Monday, June 29, 2009

New adventure

Start of a new week today... Another battle with my mom/dad about my usage of the computer :P It doesn't really matter how much i use this thing anymore, turning it on is enough to get yelled at these days... They're mad at me for not finding a job yet, which is really NOT my fault! I've applied at several places, but nowhere is really looking much it seems. AND i really think that if they wanted to go "family camping" it would be fine if they left me at home :P

Friday, June 26, 2009

Now what?

Yesterday i graduated from high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!
It's so exciting! Now the world is mine for the taking! I can do whatever i want, and become someone of great importance! Tomorrow...
Every time something really big happens in my life, people always ask "so, do you feel different now?" and i always tell them "yeah" so that they'll go away, but really it doesn't feel different. It's like a clock changing hours... The hour doesn't just click to the next one, it slowly moves there.
Anyways, enough of that inspirational stuff. The ceremony itself was alright. The MC had some things to say about me when i crossed the stage, but i didn't get awarded anything special.
Now that i'm really done though, like done done, as opposed to just done finished, i think i'll say this: If i was given the chance, i would do IB again. I don't regret it at all. Maybe a little, but looking back on how much i learned, it's quite a bit. There was some quote i was going to write here, but i forgot, because i got distracted by "Party Hard" by Andrew WK
I've been thinking a lot about stuff. That happens when Zone Alarm is put on your compy, AND it's a rainy day out. I was planning on going and hanging out with my friend today, but NOPE! Instead i sat around the house, because it rained all day basically. I tried to go on YouTube, and stupid ZoneAlarm has blocked it! For those of you who aren't familiar with YouTube, THIS IS A TRAGIC EVENT. Also, Limewire was laid low by Zone Alarm, along with, and any other site that anyone can think of that has music, videos, or flash objects on it. Also, it was doing this thing where it was restricting in/out-going data, so i out only send stuff at about 20 kb/s. Which is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW. That would be like if you took a turtle, and tied its legs together, then stuck it in deep mud, and shot it with a tranquilizer dart, and raced it against Usain Bolt, when Usain gets a track lane, and a headstart. In this extended metaphor, Usain Bolt is the pathetic pace that my computer normally stumbles along at. My dad thought it was really funny. He ALSO said that he's not going to unblock limewire, for no reason at all. THIS MEANS that i have to PAY for music now! like with real money! :'(
ALSO. Skype, MSN, Warcraft, Zune, and anything that requires "user input" does not work properly. I MIGHT AS WELL GO OUTSIDE.
Here's a youtube video that expresses my appropriate opinions, i copied it from my history, so i can't enjoy it with you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imagine there's something clever written here

Since i last wrote in my blog, about two weeks ago, lots of stuff's been happening (obviously) I've actually been doing stuff everyday that is not sitting around and playing Warcraft. I've applied to jobs at various places; Sobey's, Safeway, Price Chopper, Future Shop... I was looking at GameStop and it says they are hiring, for a new store that is opening close-ish to my house, but it's not listed yet :/ I'm pretty sure that i'll get hired at Safeway though, because I accidentally gave my application and resume to the store manager, who was just hanging out behind the customer service desk. Then he changed the hours i said i could work, so now i may be working from 7AM-11PM D:
Today, i wanted to go to the Ex, but nobody else wants to, because they're all poor. :( It's funny, you let ~50 responsible young adults out into the world a month earlier than the rest of them, and instead of seizing opportunity by whichever appendage is closest, and beating it horribly with it, they just wander around pathetically, hemorraging money until the day before everyone else gets out when they freak out and desparately scramble to get a job.
I've also volunteered to help out at the Marathon Expo. I just got an e-mail, telling me how i was approved for the following slot: Number Pickup 11-3. YAY! That means that i help people get their numbers. It's easy work, you just stand there blandly, and then look through a big box of numbers for a number that someone wants you to find. Except the numbers are ordered, so it's easy to find.
The marathon is on Sunday, by the way. I'm super pumped for it. I didn't really train at all last week, but i went for a run in the ridiculous heat today, and i'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm looking to run around 1:25, or a little faster. Look for my pictures monday or something! I'll post a link if i remember, and i'll also do something if i remember, like salute the camera man as he's taking my picture :P
SafeGrad is Monday. I'm more or less pumped, sort of i guess... I still don't have any stuff for it. I don't have a clue what i am wearing, or what i'm going to to for a corsage or all that fun stuff. Dancing the day after the marathon is going to be an adventure however. Definitely... An adventure and a half even.
Today was also an adventure and a quarter. I handed in my safeway application, then i went to sobey's, where i realised that i hadn't asked anyone to go to the ex with me, so i went back home, after seeing the sign for applying to GameStop, at the new store they're opening. Then i took the dog, and went for a run, but it was too hot out for poor Buffy, so i took her back home, and then i went out again for some more punishment. Then i came back, and hosed my self off (actually). It was great. I just turned on the hose, ran it until it was cold, and then i sprayed myself all over, and lay in the sun until i dried. Then i went in and had my sandwich from yesterday (go to safeway, and buy a lumberjack sandwich. it's epic.) Then i played warcraft and age of mythology. The end.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Safe Grad :(

