Quinn was there. I said “hi Quinn” and he said “hey,” That’s about all that went on in that encounter. Then I put all my stuff upstairs in the guest room, and then some of Helen’s friends showed up because she’d invited them. I met Charlotte, Ethan, Sara V, and some others. The next day Quinn and Helen gave me a tour of Mahone Bay. It was pretty cool. We went to the marina and met Pat and Drew, Helen’s co-workers. After that we got Ice cream, and we went to the Kayak shop and met Natasha. She said we couldn’t go kayaking because it was too windy. Then we went to the Information Centre and met Morgan. She gave us some pamphlets about stuff to do, but we didn’t end up doing any of it :P That night, we went to Risser’s Beach, which is apparently the warmest, but it was QUITE COLD. I went swimming anyways. It wasn’t the coldest I’ve swam in, but it was pretty cold. At the beach, we met Haley, Katrin, Rebecca, Kyle, Ceilagh, and Alex. They’re all pretty cool. Then, Sunday, Quinn, Helen, and I went in to Lunenburg to see stuff. (Quinn lives in Lunenburg.) We walked around and then we went on a horse drawn tour, with Charlotte as our guide. It was pretty cool, I learned a lot. After that, Quinn had to go to work, so Helen and I walked around, then we got Ceilagh to meet us and we wandered around the town, then we saw the graveyard. After that we went and sat in Ceilagh’s house until Helen’s mom, Fran picked us up. (Helen and Quinn are probably the only two people in the world who can’t drive. Like not at all. D:)
Monday we went in to the Marina to work some, because Helen has to work :P It was alright, Pat was there, but because the festival is over, Helen basically sits there and gets paid. That night it was pretty nice, we went into Lunenburg again to see the Bluenose, but it wasn’t there. Instead we went fishing off the end of the wharf, and I caught a fish! It was a mackerel, pretty small too, but I caught one! I threw it back in the water. Also we caught some seaweed. We also ate supper at Fran’s pub, which was really nice. It’s called Mader’s Wharf, and I’d suggest you eat there if you ever go to Mahone Bay :D
Tuesday, we went to Hirtle’s Beach. It was foggy, actually it was foggy on Monday night, and then foggy all Tuesday. In the morning we went on the Bluenose. I got to go on the Bluenose!! It was so foggy we couldn’t see past the end of the boat though. After the Bluenose, we went to the Museum where Rebecca works, and we got a tour of the Knaut Rutland house. It was cool. Then we went into work for the afternoon, and Drew was there. He let Helen drive the boat. Helen’s good at driving boats. Hirtle’s Beach is apparently colder than Risser’s, but it wasn’t. It had really big waves though. We were at the beach with Ethan, and Quinn, Ceilagh, and Evan came later. While we were waiting for them, we stood at the edge of the water and let the tide bury our feet. Then we met Katrin and her sister, who were there to get surfing lessons from their friend. Ethan and Helen and I all went wave jumping, and it was really fun. We got swamped by the waves. And there were big holes in the sand which we kept jumping in. it was cold too. Ethan turned purple, and I was shaking a lot. Then when we were leaving, Helen and Ethan locked me out of the car and drove away without me. Quinn, Ceilagh and Evan were in the other car. They laughed and left also. It was SO FUNNY. HAHAHA. Then they came back and got me and we went to Evan’s house and had a fire. We saw a shooting star! Well, everyone did except for Helen and Quinn, because they were sitting the wrong way. Also there were deer just wandering across the street. As we were leaving, this guy named Thomas showed up and started talking to us, along with this girl who was with them. Melissa I think. I didn’t like them much ¬_¬
Wednesday we went to work again, and Pat was there. We didn’t do much again. Watched some TV, I watched A Night at the Roxbury. Then we went on the boat again to move people around. Wednesday night we went sailing with Rebecca. We saw a seal and some porpoises! Also some seaweed, and some seagulls. It was fun.
Thursday Ceilagh took us into Dartmouth, and we went to H&M for the opening. There were so many people there! They had two lines and they both went a good chunk of the mall away from the actual store. We got cinnamon buns, and then we got lunch, and then we went into the store. We spent TWO HOURS in H&M. Helen had a small adventure paying for her stuff because she forgot to get her card changed from when she was ten. The girl who was helping us was a real bitch to her when her debit card was declined too. After that, we met Ben and his cousin Thomas. They’re cool. We went to Foot Locker and I bought more Converses. They were the ones I was looking for since Toronto! They’re black on top, but they fade to white. (I also bought blue ones in Toronto) Also, I bought an SPC card, and water protector stuff for my shoes, and some cleaning stuff for my shoes too. I ended up spending lots of money. Then we went back to Helen’s house, and we had a dinner party. Rebecca was already there when we showed up, and then Natasha, and Andy, and a different Alex came. Rebecca and Ceilagh left early though. Natasha, Helen and I all went to the store to buy cheese because we didn’t have any :P
Friday, we were supposed to go kayaking in the morning, but there was a change in plans, so we ended up not doing that. I got to the train station right in time, I reserved lunch time for me, then I said goodbye to Helen, and then I went off to the train. The end! Right now I’m on the train, somewhere between Moncton and Quebec, and I’m feeling a little conflicted. I’m a little sad because I’m not going to see Helen for a very long time, if I even DO again… But I am happy because I at least got to see her, and meet Quinn and Rebecca and Ceilagh and Ethan and all sorts of wonderful people. I’m also happy because I ‘m not going to forget this part of the trip anytime soon. I’m excited because I am going to see my other friends on the other side of the continent. I’m also a tiny bit bemused because I miss my friends more than I miss my parents or family. If any of you Family Types are reading this; I miss you guys TOO, just not as much :/
***End of Part 1***

Summer Campaign

Apologies for not posting in a while, I’ve had chances, but I haven’t used them to blog thus far. Right now I’m on the train. (There’s no internet here actually, I am writing on MS word, and then I am going to put it up later.) I was in Nova Scotia for the past week, specifically Mahone Bay. It was pretty sweet. I got to see Helen again; I hadn’t seen Helen for a year basically to the day. I also met all kinds of people there, mostly Helen’s friends, some of whom I talked to on MSN. It was pretty cool. Before that, I stopped in Toronto to see my cousins who live there; I hadn’t seen them for two years. Now I’m heading back west, I’m going to Vancouver to see my other good friends Maegwin and Laura (If you guys read this before I see you, Hi Maegwin and Laura!) along with my friend Evanna from camp. Along the way I’m going to stop in Montréal tomorrow morning, and Toronto tomorrow afternoon. Then I’m going to be in Winnipeg Sunday morning, just enough time to have a shower and do laundry :P I’m going to be travelling with my Aunt Pris back to Vancouver, she’s pretty laid back.

