Friday, June 26, 2009

Now what?

Yesterday i graduated from high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!
It's so exciting! Now the world is mine for the taking! I can do whatever i want, and become someone of great importance! Tomorrow...
Every time something really big happens in my life, people always ask "so, do you feel different now?" and i always tell them "yeah" so that they'll go away, but really it doesn't feel different. It's like a clock changing hours... The hour doesn't just click to the next one, it slowly moves there.
Anyways, enough of that inspirational stuff. The ceremony itself was alright. The MC had some things to say about me when i crossed the stage, but i didn't get awarded anything special.
Now that i'm really done though, like done done, as opposed to just done finished, i think i'll say this: If i was given the chance, i would do IB again. I don't regret it at all. Maybe a little, but looking back on how much i learned, it's quite a bit. There was some quote i was going to write here, but i forgot, because i got distracted by "Party Hard" by Andrew WK
I've been thinking a lot about stuff. That happens when Zone Alarm is put on your compy, AND it's a rainy day out. I was planning on going and hanging out with my friend today, but NOPE! Instead i sat around the house, because it rained all day basically. I tried to go on YouTube, and stupid ZoneAlarm has blocked it! For those of you who aren't familiar with YouTube, THIS IS A TRAGIC EVENT. Also, Limewire was laid low by Zone Alarm, along with, and any other site that anyone can think of that has music, videos, or flash objects on it. Also, it was doing this thing where it was restricting in/out-going data, so i out only send stuff at about 20 kb/s. Which is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW. That would be like if you took a turtle, and tied its legs together, then stuck it in deep mud, and shot it with a tranquilizer dart, and raced it against Usain Bolt, when Usain gets a track lane, and a headstart. In this extended metaphor, Usain Bolt is the pathetic pace that my computer normally stumbles along at. My dad thought it was really funny. He ALSO said that he's not going to unblock limewire, for no reason at all. THIS MEANS that i have to PAY for music now! like with real money! :'(
ALSO. Skype, MSN, Warcraft, Zune, and anything that requires "user input" does not work properly. I MIGHT AS WELL GO OUTSIDE.
Here's a youtube video that expresses my appropriate opinions, i copied it from my history, so i can't enjoy it with you.

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