Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imagine there's something clever written here

Since i last wrote in my blog, about two weeks ago, lots of stuff's been happening (obviously) I've actually been doing stuff everyday that is not sitting around and playing Warcraft. I've applied to jobs at various places; Sobey's, Safeway, Price Chopper, Future Shop... I was looking at GameStop and it says they are hiring, for a new store that is opening close-ish to my house, but it's not listed yet :/ I'm pretty sure that i'll get hired at Safeway though, because I accidentally gave my application and resume to the store manager, who was just hanging out behind the customer service desk. Then he changed the hours i said i could work, so now i may be working from 7AM-11PM D:
Today, i wanted to go to the Ex, but nobody else wants to, because they're all poor. :( It's funny, you let ~50 responsible young adults out into the world a month earlier than the rest of them, and instead of seizing opportunity by whichever appendage is closest, and beating it horribly with it, they just wander around pathetically, hemorraging money until the day before everyone else gets out when they freak out and desparately scramble to get a job.
I've also volunteered to help out at the Marathon Expo. I just got an e-mail, telling me how i was approved for the following slot: Number Pickup 11-3. YAY! That means that i help people get their numbers. It's easy work, you just stand there blandly, and then look through a big box of numbers for a number that someone wants you to find. Except the numbers are ordered, so it's easy to find.
The marathon is on Sunday, by the way. I'm super pumped for it. I didn't really train at all last week, but i went for a run in the ridiculous heat today, and i'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm looking to run around 1:25, or a little faster. Look for my pictures monday or something! I'll post a link if i remember, and i'll also do something if i remember, like salute the camera man as he's taking my picture :P
SafeGrad is Monday. I'm more or less pumped, sort of i guess... I still don't have any stuff for it. I don't have a clue what i am wearing, or what i'm going to to for a corsage or all that fun stuff. Dancing the day after the marathon is going to be an adventure however. Definitely... An adventure and a half even.
Today was also an adventure and a quarter. I handed in my safeway application, then i went to sobey's, where i realised that i hadn't asked anyone to go to the ex with me, so i went back home, after seeing the sign for applying to GameStop, at the new store they're opening. Then i took the dog, and went for a run, but it was too hot out for poor Buffy, so i took her back home, and then i went out again for some more punishment. Then i came back, and hosed my self off (actually). It was great. I just turned on the hose, ran it until it was cold, and then i sprayed myself all over, and lay in the sun until i dried. Then i went in and had my sandwich from yesterday (go to safeway, and buy a lumberjack sandwich. it's epic.) Then i played warcraft and age of mythology. The end.


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