I'm in Montreal right now. I tried to get my ticket changed to an earlier train, but it was full. I have five hours here. Luckily i have found an internet connection that doesn't require me to pay like $5 for fifteen minutes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The end of camp

Camp is over now, it was only a one week thing. I had lots of fun though. I didn't get a REAL shot at the two volunteers that i wanted to. They think they are so smart, and i was READY to go up and run verbal circles around them, but then it never happened. My cousin was the director and he said he specifically put us in separate groups so i didn't emotionally scar them. I'm glad i wasn't in their group anyways. I made friends with the other counsellors in my group, which was much better than putting up with morons for a week. I still got to call them dumb in myriad ways at lunch :P
The trains are running again! The engineers went on strike friday, but the strike was resolved this morning, and so the trains have started again, and by tomorrow they should be all running again. This means that i still get to go to Nova Scotia AND British Columbia!

I'm also trying to cut down on the tl;dr posts.

I learned how to play Viva la Vida by Coldplay! whee! It's not that hard, but it's fun :P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Untitled Blog Post is Untitled

This week is the Day camp that i am helping with. It's been fun-ish so far. I have this one terror child in my group named John. He's just straight up bad. Doesn't listen, bothers people (especially me), eggs the other miscreants on, and is pretty immature for a 12 year old. It's like talking to my brother!! (Fun Fact: My brother, Alex, is more than 12)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life as an Only Child

This weekend, all three of my "beloved" siblings left the city to go camping and stay at other people's cabins. That meant that i spent the weekend with just my parents. It was pretty fun. We ate at nice restaurants, where they didn't serve plain old food, like burgers, pasta and steaks. Yesterday we got to eat at a Thai restaurant, it was really good. Today we ate at a Bar and Grill, and it was nice too. The people there were really friendly, and i knew one of them! She was my friend in ~Grade 1, all the way up till now, so it was kinda neat.
Today i took a tree out of my grandma's yard. We had to get it out because it was blighted or something and whatever it had was going to spread to the big apple tree and kill it. The guy who works at an orchard looked at it and said they should take out the tree and also all the soil around it and burn the tree and not plant anything in it for 10 years, but that seemed a little extreme. So now we have a garbage bag full of dead apple tree that will infect any fruit trees/soil it hangs around with for too long with an incurable plague. Who's up for some bio-warfare???
Also, my aunt sort of gave me her old laptop!!! She said i can treat it like it's mine, but i should be careful about virii, because all her stuff on it is all out of date and stuff. Also that should she ever want it back, i'll have to give it up, but she has a really nice new one, and all the stuff on it is on that too, so she won't want it back. It's decent, relatively. It's about the same as "my" desktop performance wise, but it has a better graphics chipset! which means i can play TEAM FORTRESS 2. Except that our wireless internet haet laptops. I tried to play it yesterday, and it was so laggy it almost crashed.
I've also planned (like 80% planned) my trip!!! I'm going to take the train out to the East Coast, stay there a week, and then take the train allll the way back to the West Coast, and stay there for a week or so too. Then i'm going to go back home. It'll be AWESOME. If anyone lives in Toronto or Montreal, let me know, so i can drop by and take a shower at your place or something... The train ride is two and a half days to Toronto, a couple hours to Montreal, and then another day and a half to Halifax. And it's four days from Toronto to Vancouver. There's still some parts of the trip that i haven't worked out; I want to stay either in Toronto, or in Kamloops for a day or two, but i'm not sure which, or both could even be possible. ideas?
Also, i installed a scanner/printer! Now there are TWO printers attached to ONE computer! Whee! and a scanner! so now i can scan stuff and send it to people! Stay tuned for some hand-written blog action.
I think it's prime time for some Paul Awards tonight... Unlike normal, i haven't planned any, so it'll be interesting.
(Side note: I got an award from my school with my report card. It says "Award of Excellence". I'm not sure what to make of this, it doesn't say any subject in particular, just the school, my name, and Award of Excellence. Is it just an award they gave me because i am excellent?? I'm also trying to decide whether it would be good to put it on my resume... Either way, it's a pretty nice award. It's a black plaque, with silver writing. It looks like the sort of thing you hang on your wall next to your diploma and Ph.D...)
First off, i will award one Thumbs Up of Magnificence each to both Maegwin and Laura. Thank you SO MUCH for rescuing me from my parents! They were going to put me through more manual labour!
Secondly, i award the coveted Noob Award to Aidan, for starting Warcraft 3. We look forward to your first hilariously embarrassing defeat on
Thirdly i award the Medal of Ridiculosity to Andrew, for being outrageous.
The Outstanding Class Trophy goes to Alexander, for putting on Dr. Dre while his stepdad was right there yelling at him for having music with less than sophisticated vocabulary.
Finally, i give the Certificate of Win to whoever that Anon on 4chan started the "... just like wikipedia told me to" meme. It's funnier if you actually know the whole story, but that story is not appropriate for you chumps!
my reaction face was like
8 /
That's basically it for now... It's like midnight and i apparently have to go move boxes tomorrow morning as part of this whole "only child" deal.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can't stop the Lulz

I finally watched all of fight club. I've seen the beginning of it like four times, and only ever up to half way through it until yesterday. I never realised just how much /b/ took from that movie until the end of it. It's quite a lot actually. /b/tards; if you haven't seen that movie, I would.
I also went paint balling two days ago, with Alexander, Alex, and Alastair. It was fun. I got shot right in the face. RIGHT IN THE EYE. Also, it was right after the referee just kind of wandered off, so i had to play the next two games like this -_o
But it was still fun. I hit Alex in the side of the head, and also in the knee. And i hit Alexander just above the mask, so he had a big streak of paint through his hair. ROFL.
IBO marks also came out Monday. It was pretty exciting, i was up really early that morning, and then i went downstairs and waited until 7:15 when they released the marks. I DIDN'T FAIL! Woo! Also, i can receive a university credit for most if not all of my courses, meaning that i don't have to take a good chunk of the BS courses they want me to pay to take in my first year! Splendid! Also, I've figured out their infernal contraption of a registering program. Registration opens in a week. AND i finally found the form that i was looking for for the past month-ish. It's a really ridiculous path. They gave us a whole bunch of resources, Start Book, Course Calendar, 2 websites, and a part of another website, as well as numerous acceptance letters and ledgers and scraps of detritus with useful information for us to keep. I've followed a trail around ALL of these things, and there is no way to actually GET to the advance credit thing, or whatever they call it in ANY of these. just a small section in each of them that points you to the next one, so you eventually go in a big circle through a million different pages. I got out of the loop by finding an "orphaned site" in the U of M website via a document from the teacher's section of the site. (orphaned sites are sites that have no links to them. That ouverture-facile game is a series of them, where you have to figure out the next link. I was in no mood for their shenanigans or dilly-dallying.)
So, now i have a paper to get me some credits, am expecting a $1800 scholarship because i'm smart (i got 29 points total, all you keeners out there.) and i STILL do not have a job! My old boss said she'd LOVE to have me back because i'm such a good worker apparently, but she can't hire anymore people, so she's stuck with the kids who are working there now, who apparently are dumb as sacks of hammers, except they can't do stuff that hammers can. Like operate tills apparently.
Video Games Live is tomorrow. My mom said she would give me tickets to go, she went with a workshop she attended yesterday, and it was apparently "really neat". I'm KIND of excited, but everytime i go to something like this, i'm reminded of why i don't chat much in MMOs. I'd like to thank the lulz for that.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day! That means that it's just like every other day in Canada, except people don't go to work. And there are fireworks :P But other than that, not much goes on around this place :/ It's not like 4th of July in the States, where they have fancy parades and play all manner of patriotic tunes, finishing the day by shooting a bomb into a comet very far away from Earth. (That was actually really cool. It was called Operation Deep Impact if i'm not mistaken)
Today is also Aidan's birthday! link. Today, since nothing is open, basically all i can do is chill, apply for university courses, and finish digging a trench through my yard. We are putting a walk from the deck to the garage, so we need a four-inch deep trench dug where the walk will go. I did that for most of yesterday afternoon, and while i was digging, i found a fork and a brick. Both of them are pretty interesting, the fork is metal, about the size of a big apple, and it has no handle and three prongs. The brick is a brick. It was buried two inches under the ground in the middle of our yard. Why? who knows.

