Friday, September 4, 2009

Home Sweet(ish) Home

Well, now i am back home from my marvelous journey across the continent. It was fun. I made friends. Now i'm back at home, and life is mediocre again. I got another $800 in scholarships, my first term is only $550! Yay! But i'm also back at home with all the things i was happily free of on vacation.
Thing 1: My family.
Thing 2: Not having someone to entertain me every hour of every day.
Thing 3: No friends hanging around; they all left.

That's it.
Other than that... not much is new. I helped my aunt move stuff, and my other aunt is learning how to use Skype, so i'm getting calls and such whenever we're both on. It's a little awkward, because she expects me to be coming back as if i lived out there and am going to school there. (Read: Every long weekend, holiday, or spare chance i get) (I do not plan on going back for a while.)
I still have some things to do. I have to find this girl i barely know, and give her a present from my friend. It'll be an adventure. AND i have to find Heidi, and Andrew and everyone else left in the city for "Chilling"
I just got back from "Inglorious Basterds." It's a good movie. I officially give it the "Paul Seal of Approval."

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