Friday, June 5, 2009

Safe Grad :(

Safe grad is just the worst idea since twitter. Basically what happens is you have to make sure you have a designated driver, but you can't have the same driver as your date, and you can't just not drink and drive yourself home. Not even if you're under 18 (or whatever your legal age is where you come from)
Also you need your medical number, and SIN number, bank PIN at least three email addresses, and seven different phone numbers. And you have to give DNA samples as well as finger prints, toe prints and hair samples as well. And small samples of the cloth that your clothing is made from. And a bottle of air from the environment where you were born. Otherwise you can't pick up your tickets. WHICH ARE $55 EACH! It would be almost cheaper to go to a really nice restaurant for your grad instead. In fact, it WOULD because you have to pay ridiculous amounts for drinks at Safe Grad.
Now i think it's time for a good ol' fashioned LaToP post... Back by popular demand... Playing left wing for the home team... it's LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL v15.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is brought to you by the letter "lambda", and is sorted in alphabetical order, by the title i gave to each newspiece.
Bad News...
Several bad things happened this week apparently... First of all, one of my guildmates in Warcraft III died... maybe... He was on that Air France flight that went into a thunderstorm, and got hit by lightning. Secondly there's that Safe Grad thing... And thirdly, my coach Randy broke his neck in a bike race. He was standing yesterday apparently, but they are not sure if he can race again.
Happy News..
On a lighter note, Provincials for track is today and tomorrow. I've qualified in the 1500 and 3000. The 1500 is today, and the 3000 is tomorrow morning. After the 3000 i'm planning on sticking around there to watch my friend run her 800, and then if i can convince my parents to leave me alone, i want to run home :D I think it's around 10 miles or so. It's pretty far, but i want to do it.
You should listen to "Them Kids" by Sam Roberts. And "When I Come Around" by Greenday. That second one i can play on the guitar. It's not hard, which is why i learned it :P
STUPID STUPID SAFEGRAD. Also, they'll only sell me tickets at LUNCH, meaning that i can either buy tickets to my stupid grad, OR i can go to my track meet, the LAST one of my last high school year
Stuff i did...
Played Guitar, played Warcraft. I played an outrageous game just now... I had a lich and a Firelord, both above level 6, so every so often, i could make a massive volcano appear in the middle of someone's base, as well as some other stuff, so they couldn't move away and they'd be getting eaten by the Lich's spell.
I also did some stuff on Alex's facebook account. I'm proud of myself.


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