Monday, June 29, 2009

New adventure

Start of a new week today... Another battle with my mom/dad about my usage of the computer :P It doesn't really matter how much i use this thing anymore, turning it on is enough to get yelled at these days... They're mad at me for not finding a job yet, which is really NOT my fault! I've applied at several places, but nowhere is really looking much it seems. AND i really think that if they wanted to go "family camping" it would be fine if they left me at home :P

Friday, June 26, 2009

Now what?

Yesterday i graduated from high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!
It's so exciting! Now the world is mine for the taking! I can do whatever i want, and become someone of great importance! Tomorrow...
Every time something really big happens in my life, people always ask "so, do you feel different now?" and i always tell them "yeah" so that they'll go away, but really it doesn't feel different. It's like a clock changing hours... The hour doesn't just click to the next one, it slowly moves there.
Anyways, enough of that inspirational stuff. The ceremony itself was alright. The MC had some things to say about me when i crossed the stage, but i didn't get awarded anything special.
Now that i'm really done though, like done done, as opposed to just done finished, i think i'll say this: If i was given the chance, i would do IB again. I don't regret it at all. Maybe a little, but looking back on how much i learned, it's quite a bit. There was some quote i was going to write here, but i forgot, because i got distracted by "Party Hard" by Andrew WK
I've been thinking a lot about stuff. That happens when Zone Alarm is put on your compy, AND it's a rainy day out. I was planning on going and hanging out with my friend today, but NOPE! Instead i sat around the house, because it rained all day basically. I tried to go on YouTube, and stupid ZoneAlarm has blocked it! For those of you who aren't familiar with YouTube, THIS IS A TRAGIC EVENT. Also, Limewire was laid low by Zone Alarm, along with, and any other site that anyone can think of that has music, videos, or flash objects on it. Also, it was doing this thing where it was restricting in/out-going data, so i out only send stuff at about 20 kb/s. Which is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW. That would be like if you took a turtle, and tied its legs together, then stuck it in deep mud, and shot it with a tranquilizer dart, and raced it against Usain Bolt, when Usain gets a track lane, and a headstart. In this extended metaphor, Usain Bolt is the pathetic pace that my computer normally stumbles along at. My dad thought it was really funny. He ALSO said that he's not going to unblock limewire, for no reason at all. THIS MEANS that i have to PAY for music now! like with real money! :'(
ALSO. Skype, MSN, Warcraft, Zune, and anything that requires "user input" does not work properly. I MIGHT AS WELL GO OUTSIDE.
Here's a youtube video that expresses my appropriate opinions, i copied it from my history, so i can't enjoy it with you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imagine there's something clever written here

Since i last wrote in my blog, about two weeks ago, lots of stuff's been happening (obviously) I've actually been doing stuff everyday that is not sitting around and playing Warcraft. I've applied to jobs at various places; Sobey's, Safeway, Price Chopper, Future Shop... I was looking at GameStop and it says they are hiring, for a new store that is opening close-ish to my house, but it's not listed yet :/ I'm pretty sure that i'll get hired at Safeway though, because I accidentally gave my application and resume to the store manager, who was just hanging out behind the customer service desk. Then he changed the hours i said i could work, so now i may be working from 7AM-11PM D:
Today, i wanted to go to the Ex, but nobody else wants to, because they're all poor. :( It's funny, you let ~50 responsible young adults out into the world a month earlier than the rest of them, and instead of seizing opportunity by whichever appendage is closest, and beating it horribly with it, they just wander around pathetically, hemorraging money until the day before everyone else gets out when they freak out and desparately scramble to get a job.
I've also volunteered to help out at the Marathon Expo. I just got an e-mail, telling me how i was approved for the following slot: Number Pickup 11-3. YAY! That means that i help people get their numbers. It's easy work, you just stand there blandly, and then look through a big box of numbers for a number that someone wants you to find. Except the numbers are ordered, so it's easy to find.
The marathon is on Sunday, by the way. I'm super pumped for it. I didn't really train at all last week, but i went for a run in the ridiculous heat today, and i'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm looking to run around 1:25, or a little faster. Look for my pictures monday or something! I'll post a link if i remember, and i'll also do something if i remember, like salute the camera man as he's taking my picture :P
SafeGrad is Monday. I'm more or less pumped, sort of i guess... I still don't have any stuff for it. I don't have a clue what i am wearing, or what i'm going to to for a corsage or all that fun stuff. Dancing the day after the marathon is going to be an adventure however. Definitely... An adventure and a half even.
Today was also an adventure and a quarter. I handed in my safeway application, then i went to sobey's, where i realised that i hadn't asked anyone to go to the ex with me, so i went back home, after seeing the sign for applying to GameStop, at the new store they're opening. Then i took the dog, and went for a run, but it was too hot out for poor Buffy, so i took her back home, and then i went out again for some more punishment. Then i came back, and hosed my self off (actually). It was great. I just turned on the hose, ran it until it was cold, and then i sprayed myself all over, and lay in the sun until i dried. Then i went in and had my sandwich from yesterday (go to safeway, and buy a lumberjack sandwich. it's epic.) Then i played warcraft and age of mythology. The end.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Safe Grad :(

