Friday, September 11, 2009

Textbook "fun"

So i have this gift card and coupon for my university bookstore so i can save a whole bunch of moneys on my textbooks, But i forgot them both at home when i went to buy my books today. Instead, i just bought the two cheapest ones on my list ($40 and $65) Then when i was walking to the bus stop it started to rain. like a torrential downpour. There was like an inch of water all over the streets, EVEN by the drains! When i got home, like five minutes ago, i took my new books out of my bag as fast as i could. They were mostly fine because they were right next to my back, but my Linear Algebra book is PRETTY RUINED :( AND the receipt was next to it, and it was plastered to the cover, even after i peeled it off, there is still a bunch of ink left on the cover (which is WHITE) So NOW i have my $40 comp sci book, which is still pretty good, it's a little wet on the corner, but it's fine. THE OTHER ONE, Is pretty much destroyed. I actually am heartbroken.

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