Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing to do... EXCEPT MESS AROUND :D

So there is officially not much to do... I convinced my dad to finally give me the administrator account on the computer, so now i can finally play like 5 games that i couldn't before because some lazy programmer somewhere couldn't be bothered to finish making a game save properly.
Now, most of you have probably been wondering what i've been up to since May 22... WELL. Everyday of my break so far, i've been forced to spend at least the morning doing ridiculous tasks for my mom. THEN i've been hanging out with my cousin. Thursday we went out for wings, and "manly" beverages. For the record: Beer is the worst.
Then, Saturday, i was at his house for a barbecue, and i had half a beer (did not enjoy) at 6:30 when i got there. At 11:30 i left and drove home la la la it was fine, the song on the radio was "them kids" by sam roberts. When i got home five minutes later my mom was like "RAWR! you're drunk right now! you can't even tell how drunk you are! NO DRIVING WASTED AGAIN. HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN EVEN WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE RIGHT NOW!"
Then the next day she was giving me grief again about nothing because she was mad at me for driving myself home instead of staying in a house with a bunch of real drunk people
But back to these video games: Since the holidays(for me) began, i've been playing Warcraft 3, but now i can also play Age of Mythology, Darwinia, The Frozen Throne, and Command and Conquer. Five points to whoever guesses my favourite genre of video game :P
Still haven't REALLY got a job yet, but i'm applying at Safeway tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, tat sounds somewhat depressing...Atleast, the playing games part sounds fun.

I hope your holiday gets better. I also hope you get the job~~!

Anonymous said...

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