Safe grad is just the worst idea since twitter. Basically what happens is you have to make sure you have a designated driver, but you can't have the same driver as your date, and you can't just not drink and drive yourself home. Not even if you're under 18 (or whatever your legal age is where you come from)
Also you need your medical number, and SIN number, bank PIN at least three email addresses, and seven different phone numbers. And you have to give DNA samples as well as finger prints, toe prints and hair samples as well. And small samples of the cloth that your clothing is made from. And a bottle of air from the environment where you were born. Otherwise you can't pick up your tickets. WHICH ARE $55 EACH! It would be almost cheaper to go to a really nice restaurant for your grad instead. In fact, it WOULD because you have to pay ridiculous amounts for drinks at Safe Grad.
Now i think it's time for a good ol' fashioned LaToP post... Back by popular demand... Playing left wing for the home team... it's LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL v15.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is brought to you by the letter "lambda", and is sorted in alphabetical order, by the title i gave to each newspiece.
Bad News...
Several bad things happened this week apparently... First of all, one of my guildmates in Warcraft III died... maybe... He was on that Air France flight that went into a thunderstorm, and got hit by lightning. Secondly there's that Safe Grad thing... And thirdly, my coach Randy broke his neck in a bike race. He was standing yesterday apparently, but they are not sure if he can race again.
Happy News..
On a lighter note, Provincials for track is today and tomorrow. I've qualified in the 1500 and 3000. The 1500 is today, and the 3000 is tomorrow morning. After the 3000 i'm planning on sticking around there to watch my friend run her 800, and then if i can convince my parents to leave me alone, i want to run home :D I think it's around 10 miles or so. It's pretty far, but i want to do it.
You should listen to "Them Kids" by Sam Roberts. And "When I Come Around" by Greenday. That second one i can play on the guitar. It's not hard, which is why i learned it :P
STUPID STUPID SAFEGRAD. Also, they'll only sell me tickets at LUNCH, meaning that i can either buy tickets to my stupid grad, OR i can go to my track meet, the LAST one of my last high school year
Stuff i did...
Played Guitar, played Warcraft. I played an outrageous game just now... I had a lich and a Firelord, both above level 6, so every so often, i could make a massive volcano appear in the middle of someone's base, as well as some other stuff, so they couldn't move away and they'd be getting eaten by the Lich's spell.
I also did some stuff on Alex's facebook account. I'm proud of myself.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Day again

Today is rainy :/ It sort of sucks because i was hoping to go do... stuff... outside, but now i can't. I'm getting insanely bored and it's only a little after 10 o clock! oh noes!
There was a funny story to tell, but I'm not really comfortable with putting it out here for all the Internet to read. I might think about reinstalling Maple Story soon.
Rather than making a whole new post, i thought I'd just add some more on the end of this mediocre post.
I had to go on an inane misadventure with my grandfather today because nobody wanted to listen to me when i said that his party he was going to was in fact, NEXT week. So, instead of buying grad tickets, and getting stuff done, i played driver monkey and got honked/yelled at because people didn't feel like giving me space to park my car. Normally i wouldn't have a problem doing this, but because this is the FOURTH time that they've sent me on an all day task and yelled at me for no reason after it, i was pretty miffed. ALSO they (the parents) make me feel like this is a service to ME, and i should be greatful that they let me ferry people around with no thanks or anything...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing to do... EXCEPT MESS AROUND :D

So there is officially not much to do... I convinced my dad to finally give me the administrator account on the computer, so now i can finally play like 5 games that i couldn't before because some lazy programmer somewhere couldn't be bothered to finish making a game save properly.
Now, most of you have probably been wondering what i've been up to since May 22... WELL. Everyday of my break so far, i've been forced to spend at least the morning doing ridiculous tasks for my mom. THEN i've been hanging out with my cousin. Thursday we went out for wings, and "manly" beverages. For the record: Beer is the worst.
Then, Saturday, i was at his house for a barbecue, and i had half a beer (did not enjoy) at 6:30 when i got there. At 11:30 i left and drove home la la la it was fine, the song on the radio was "them kids" by sam roberts. When i got home five minutes later my mom was like "RAWR! you're drunk right now! you can't even tell how drunk you are! NO DRIVING WASTED AGAIN. HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN EVEN WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE RIGHT NOW!"
Then the next day she was giving me grief again about nothing because she was mad at me for driving myself home instead of staying in a house with a bunch of real drunk people
But back to these video games: Since the holidays(for me) began, i've been playing Warcraft 3, but now i can also play Age of Mythology, Darwinia, The Frozen Throne, and Command and Conquer. Five points to whoever guesses my favourite genre of video game :P
Still haven't REALLY got a job yet, but i'm applying at Safeway tomorrow.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day One

Well. Today i didn't get any of the big things that i wanted to get done this summer, but i DID get all the things i normally do during the day done. And it's only 9:30! I still have some time to do whatever i feel like! Whee!
Today i went to Track in the morning, and it was hard :/ Ms. Lapp was our coach today, because our normal coach was doing stuff for student council elections. She just put us through a "light" core workout. Except it was ridiculously hard! and she just did them all with us, not even breaking a sweat, and not yelling at all, so it's not even like you can be mad and resentful at her! We did sit-ups, but not like crunches, which are what i normally do, and then we did other creative things, like the leg pushes and played with med balls and all sorts of fun stuff.
THEN i went to the University, because there was a computer science contest there. It was me, Mr. Buskell, and two grade 11s. We got there like three hours early, for whatever reason, and so we had a tour of the campus. I knew where everything was :D Then we went and had breakfast at one of the campus restaurants, and then we went back to Engineering for the contest...!
The engineering building is cool! It's really big, and there's a massive... thingy. Like a room, but it's basically a hole in the building. It's like there was a courtyard at one point in time, but they built the building around the courtyard, and then put a roof over said courtyard. It looked COOL! there were balconies, so you can look across and see people on the other balconies, but you're ALL INSIDE.
Then we had a robot demonstration. There were two robots that they showed us, one that wandered everywhere and didn't run into things. It was cool, it was like a box, with three wheels, and a laptop on top, with the web cam the wrong way. It wandered around while the guy told us some stuff. Not sure what he was saying though, i was watching the robot. Stuff about IEDs and garbage hills. The best part was you could jump in front of the robot and it would get scared and turn and run away. That made me smile.
THEN there was a little humanoid robot with a cellphone for a head. That was even cooler! It could look for this little orange soccer ball, walk up to it, and kick it! It was pretty awesome. It could also get up when it fell over. That was cool too. The guy who was helping the guy who was talking a lot put it on it's stomach, and it just pushed up on it's hands, and then moved its legs up, and stood up! Then he put it on the back, and it stood up again! Then it walked off and kicked the ball again :) It also couldn't turn very fast, so if it needed to go sideways to reach the ball, it would do the MC Hammer Slide!
That was definitely the highlight of my day.
Then the contest itself....
There were six questions, and three hours, and we were in teams of three. I didn't have a team, so i got placed with the other guys who didn't have a team. It was good working, except that we didn't really know each other, and so we didn't really know what to do with each other that well. We only got one of the six problems, so on the board it looked like we did really bad, but we were almost done two other programs, so we would have been close to first place really! The other two guys on my team were one guy from St. John's Ravenscourt, and one guy from River East Collegiate. They were pretty good. But it sort of WAS all me... :)
We got beat by some people who weren't supposed to beat us also, which was bad :/ Specifically, the grade 11s from Kelvin, and my mom's team of grade 11s. BUT we did just OWN my mom's grade 12s, so it's alright!
I'm running out of things to say right now... I did all this stuff, and it was only five, so i realised that i was done basically what i do all day except for school, and i didn't know what to do! I still need some materials for making finger puppets, and somebody should tell me some ideas for videos that i can make, because otherwise things will go bad, and i will take initiative, make a video that inadvertently goes way too far, and everyone will be mad at me :\
Tomorrow I'm going to have to remember to apply for a job somewhere, and set up my HARD DRIVE SO I CAN PLAY TEAM FORTRESS 2 AND SEVERAL OTHER VIDEO GAMES WHO WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wheee! I'm officially done high school forever! FOREVER!!!
That means that i now have more time than i know how to occupy, at least for a while!
First things first... I want to learn how to play the guitar a little better, and i want to make finger puppets of people i know so i can make a youtube series about them and then have people tell me i'm creepy...
BUT I'M DONE FOREVER! And also, if anyone in canada has a "G" for the Subway Scrabble, i'd like it greatly, so i can spell "ENERGY" and win some money.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Exams have started! D:
That is all. Now i have to go learn about Mao and the Chinese revolution for this afternoon :/

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The princess is always in another castle.

