Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Alive

That's me!

I've been rather busy with school this semester. Next semester, instead of classes, I'm starting Co-op, which means that I get to be employed gainfully by a real-life company! I get to move to Waterloo, ON to work for RIM; they make Blackberries (like the phones, not the food). I'm stupendously excited!

School's been busy busy busy. I'm only taking 3 courses this semester, but it still manages to eat up all of my time because I'm tutoring people at the same time, so I have to keep on top of what stuff they're learning too.

As far as video games go, it's a lot of Starcraft 2, and new last week, Battlefield 3. It is fun to fly in the jet. Speaking of video games. I played a cool one this weekend last; it is called Amnesia: the Dark Descent. It is TERRIFYING. It's hard to give definite examples of why it's scary, but basically you need to know it does atmosphere, like REALLY WELL. Also, it makes a point of keeping you unarmed, so you can't hide behind a gun or sword or even a sharp stick from the monsters. You can only scream and run away.

Amnesia leads me to a funny story. One of the things it asks you to do before you start is to make sure it's dark around you. So I waited till sundown, then i turned out all the lights and played in the dark. Then I got real scared, and tired. So at like 2 in the morning I ran upstairs screaming and went to bed. Now, at this point, because it was Saturday, my brother was still awake downstairs. So I went to bed and hid under the covers and tried not to think about the lumbering monsters that were going to chase me and probably murder me. Sometime after that, I fell asleep. But then I woke up, hearing




SO I woke up and tried not to freak out, because there was this silhouette looming in my room. As it stood there, I hid under the blankets there and slowly went insane. As you probably guessed, it was just my brother. BUT IT WAS SCARY. I was severely sleep deprived and freaked out from playing scary video games all night! This continued Sunday, and also Monday night as well.

And that is the story of how I became afraid of the dark. Again.