Safe grad is just the worst idea since twitter. Basically what happens is you have to make sure you have a designated driver, but you can't have the same driver as your date, and you can't just not drink and drive yourself home. Not even if you're under 18 (or whatever your legal age is where you come from)
Also you need your medical number, and SIN number, bank PIN at least three email addresses, and seven different phone numbers. And you have to give DNA samples as well as finger prints, toe prints and hair samples as well. And small samples of the cloth that your clothing is made from. And a bottle of air from the environment where you were born. Otherwise you can't pick up your tickets. WHICH ARE $55 EACH! It would be almost cheaper to go to a really nice restaurant for your grad instead. In fact, it WOULD because you have to pay ridiculous amounts for drinks at Safe Grad.
Now i think it's time for a good ol' fashioned LaToP post... Back by popular demand... Playing left wing for the home team... it's LIFE AND TIMES OF PAUL v15.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is brought to you by the letter "lambda", and is sorted in alphabetical order, by the title i gave to each newspiece.
Bad News...
Several bad things happened this week apparently... First of all, one of my guildmates in Warcraft III died... maybe... He was on that Air France flight that went into a thunderstorm, and got hit by lightning. Secondly there's that Safe Grad thing... And thirdly, my coach Randy broke his neck in a bike race. He was standing yesterday apparently, but they are not sure if he can race again.
Happy News..
On a lighter note, Provincials for track is today and tomorrow. I've qualified in the 1500 and 3000. The 1500 is today, and the 3000 is tomorrow morning. After the 3000 i'm planning on sticking around there to watch my friend run her 800, and then if i can convince my parents to leave me alone, i want to run home :D I think it's around 10 miles or so. It's pretty far, but i want to do it.
You should listen to "Them Kids" by Sam Roberts. And "When I Come Around" by Greenday. That second one i can play on the guitar. It's not hard, which is why i learned it :P
STUPID STUPID SAFEGRAD. Also, they'll only sell me tickets at LUNCH, meaning that i can either buy tickets to my stupid grad, OR i can go to my track meet, the LAST one of my last high school year
Stuff i did...
Played Guitar, played Warcraft. I played an outrageous game just now... I had a lich and a Firelord, both above level 6, so every so often, i could make a massive volcano appear in the middle of someone's base, as well as some other stuff, so they couldn't move away and they'd be getting eaten by the Lich's spell.
I also did some stuff on Alex's facebook account. I'm proud of myself.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Day again

Today is rainy :/ It sort of sucks because i was hoping to go do... stuff... outside, but now i can't. I'm getting insanely bored and it's only a little after 10 o clock! oh noes!
There was a funny story to tell, but I'm not really comfortable with putting it out here for all the Internet to read. I might think about reinstalling Maple Story soon.
Rather than making a whole new post, i thought I'd just add some more on the end of this mediocre post.
I had to go on an inane misadventure with my grandfather today because nobody wanted to listen to me when i said that his party he was going to was in fact, NEXT week. So, instead of buying grad tickets, and getting stuff done, i played driver monkey and got honked/yelled at because people didn't feel like giving me space to park my car. Normally i wouldn't have a problem doing this, but because this is the FOURTH time that they've sent me on an all day task and yelled at me for no reason after it, i was pretty miffed. ALSO they (the parents) make me feel like this is a service to ME, and i should be greatful that they let me ferry people around with no thanks or anything...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing to do... EXCEPT MESS AROUND :D

So there is officially not much to do... I convinced my dad to finally give me the administrator account on the computer, so now i can finally play like 5 games that i couldn't before because some lazy programmer somewhere couldn't be bothered to finish making a game save properly.
Now, most of you have probably been wondering what i've been up to since May 22... WELL. Everyday of my break so far, i've been forced to spend at least the morning doing ridiculous tasks for my mom. THEN i've been hanging out with my cousin. Thursday we went out for wings, and "manly" beverages. For the record: Beer is the worst.
Then, Saturday, i was at his house for a barbecue, and i had half a beer (did not enjoy) at 6:30 when i got there. At 11:30 i left and drove home la la la it was fine, the song on the radio was "them kids" by sam roberts. When i got home five minutes later my mom was like "RAWR! you're drunk right now! you can't even tell how drunk you are! NO DRIVING WASTED AGAIN. HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN EVEN WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE RIGHT NOW!"
Then the next day she was giving me grief again about nothing because she was mad at me for driving myself home instead of staying in a house with a bunch of real drunk people
But back to these video games: Since the holidays(for me) began, i've been playing Warcraft 3, but now i can also play Age of Mythology, Darwinia, The Frozen Throne, and Command and Conquer. Five points to whoever guesses my favourite genre of video game :P
Still haven't REALLY got a job yet, but i'm applying at Safeway tomorrow.