Five days and i wish i'd gotten in JUST ONE MORE run.

Seven days, and i'm really not that ready for history.
Six days, and i'm only sort of ready for english.

Nine days, and i'm more or less ready for math.

A couple weeks, and i'm not ready for physics.
Two weeks, and i'm not ready for english (again).

Three weeks, and all i can manage is a wan smile for Comp Sci.
Twenty three days, and i found out i'm not ready at all for french.
Twenty four days, and i'm not allowed to play Warcraft.

It's hard to say which is the hardest... At least only twenty four days, and i'll be done making misguided decisions for the summer. Speaking of summer, i keep forgetting to ask Helen for flight info... I'm going to have to spend all my tuition funds on plane tickets! Oh no!

I never did finish blogging about my birthday... No time like the here and now in space-time i suppose...
From my friends i got assorted video game stuff... Nexon cash, Team fortress 2. That was sweet, except i haven't gone on MapleStory for weeks, and i apparently ran right out of hard drive space on the ol' compy. From my family i got three shirts, with varying amounts of buttons :P
One Atari shirt, which is cool
One button-up shirt that looks alright, i haven't tried it on though.
One polo shirt that also looks alright on me.

I also got a lottery ticket, with specially picked numbers! Only one of them was the right number though... And i got jeans, which i sort of desparately needed. Then i also got some candy (turtles and jelly bellies :D) And a book, which is really quite interesting, but i have no time to read it right now (see the top of the post). Then i got a large sum of money(!) and a portable hard drive!!! That's definitely really good, because now i have ~infinite space in the way of memory, for at least a couple years, even if i take all my files, and download(I mean BUY of course.) a new album everyday. And a new, top o' the line game every month. 250 GB is really a large sum of data...... And i got a Zune!
It's like a Microsoft iPod, for those of you who aren't enlightened. It's really quite nice, it makes more sense than those silly Apple contraptions, and it definitely seems to try hard to make you like it. The only problem is those Mac people made that ad campaign, and now Microsoft/PCs are "nerdy", so no matter how cool the Zune is, it's already on it's way to hang out with the Linux people. They really are quite a bit nicer than their iPod counterparts though, the touch pad is scrumtrallescent. And they have some entertaining games. As well as this really neat wireless thing, where you can send songs to other people nearby who have their Zunes turned on. All you need is to go to starbucks, and trade music with someone, then you can go home and buy/download the song to keep, instead of the three play thing. Which makes sense by the way!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Apocalyptic countdown

Well, here it is... It's the end of April, and i'm really not ready for anything that's happening next month. Or after that even. I don't have a clue what i'm going to do during the summer, except for some vague trip for roughly a week, that is probably not going to happen anymore :[ Then in July i'm going to find out i failed high school or something, and have to go back again. THEN I'm going to get a job, and just stay working at Best Buy for my entire life, even after i've finished university (maybe), and moved out, and everything.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today i turned 18! Wheee!
It was pretty sweet. I woke up at 6:30, and then looked outside, and it was snowing! I was like
Then i went and got ready, and went to school :P
I'll tell you kids... Being an "adult" is great. Everything is shiny and wonderful, and people treat you completely differently. I mean just this morning, seven people gave me candy, and nobody's called me dumb yet today! Also there's the whole thing with the children folk asking you for alcohol, which is less fun. -_-
But actually: It's not that different from the last 17 birthdays when people ask "do you feel any different?" and i say "I dunno, not really...."
That's all to write so far, except we had a fizzyx exam this morning, and it was just burtal. Brutal even.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Internet Symphony

I found this on Soul Skittles' blog, and then like ten minutes later when i went on YouTube. It's pretty cool, i wish i'd known about it earlier, so i could have tried, or at least had a copy of the music... That would have been sweet. They did a pretty good job making it all nice and "everyone can use the Internet"-y i suppose, but the people on the internet MOST e.g. TEH TROLLS are thankfully absent.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Not much to report today... Easter was pretty par, My cousin came in with her boyfriend from Calgary, that was sort of exciting. For the egg hunt, my cousins put some of Alex's eggs in a water bottle, and then put said water bottle in the fish tank. Hilarity ensues. Also, Alex taped one of mine to the ceiling. (for those of you who aren't enlightened, i am pretty short.) More Hi jinx ensue. Then we played video games. Fun was had by all, except for me, because i sat there and won twice, then tried to concentrate on the silly old Statistics take-home test. -_-
Monday was just as uneventful (more like FUNeventful.(I am sorry.(I just can't help it sometimes!))) I started playing Warcraft III again, and had some RIDICULOUS games...
My favourite two:
Massive Gyrocopter raid on the town halls around the map
Six Players, one is playing, two are messing around, One is getting freaking owned in their own base, and two just are chumps.(I was one of the ones messing around.(We built a wall of guard towers. Outside the other team's base.(I should have saved the replay. I'd put it on youtube.(Hehe, nested parentheses.))))
Today was quite eventful, sort of... I have lots of work to do, and not nearly enough motivation...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Post 50!

Hooray! It's time for the fiftieth post EVER. Unless you consider the ones before the blog as posts. Then it's the sixty fourth post EVER. Whoo hoo! that's like... 1000000 posts in binary! Nice!
Yesterday was "let's-give-people-exam-schedules day". Then i went home and put a [nice neat x] on each calendar day when i had an exam. Then i took a piece of paper, and added up all the minutes for each exam until i got to the end, and then i looked at it, and thought 'hey, that seems like a familiar number of minutes...'.
Then i divided it by 60, and SURE ENOUGH, it was 24. Hooray! a full day's worth of exam-y goodness in the span of two and a half week! whee!
So, now i have four weeks to get ready for a ship load of exams, followed by the end! I suppose the question i am asking myself is: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but is it bright enough to keep going?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i went in to school yesterday, thinking "haha, with Mr. B's help, it'll take me like half an hour to finish my Dossier!"


I'm sure you can figure out the rest of this story.

Friday, April 3, 2009

For all you zombies:

68 74 74 70 3a 2f 2f 69 65 6e 67 39 2e 75 63 73 64 2e 65 64 75 2f 7e 6d 66 65 64 64 65 72 2f 7a 6f 6d 62 69 65 73 2e 68 74 6d 6c

Technically the last day of spring break today :/ I didn't do much, and i have a lot to do. It's been snowing all week, too. Except it's too warm out, so the snow gets close to the ground, the melts and makes everything all wet.

