Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Day again

Today is rainy :/ It sort of sucks because i was hoping to go do... stuff... outside, but now i can't. I'm getting insanely bored and it's only a little after 10 o clock! oh noes!
There was a funny story to tell, but I'm not really comfortable with putting it out here for all the Internet to read. I might think about reinstalling Maple Story soon.
Rather than making a whole new post, i thought I'd just add some more on the end of this mediocre post.
I had to go on an inane misadventure with my grandfather today because nobody wanted to listen to me when i said that his party he was going to was in fact, NEXT week. So, instead of buying grad tickets, and getting stuff done, i played driver monkey and got honked/yelled at because people didn't feel like giving me space to park my car. Normally i wouldn't have a problem doing this, but because this is the FOURTH time that they've sent me on an all day task and yelled at me for no reason after it, i was pretty miffed. ALSO they (the parents) make me feel like this is a service to ME, and i should be greatful that they let me ferry people around with no thanks or anything...


guitargirl said...

Being bored isn't fun :( It's rainy in PA too. *Blek*

I am happy to report that I passed my typing test, though :) I'm sure I would have gotten a higher score should I have followed your advice on holding one key down...but my mother frowned upon that idea ;) Later, later!

Anonymous said...

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