Monday, September 28, 2009

Nothing Incredible

As the title would suggest, nothing spectacular has happened since friday. My cousin had his birthday. That was fun i guess. I went over friday at like 8, and came home saturday at 4:30 for a shower and a run. Then i went back for another party. Sunday we had dinner there too. All in all life is nondescript.

Not much else to write here, i just felt like writing a post. Here's a pic for your troubles anywho.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Zip Zaps!

This week brought many new adventures, and a medium-large order of razzmatazz and shenanigans. Not much happened, I took my brother to Cross Country on wednesday, and on thursday i hung out with my friends again. It was cool. We went into the engineering building, which is awesome. Every engineering building in a university is cool. There was a couch in the main room, which we just sat on, until the people whose couch it was came and vacated us from it. Then we went up to the Compy Sci lounge, which was pretty cool too. It was pretty empty when we got there, except for me, lloyd, mandy, and sandra. There were also two Engineering Students. Then a whole bunch of people showed up and it was cool Everyone was like "hurr video games are cool" and i was like "lol ya." THEN me and lloyd thought of this great idea.... Why don't we get Zip Zaps, and race them around the EITC?! It's a lulzy idea, with absolutely NO bad parts! Almost as cool as throwing paper airplanes in the main room. (the main room is a cool place. I'll try to remember to take a picture someday. Maybe Monday or Tuesday. It's massive. There are SIX FLOORS. And balconies.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More shenanigans and nonsense adventures

Today was the first meet of the cross country season. It was actually just a time trial, so our coach could see how good we are, and so he can pick who gets to go on the travel team (That's the team that goes to all the meets around the vicinity of Manitoba and the surrounding region) (they do us good...should you ever see someone wearing a Bison's shirt, i want you to stop them and tell them "Son/Girl [select appropriate]... ya done good.")
anyways. It was a 2 km loop, the guys did it three times, and the girls did it twice. I ran my 6 k in 24:47, which is alright-ish. 4:12 per km isn't that great, but it was hilly and muddy!
Yesterday i had the rest of my classes (finally lol) Well, just my first two labs. I had Comp Sci, then Calculus in the afternoon. First, when i got to Compy sci, i was afraid that everyone would be really smart and everything, because it's a second year course, and i'm not a second year chap. But it turns out that everyone's just regular old dumb kids anyways, so i fit right it. I even got everything to work! Yay me! Our lab is in a Mac lab, which means that i have to use a Mac. It's not so bad though... The whole one button thing is annoying, but we don't actually use the Mac parts of the computer. What REALLY happens is we tear a hole in the Mac bit, and get at the nice Unix piece underneath. (Unix is this other Operating System, like Windows or Mac OS X, macs all run Unix, which has been made pretty so people who don't feel like devoting their lives to computers can use it.) Calculus was a neat lab too, our TA is really nice, he just gave us some problems, and then worked through them with us. the only problem is that there isn't enough chairs in the class, so the 8 slowest people have to stand/sit on the floor at the back of class.
Also, on thursday, me and my friend Lloyd went to the Max Bell Centre (sports complex on campus) It was sweet. For those of you who don't know this place, it's got a track, an arena, and it's attached to a big gym, and the other building Frank Kennedy, which has more gyms, and a pool. The best part about it being on campus is this: The arena is open year round. The best part about THIS is that the zamboni has to resurface the ice all the time. The best part about THIS is that it takes all the snow it scraped off the ice and dumps it beside the parking lot. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. FREE SNOW IN SEPTEMBER. It must have been at LEAST 30 degrees out, and we were having a snowball fight! Then we took a big bunch of snow and made a snowman halfway across the campus :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Impressions of University

University is nice. All my classes are really easy. In Computer Science, we're learning C, most of the people in my class haven't been exposed to it ever before, but my mom showed me a couple things a while ago. Calculus and Linear Algebra are easy-peasy. I already know the entire syllabus for both of them, i just didn't get the credit because i only challenged the SL exam. :/ Economics is dull. Linguistics is fun though, so it makes it all worth it.
Yesterday i went and saw the movie 9. It was pretty good. I was entertained, to say the least. It was really really short though, about an hour and five minutes. I want to go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but i don't think i'll see it friday when it first comes out... Too expensive on "Not Tuesday". (Movies are with free popcorn and half price on tuesdays, so it costs $10 and you get everything) I also really want to see Planet 51, but that's not till thanksgiving. Which is later...
But back to these courses! Yesterday, in Calculus, our prof just didn't show up for half the class. It was ridiculous. Everyone was like "what is this." Then they all left because you know, in university you don't have to stay there if you don't feel like it. We're all adults. Like 20 minutes after class was supposed to start, someone phoned Machray Hall (The math office) and asked where our prof was. They answered "lol i dunno ¯\(ยบ_o)/¯"
At half an hour into the class, two thirds of the people (read: All the ones whose parents paid for uni for them) left. And one of those dumbasses left a stinkbomb in the class somewhere. There was a loud POW! Then there was a horrible horrible smell. Note to the internet: IF YOU ARE AN ADULT GOING TO UNIVERSITY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SMART AND NOT ACT LIKE A FUCKING 12 YEAR OLD.
THEN he just showed up 40 minutes through the class and was all "Sorry i'm late lol." The end.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Textbook "fun"

So i have this gift card and coupon for my university bookstore so i can save a whole bunch of moneys on my textbooks, But i forgot them both at home when i went to buy my books today. Instead, i just bought the two cheapest ones on my list ($40 and $65) Then when i was walking to the bus stop it started to rain. like a torrential downpour. There was like an inch of water all over the streets, EVEN by the drains! When i got home, like five minutes ago, i took my new books out of my bag as fast as i could. They were mostly fine because they were right next to my back, but my Linear Algebra book is PRETTY RUINED :( AND the receipt was next to it, and it was plastered to the cover, even after i peeled it off, there is still a bunch of ink left on the cover (which is WHITE) So NOW i have my $40 comp sci book, which is still pretty good, it's a little wet on the corner, but it's fine. THE OTHER ONE, Is pretty much destroyed. I actually am heartbroken.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Adventure, Same Paul

University starts tomorrow! I'm really excited, and also a little nervous at the same time. I'm going to take the bus, at like 7:30 in the morning :/ Then all the cool orientation stuff, I've been told that it will be a fiesta of free stuff. Also i've been getting back into shape, after not doing any running for a month... I wasn't really INACTIVE... i walked everywhere, and was out and about lots, but it wasn't as much as i was used to.
Vote for Bub & Bob. Master Chief is alright, but he's really not that great of an hero. All he did was shoot stuff. Bub and Bob are the true heroes.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Sweet(ish) Home

Well, now i am back home from my marvelous journey across the continent. It was fun. I made friends. Now i'm back at home, and life is mediocre again. I got another $800 in scholarships, my first term is only $550! Yay! But i'm also back at home with all the things i was happily free of on vacation.
Thing 1: My family.
Thing 2: Not having someone to entertain me every hour of every day.
Thing 3: No friends hanging around; they all left.

That's it.
Other than that... not much is new. I helped my aunt move stuff, and my other aunt is learning how to use Skype, so i'm getting calls and such whenever we're both on. It's a little awkward, because she expects me to be coming back as if i lived out there and am going to school there. (Read: Every long weekend, holiday, or spare chance i get) (I do not plan on going back for a while.)
I still have some things to do. I have to find this girl i barely know, and give her a present from my friend. It'll be an adventure. AND i have to find Heidi, and Andrew and everyone else left in the city for "Chilling"
I just got back from "Inglorious Basterds." It's a good movie. I officially give it the "Paul Seal of Approval."