Basically the only things that DID get done, i did yesterday... I went and saw Monsters Vs Aliens, which was great. You should see it if you haven't. Also, we went mattress shopping, and now i get a new bed, one that DOESN'T cause me back problems! hoorays! and finally, i did like ten pages of my Dossier Write Up, which i was supposed to be doing lots of. Only around five pages left, then i have to go and get screenies!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

grar. This is why we can't have holidays together.

Day 2 of spring break. Already the novelty of not having to go to school has worn off, and i am stuck with the reality that i have to put up with my family for another week... it's going to be a loooong weeeeeek. They are like a pack of dogs, that is none too bright, and not very nice. I have to go around telling them things like "don't call girls n00bs" "finish your lunch" "don't yell at your children." Then they say things like "why not!?" and i say "it's not polite." But now i have a better idea. I took the 200 loose pages in my binder (you think i am exaggerating, but i am not. i haven't unclasped the rings in a month, i am scared they will break.), and scattered them around the sun room, so it's a terrible mess. Then i spread my text books out nice and pretty, and put in two chairs
That way they look at it, and say 'drat, no room.' and leave me alone! it works too! until someone cleared off a chair and sat there watching me. That was bad. Now i have a stack of textbooks on the floor not being useful.and i have a new CS textbook for some reason.
OH! I just looked out the window, and it appears to be snowing again! hoorays for snow! Eh, it won't do much, it's all melting. And freezing overnight again. Then melting the next day. and freezing the next night. The bad thing is that it forms really smooth ice. The good thing is that it clears the snow from the high parts. The bad thing is people still think it's okay to leave poop on the sidewalk. THERE WAS FRESH STUFF TODAY.
for reals though. I went for a run. on the way back, there was a brand new turd right IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALK. IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ICY PATCH. =( i was running and i was just like ._. That is disappointing.
And there was an email from the running people, saying "If you used a fake name to sign up would you PLEASE come and change it to your real name? people might steal your stuff. I can understand the humour in "Bob Loblaw" or "Wilma I Ball" but actually guys. cut it out."
Then i thought 'hehe. Bob Loblaw...' but i can't find the humour in "Wilma I Ball". Anyone care to explain it to me???

Edit: Today i got bullied into straightening my hair. It was an ordeal. Now i look like a girl. That is all.
Edit: It is snowing again. Hooray! That is all.
Edit: Oh goodness. I am turning into a Twitterer! NOoooooo! Somebody quick! give me something to write about so i have more than 200 characters! Must... not... become...corrupted! AHHHHhhh. It's snowing a lot! I did not have a Slurpee today, and that is actually weird for this time of year! YES! Success! Paul is made of Win and Awesome! With just a dash of Nonsense! YEAH! That is all.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Zany Break antics.

Spring break starts for us Manitobans today. well, TECHNICALLY Friday. but today is the first day we do not have to go to school. I have all of spring break to finish my Dossier. Blech. AND i have to wash the walls today. I'll probably think of some deep metaphor about that during, and then i will jump off the end of it. Metaphorically.
Something else i was going to say... hmmm... training for another half marathon... taken to drawing stuff that i don't normally... OH!
There is still snow here! Several! AND I'm officially done all my CAS hours, so i don't have to fill out forms anymore! except the last one... Also, that means i am kinda sorta excused from sandbagging. Which sounds like hard physical labour. With arms. q(-_-)p (he is giving thumbs down in case you can not tell.)
I feel like i should have a massive blog post because i haven't written anything in a week, and it's a holiday. But i think I'll leave you with this stuff.
And also this game here. It's pretty tricky. I'm on level 22, after the whole weekend. I hope you try it d(^_^)b (he is giving thumbs up in case you can not tell. (sorry, if this seems condescending, but you can never be too careful on the internets.))

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


HOoray! It is snowing again!

And it has been for the past while, and it's not supposed to stop for another while! That means we get TWO WHILES OF SNOW! IN MARCH! It's the best news ever! Now i don't have to look at smelly dog poop melting all over the sidewalk when i go running! and just in time too, my dad was all "if you want to run the half marathon in a month and a half, then you best be steppin'." Basically he told me i should be getting in at least 10k a day, which isn't all THAT much, especially when i've only got a month. But now it's 10K in the SNOW! YAY!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

work, work

Crunch time in IB means a whole different thing... "Crunch time" in normal people world means "darn it, i didn't feel like doing my homework for the past three months, and now i have to do three hours of it ALL AT ONCE! woe is me!" "Crunch time" in IB world means "You have one week to do 175 hours of homework. go." (Fun Fact: there are 168 hours in a week)
Basically, instead of squeezing kids so they go "Crunch", IB takes kids, and then beats them until they go "crunch" and THEN they bathe them in salt, and THEN they phone their parents and tell them that they were bad sons/daughters.
A new reflection. I despise Google ads. DESTEST. LOATHE.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wet :P

Today, as well as yesterday, it's warm out. That means everything is melting :O I went running, and it was all wet. I stepped in a puddle, thinking "psh, whatever, it's like two centimetres of water." THEN i stepped in a pothole which was artfully covered in water. and i went "rats!" and then i was wet up to my knee, but not on the top of my foot, because i splashed all the water out of the hole, and picked up my foot before it went under i guess.
THEN i got back, and i decided that because i don't have to wear my deep-winter jacket which is warm enough to stay alive by unzipping it, and tucking your legs, arms, and head in, then zipping it back up again, and sitting there, which could be on the top of Mt Everest, and waiting for someone to come along to pick you up and carry you like a large, warm rock into the nearest building. Anyways. I decided that it is officially slurpee season. So, me and alex, and the dog went to the nearest 7-11 (buffy swam most of the way) Then we got slurpees. The end.
I also watched this cool flash video. It involves a stick man fighting the flash interface

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART
Now, you folks watch that. i am off to eat somewhere...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Insert Obscure Hitchhiker's reference here

Today would be the second day this week that i have had no school in the afternoon. YAY! except by 2:00 i've run out of things to do by myself (internet or no), and i am bored for another three hours until i go to speed skating. I need to make friends with people in... *checks a map*... England. Then it would be like the middle of the evening, so they'd be done dinner and homework and be just getting on MSN and they'd be all "eyyyy, Paul!" and i would be all "eyyyy, !" and much shenanigans would be had...
I suppose i could just go and get a full version of IRC, talk to whoever is on in the world. It would be great. It would be like... Paul and his IRC buddies on another wacky adventure!
Or i should go find a cape and a mask and then fight crime... I would be "El ?" and have unventures, which would be put into hardcover comic books. (it is pronounced "ell kwest-shunn marck" for those of you who are wondering.)
That would be sweet. Alternatively, i could do some mad core exercises for three hours, and then have like a 30-pack, and be able to run a half marathon in 57 minutes (which is really fast for those of you wondering.) OR i could maybe get a job and contribute to society!!!! Hooray!!!
Or you know... not.

