Friday, May 22, 2009

Day One

Well. Today i didn't get any of the big things that i wanted to get done this summer, but i DID get all the things i normally do during the day done. And it's only 9:30! I still have some time to do whatever i feel like! Whee!
Today i went to Track in the morning, and it was hard :/ Ms. Lapp was our coach today, because our normal coach was doing stuff for student council elections. She just put us through a "light" core workout. Except it was ridiculously hard! and she just did them all with us, not even breaking a sweat, and not yelling at all, so it's not even like you can be mad and resentful at her! We did sit-ups, but not like crunches, which are what i normally do, and then we did other creative things, like the leg pushes and played with med balls and all sorts of fun stuff.
THEN i went to the University, because there was a computer science contest there. It was me, Mr. Buskell, and two grade 11s. We got there like three hours early, for whatever reason, and so we had a tour of the campus. I knew where everything was :D Then we went and had breakfast at one of the campus restaurants, and then we went back to Engineering for the contest...!
The engineering building is cool! It's really big, and there's a massive... thingy. Like a room, but it's basically a hole in the building. It's like there was a courtyard at one point in time, but they built the building around the courtyard, and then put a roof over said courtyard. It looked COOL! there were balconies, so you can look across and see people on the other balconies, but you're ALL INSIDE.
Then we had a robot demonstration. There were two robots that they showed us, one that wandered everywhere and didn't run into things. It was cool, it was like a box, with three wheels, and a laptop on top, with the web cam the wrong way. It wandered around while the guy told us some stuff. Not sure what he was saying though, i was watching the robot. Stuff about IEDs and garbage hills. The best part was you could jump in front of the robot and it would get scared and turn and run away. That made me smile.
THEN there was a little humanoid robot with a cellphone for a head. That was even cooler! It could look for this little orange soccer ball, walk up to it, and kick it! It was pretty awesome. It could also get up when it fell over. That was cool too. The guy who was helping the guy who was talking a lot put it on it's stomach, and it just pushed up on it's hands, and then moved its legs up, and stood up! Then he put it on the back, and it stood up again! Then it walked off and kicked the ball again :) It also couldn't turn very fast, so if it needed to go sideways to reach the ball, it would do the MC Hammer Slide!
That was definitely the highlight of my day.
Then the contest itself....
There were six questions, and three hours, and we were in teams of three. I didn't have a team, so i got placed with the other guys who didn't have a team. It was good working, except that we didn't really know each other, and so we didn't really know what to do with each other that well. We only got one of the six problems, so on the board it looked like we did really bad, but we were almost done two other programs, so we would have been close to first place really! The other two guys on my team were one guy from St. John's Ravenscourt, and one guy from River East Collegiate. They were pretty good. But it sort of WAS all me... :)
We got beat by some people who weren't supposed to beat us also, which was bad :/ Specifically, the grade 11s from Kelvin, and my mom's team of grade 11s. BUT we did just OWN my mom's grade 12s, so it's alright!
I'm running out of things to say right now... I did all this stuff, and it was only five, so i realised that i was done basically what i do all day except for school, and i didn't know what to do! I still need some materials for making finger puppets, and somebody should tell me some ideas for videos that i can make, because otherwise things will go bad, and i will take initiative, make a video that inadvertently goes way too far, and everyone will be mad at me :\
Tomorrow I'm going to have to remember to apply for a job somewhere, and set up my HARD DRIVE SO I CAN PLAY TEAM FORTRESS 2 AND SEVERAL OTHER VIDEO GAMES WHO WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS.


Anonymous said...

Cool...I wish I was there to see those cool stuff.
Haha, I never like physical training so to me, any exercise is tough.

Relax...summer is for relaxing so chill.

Anonymous said...

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