Sunday, June 20, 2010


I finished the half marathon! It was really hot, it was like 18 when we started, at 7 in the morning. It just kept getting hotter, until it was at least 25 when i finished, in 1:32:31. I haven’t checked my friend’s times yet because the site is really really slow, because everyone is looking for their results. I got 68th overall. Next year i think i’m going to run the full marathon, cause i’m wacky and crazy like that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was going to write about some big adventure i had on the weekend, but wouldn’t you know it, i forgot! Yesterday i had an adventure though, so it’s ok, i’ll write about that.

First i went and biked around in the morning, then i played on the computer all morning. Then aidan came over and we went and got slurpees. then we ripped on alex’s PSP go (lol, what a noob) and how it’s vastly inferior to a DS, which costs half of what a psp does. Then we watched Auto Tune the News, cause it’s awesome. Then Safeway called and was like “HEY MAN, WHAT R U DOOIN TONITE? WANT 2 COM WERK?” and i was like “uhhh k?” and then i realised: My work uniform was 5 miles away, and i only had a bike to get to it! so i raced across town to get my uniform, and the car, and then i drove to safeway. Then i worked, and it was not horrible. Also, the marathon is on the weekend! I’m excited! I have to get up early friday to go set up though :/

Also, you should all watch The Guild. It’s a web show about these MMO-addicts, it is hilarious.

Pff… Stupid live writer having a fit about me not putting a title. what a joke

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tablet Post

blogIt's also got a cool writing function. I'm using it right now, and you  can't even tell! Neat, huh? l'll post more once I've played with it more,