I was looking at all the other people who put "Winterpeg, Manisnowba" on their profiles. I know at least one of them, but it made me sad, because all of them do not blog anymore... I wonder how many blogs are just dead, because nobody cared enough to say goodbye to them and deleted them. I'm also a little sad that someone has selfishly taken the name "" and only has a place holder page there. If you had a sweet name like that, you should at least TRY to write something worthy of it... I like the sites that use the doman as part of the name. Like "" They make me smile. Like one of the IRC channels i frequent, :P
But it's actually really sad that everyone is gone from the internet who is also in Winterpeg. What if there was a massive zombie outbreak, and i was the only one left? would it be the same feeling? What if i had to light my friend's undead corpse on fire?!?! That would definitely give me a series of psychological problems. Good thing i know how to survive zombies, at least temporarily. Run upstairs, and destroy the stairs behind you. They can't figure out fine motor skills like jumping, or grabbing ledges, so you're fine as long as you make sure there are not any nice ramps or staircases for them to get up. Though if there are enough of them, they'll pile up and make a zombie staircase in their insatiable urge to tear your delicious flesh from your bones!Good thing my basement stairs are situated underneath the other stairs, so they'll have to fill up the entire basement first :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Day of Provs

I'm putting this part here now, because i really don't like the way things turn out when i blog angrily.
Basically, the second day of provincials was just the worst day ever. My dad woke up late, so we ended up getting to the arena late, and i didn't get to get new skates until AFTER warm up, so i used the crummy ones for warm up, i could hardly walk. Then i got my new skates molded, and i was like :D
Then, i was like :S, because Randy put the blades on with a bigger offset than the old ones had, so it felt funny. THEN i just had a bad start. nothing to blame here than me, such that i got stuck behind Ray. Ray is a pretty big guy, and trying to pass him is like putting a quarter on an upside down lawn mower, and then trying to grab it. No matter how good an idea it SEEMS, you are going to get slashed pretty good. So, basically i was trying to inside pass him after EACH corner, but the skates were weird, so i didn't stay as tight as i used to, so i almost ran into the whirly blades of slicey death. THEN Devon fell, and he was pretty far ahead of us by this time, and Ray went around him for whatever reason, and he ran himself into the mats, and started flailing around like even more of a maniac. Like someone trying to trim one of those little desktop bonsai trees with a scythe. HIS BLADE WAS THIS CLOSE TO MY FACE:
Apparently this also alarmed all the officials, along with Ray's effect on the ice. So instead of getting to skate our 3k on nice fresh smooth ice, we got moved to the very end. So, we had to skate 3k (27 laps) on basically the worst ice possible. It's definitely much worse than after a hockey game, because hockey skates can't gouge out massive chunks or anything. Speed skates are really slender, and are good at flicking little divots out of the ice. The ice was so bad... and because i'm just that light, i went *budda budda budda* over all the ruts and scratches in the ice, until my legs were actually asleep. The best way to pretend this is to bury yourself to the waist in cellphones, and put them all on vibrate, and then call them ALL. They also brought in this troglodytic rule where "if you get lapped twice, you have to forfeit the race." so basically, because Devon was so much faster than us to, it was like a game of keep-away, only you had to move to let the person you were trying to keep ahead of past. THEN at like lap 23, i fell, because my legs were all spasmy-outy and so i sat there and watch as devon caught up the remaining THIRD OF A LAP and passed me. IN SHORT, i had to drop out of my favourite distance, after it was basically ruined for me, all because of one punk kid who can't be bothered to learn how to skate in a courteous and not deadly manner!

Although, my ankle is much better now, due to the fact that it's no longer collapsing and i can walk without pain anymore. YAY! AND i passed my road test yesterday also. It was most exciting. Except that my mom took all the keys in to work with her today, so i couldn't drive to speed skating. >:( It would have been NICE TODAY TOO, because it is MINUS FREAKING FORTY. my face was "rimed" with frost when i walked into the changeroom.
Then i got home from being frozen again, and !!!! i wasn't locked out again! and even better! there was food waiting for me! this time they left the chicken fingers in the oven, so i didn't have to eat them cold. Noth that it really matters though, i don't believe in microwaving leftovers. I eat EVERYTHING cold. It builds character :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

There and back again

DARN IT! I pressed enter again after typing the title. :(
Moving on. I returned from an extended vacation from the internet yesterday, and I can safely say i've missed it.
It was pretty cool though. The lake was all frozen over, so you could walk on it, and there were igloos on it too. Then it warmed up-ish, so everything got all foggy. Then i found a big stick. Then i walked out on to the ice and was alone. It was awesome. Everything was white! there were no shadows, no horizon, no noise, nothing! It made me think about dying, but in the good way. Like "whoa. I wonder if this is what happens once you die. that would be just freaking crazy. yeah..." But yeah, it was great. Nothing like absolute solitude and silence for the brain.
I liked the book too. it was Sense and Sensibility. As we talked about it, it sort of grew on me, like a callous. But then once it is almost all done growing, you get used to it, and dismiss it as a novelly useful part of your body. But seriously. I really did like it. More than Pride and Prejudice, which was okay i guess sorta.
Moving on. Aidan now has a "blog", but it's really more of a webcomic. It's moderately funny i guess, sorta. Tadaa!
Moving on. Today was the first day of provincials for speed skating. It was great. My crappy club skates are all but demolished from me going too fast for them to handle. My ankle was like breaking. BUT that means that i get to go get fitted for new skates TONIGHT!!! But yeah, it's actually the most painful thing ever. I could find out roughly the force on my ankle from skating on it, but it would probably make me sad. It's probably ALOT though. I could barely walk when i got off the ice after the 1500. And my ankle basically collapsed in the 1000 D: But aside from that, it was a pretty okay day. Some people from the Mint were there, and they were trading quarters with us for the new speed skating ones. I shall find a picture. Nahh too much work. You can just go on the Royal Canadian Mint site, and look at it for yourself. It's not even in circulation yet! I'm special! I have three of them. I got four, but i gave one to my friend Robyn because she forgot her old quarter at home, and i felt kinda bad for her :P
Moving on. I was really quite upset yesterday when we drove over the bridge, and i got a look at the river. ALL THE ICE IS ALL MELTY'D! :( That means no more happy fun running on the river anymore! I was looking forward to going running with my camera again, and taking pictures of the river! oh well. I will go tomorrow maybe if it is not dark out, and take pictures of Wellington Crescent again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to the middle of nowhere

Tomorrow is the second SHAKESPEARE in the snow. Not "novel study" or "austen" or whatever smart-alec name you want to come up with. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Which basically means i take a three day exile from the internet, and physical activity to go read a book. Which is NOT OAKY. that's because i don't get to run in provincials for indoor track, which means that my dad will be all "hurr i am so disappointed in you." because i didn't race. :P Then on the weekend, i have provs for SPEED SKATING o_O. except it's in SELKIRK O_o. Which means it's quite a ways from home ._. That means ANOTHER two days from the interblag. How will i ever survive?!?
what i need is to launch a small sattelite into a geocentric orbit above Manisnowba, and then i just send an internet signal up to it, and BAM! LAN over mathematically half the globe (to some extent.) well it wouldn't REALLY be LAN everywhere... It would be like one common internet signal that could TECHNICALLY be recieved all the way up to a tangent drawn from the sattelite over manitoba to the surface of the Earth. If you could some how make the signal super-special-strong, then you'd have the same wireless internet for everywhere you went in...*checks Google earth* pretty much everywhere from somewhere around london to about japan. And then from like brazil (?) to around siberia and BECAUSE it's all wireless, the compy would sense it as a "local network", so as long as you have a clear view of that part of the sky, you could play whatever LAN game you felt like with your friends.
Just think! if somebody did that, they'd basically have made a private internet! for only the cost of Normal Internet, which isn't all that much. You could give your own TECH SUPPORT! :o
I switched the M and N keys in the compy lab the other day. It freaked out the grade 9s. At least one of them did not comprehend that the keys don't matter, it's the button underneath them. As in, the M and N keys still wrote M and N, but they were labelled N and M. Mr. Buskell got mad. But not really mad, more like amused in a bad way. To remove keys: take a pencil, and jab it underneath the key, and then wedge it out. Don't force it too much, and don't do it on a laptop, but they were made to be able to come out. Then you just press them where you want them with your thumb. They pop back in.
*DISCLAIMER* Only do this if you are sure you know what the hell you are doing, and can touch type pretty well perfectly, because it's weird to get used to. But in the end, it's quite worth it, because the next person comes and they look and they think "something... is awry." and then they start typing, and they're like "WTF?" "I'n tryimg to type, but the letters are wromg! TEACHER! NY KEYBOARD IS BROKEM!" Then you say "lol pwNt"

And yes, i fully intended to write 'oaky' up there, thank you very much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Note to self


Aw crap. I wrote this the other day and now i forget what my idea is....
This happens all the time you know. Actually only about half of my blog posts make it to the "published" part. I bet you that it was a really great idea too! It could have cured.... the whales. yes. see?! i could have cured the whales if only i wrote more on my note!
But at least i remembered the picture!
And it occurred to me. Puss in Boots is like the first LOLcat. He's wearing BOOTS first of all. Then he also can talk, and he is quite hilarious. Not the Shrek Puss, like the ACTUAL storybook Puss. Yeah. He's a trooper. Someone should make a LOLspeak version of Puss in Boots.

Once tiem Miller has three sunz. He says "oh hai, you can has mai stuff doodz." and teh first son said "i can has mill?" Teh second son says "i can has donkeh?" then ther wuz nothing left for liddle sun, except kitteh. Kitteh said "i can has shooz?" nd kid said "k".

So teh cat got teh shooz, and then kid n cat say 'kthxbai' and kitteh says 'wiat here, i go catch rabbits'.
Teh kitteh catched the bunnehs an he gived them to teh king. He says "i has bunneh. you can has bunneh. is gift." den the king was all "lol srsly?" and kitteh said 'lol ya. is from mar-kee of carabis."
Den kitteh went into fields and said "dis mine now k?" and pesents say 'lol k, but der is oger n he'll be madd.'
Kitteh said "lol, dun wurry."
Kitteh said to oger "i'm in ur base, killin' ur doods lol" oger died.
kid says "lol thx kitteh. you sav'd da dai!"
Teh end.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's over?

Well, Friday was the Hand In Your Extended Essay, Little IB Nerds Day. That means that that particular nightmare is over, and i get to go back to the rest of the internet. I would just like to say that i am kinda proud of my essay :/ Not overly proud, because i did it last week, but still, pretty proud. It was on Artificial Intelligence, and i learned a lot about it. Lots of interesting things going on in computers these days... It seems weird to me, but the whole Deep Blue thing is actually over a decade old! Deep Blue was a supercomputer that challenged Garry Kasparov to a chess match in 1997. It then beat him. Which was quite exciting. Then i went and learned about CAPTCHAs and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the internet, and everything. I think extended essays should happen more often. And not for Marks.

Moving on. Now, the current nightmare is Relativity, which is just not easy to wrap your mind around. It's got all sorts of little holes in it, and sharp edges which poke your mind, and give you a headache. Except it's not a headache, but you just feel like your overheating, and you need a good long run or something. That's what i'd like to do. Instead of having Phys Ed in school, they should just give kids an hour, and tell them that there is a trail with money on it, and the further they get, the more money they get. MOST FIT SCHOOL EVER.

Now, off to bed with me, because i have to drive all the way to Brandon in teh m0rn.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Life and Times of Poll

So, in case you can't scroll down or see it, there is a poll on the side here. You need to do it. Apparently i have to do primary research, and have to do it, and stick it in the essay for the 18Th, because Mr. Buskell decided that he doesn't want to just hand stuff in under the wire.
Also. Video+Cat = Great.

Now, let's go see what is in that fridge...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Temporary respite

This post falls neatly in between me getting yelled at because of my less than stellar (but not much!) marks in the second term, and me going and writing my little heart out about the effect of Artificial intelligence on Real Intelligence. Today i didn't do much besides sit around, and play guitar. I learned Nowhere Man! It's fun :D. Then i watched a movie. after doing speed skating of course. I still can't find my... train of thought.... Yup, it just kind of left without me there, and i haven't a clue what i was going to write. Nope. Rien. Nada.. Zero.
then there is Shakespeare in the Snow next week too i guess. Smartass IB kids... They all think they are clever when they say "SitS is dead! Hahaha! I made a funny! Will you accept me socially NOW guys? Guys?? ...Please???" Their main arguments are thus:
1. We don't do Shakespeare in the snow when there is snow on the ground.
2. We are not doing Shakespeare when there IS snow on the ground.

This time we are doing Austen's Sense and Sensibility. No, it is not Shakespeare. Yes there is snow on the ground. The point of SitS is that it snows a lot here, and it stays for most of the year. There is much cynical joking to be had around groundhog day about stuff like "only 6 more weeks of winter? woohoo!" We already DID our Shakespeare play this year, last time, when it was cold enough to have frost on the ground, but not cold enough to run around on the lake, or have snow on the ground. The POINT is that you go to a place in the middle of nowhere, and focus everything on the PIECE OF LITERATURE that you are supposed to. It's just called "Shakespeare in the Snow". Just like marshmallows don't have any stuff from mallows (which, incidentally grow in a marsh) anymore, they are made from gelatin, because it's easier to work with, and keeps longer. we do NOT call them "Gelatin Dessert Treats" or something like that.

Now, for something else to write, while i gather my thoughts, so i can spew them everywhere again... I think it is time for a couple shoutouts. You can guess who they're for, or just enjoy them in silence if you DO get them...

I'll break your ankles!

I'm REALLY sorry i insinuated your boyfriend is perfidious!!

Why do you never respond anymore?!

I didn't mean *YOUR* boobs, i was talking about... someone... else?

Nice QC shirt, i always find it weird that someone else reads the same webcomics as me, but is just that much more indie.

Indie people are silly. They spend their lives on the internet, and when they get off of it, they go outside and proclaim loudly "I AM FROM TEH INTERNET", with things like inside jokes which are hilarious if your on the inside, and not so much if you are even slightly on the outside. They even have a SCORING system for it! You get points for making obscure references to things that most people think would be kind of cool, except that they're really obscure. And for wearing ripped jeans that are too tight, and high tops, and buy all your clothing at Goodwill, or the internet of course.