Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World War in the World of Warcraft

The new WoW expansion came out on Monday. For you girls and other people who don’t know what that means, it means there is new stuff for me to do in my favourite video game! This is very good/bad news. Good because YAY NEW STUFF

I went to the midnight launch at the mall, it was really exciting, i’ve never done that for anything before! I got all sorts of free stuff, like a mouse pad and trading cards and a poster!

Bad because exams are right around the corner. I’m conflicted between my responsibilities and my non-responsibilities. I studied diligently leading up to Monday, then on Monday i finished off all my assignments and on Tuesday i played WoW! It was super cool! Though there were a lot of people everywhere. It was kind of annoying because there weren’t enough monsters for everyone to kill so everybody was fighting over them. I played enough Tuesday that i got ahead of most of the masses, but i missed supper, so i was sleepy by morning. Then i slept for a little and the rest of people caught up a little. Now i’m still ahead of most people, by the time i’ve almost finished with a place there’s a huge crowd of people that come into it, it makes it rather stressful. I play a priest, and they don’t wear lots of armor so i get killed by other players a lot if they all come and get me. It makes me really sad. Maybe i should relax and do exam stuff to make me less stressed. How ironic…

My exams shouldn’t be too terribad. I studied all weekend so i’m really prepared, and they’re close together so i can just hunker down and focus for ONE WEEKEND and then i’ll be pretty much in the clear.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doldrums of insanity

The Doldrums is a place in the ocean where there’s no current, just calm.

Which is why i’m posting here and now! It may be quarter to one, but that’s okay, because now’s the best time to post.

It snowed here! A lot! It snowed for days, and then it was cold and blowing snow everywhere. Today it was just cold. It’s pretty exciting too, it’s like real life winter!

This is more or less what it looked like.

And it was busy too. The new WoW (stop that. This is my blog and i will write about what i want. Now keep reading.) is coming out in like 2 weeks, and i’m super excited! ALSO exams are coming out in 3 weeks and i’m considerably less excited. So, basically i’ve been trying to do as much school work as possible and play as many video games as possible at the same time. Not EXACTLY the same time though, otherwise you go crazy.

Also, my ankle is pretty much better! I think i wrote that in the last post too, but now it’s better all the way. I don’t have to go to athletic therapy anymore. Though it hurts today because i was running around catching buses in the cold, and jeans, and sneakers, and snow yesterday. LIKE ALL DAY.

This week i had 4 assignments and a midterm. I also explored the entire world in wow, just to see it before it gets broken. It was pretty fun, although i didn’t sleep much. Three thirty is a tad ridiculous to go to bed.

I’ve also been playing with HTML tags, see if you can find some in the post!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I really did mean to post!

like 2 weeks ago! But instead i decided to have a “WOW WEEKEND”. I made that term up by the by. It’s a weekend where  one sits in a room all weekend and levels a character the last little way to 80! except it wasn’t the last little way, it was like 5 levels in 3 days. That was pretty exciting. Then there were midterms, and Halloween. Halloween is gone, but the memory is still here, because the ghosts killed a lot of people ._. Midterms are gone too, and now i can breathe. Also, i hurt my Achilles a couple of weeks ago. it’s been interesting. i’ve been going to athletic therapy, and getting better, slowly. the first time i went they sat me in the warm tub. It’s like a hot tub but not really. Then they tested how flexible and strong my foot was. Then they gave me a massage, then they did an ultrasound on it, to loosen up the muscles. After that they did “soft tissue”, which is where they move my leg around like walking for me. They also did “stim”, which is where they hook two electrodes up to you and run a current through your skin to make it feel weird. It felt like my foot was asleep, and i’m sort of sure it was twitching. The next time we did some stretching and exercises instead of ultrasound and stim. then they gave me ice. Today was the third time, my foot was hurting a lot today, so we only did a few exercises, then stretched and stim and ice. It’s getting a lot better though! I can walk and do stairs and run without limping!

Friday, October 15, 2010


So i really can’t sing to save my life. But that’s beside the point.

Instead, i’ve been seeing people who CAN sing do so. A little while ago i saw Arcade Fire, with my friend Sarah. It was good. they had a lot of drums and instruments. Then they were singing about cars.

Today i saw Lights (!) I don't really listen to her ever. But my brother is a fan, and he needed a ride and his friend bailed on him, so i got to go for free! It was good too. There was a LOT of girls there, who were like 12 years old. She sang some songs, and then she played the keytar. It was pretty good. I'm listening to her on youtube right now, and she was a lot better live. She was all "HAY GUISE, I HAVE THIS NEW SONG FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO LOLS" and it's been out since tuesday, and it's only available in canada right now! Wheeee... I've also got a lot of homework, so i've been trying not to be distracted :/ IT'S GOING POORLY.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I had a pretty good system going…

Except for when i forgot to include all the stuff that people i know would do to ruin my schedule! It was seriously a great schedule, do homework ALL weekend, and then during the week i wouldn’t have to worry about any of it until friday. BUT then some things happened and some stuff. That’s all in the past now, so it doesn’t merit a real mention here. Since i last blogged, i did a lot. You probably could have figured that out though, because i didn’t blog for a while. I seriously meant to though! I was like “OKAY. Later i am going to write a bloggity blog” and then i was like “i’ll do it later. After this thing.”

I started doing all sorts of things too, Winter stuff is starting already, like skating. I also started yoga! It’s quite fun, and i feel really good afterwards. And i’m almost free from warcraft again! I’m at level 72, and once i get to 80, i’ve promised myself i’m stopping. At least until the next expansion comes out in december. In the mean time there’s all sorts of fun diversions to do. I could study, or play other games, or run or hang out with chums or do any number of things. One of them is going to be Minecraft, for sure. Minecraft is a sweet game, that normally involves bad decisions, which have hilarious repercussions

That’s basically why i want to play. The game isn’t even done yet, and it’s already made $5 million. Which is a very large amount considering that’s been split between probably like 5 people.

I also got “elected” to the computer science student association! Well, not really. I put my name in, and there were 6 people running for 5 positions, and i was the only 2nd year, so i didn’t even have to run. Everyone got in anyways, cause 4 of them are leaving in january for co op.

That’s about all i can think of right now. I have a big pile of homework to do over the next couple weeks, but i’ll try to stay regular in posting.

Friday, September 17, 2010

This one isn’t about what i did.

I feel obliged to make a post now, because there’s nothing really better to do. I am about to go do some things and some stuff. THEN I will go to sleep, and tomorrow i will do more things and different stuff. After that, i’ll do some stuff, along with acivities. Then I will probably look at these activities and think some thoughts, and hear some sounds and look at some objects. Then i’ll go to a place, until a time, when i’ll do something. Not too sure what though. I just know there’s a race tomorrow I am going to do. Then a party after it. Then there’s another race i’m supposed to marshal the next day. It is very far away, and very early. But i am supposed to do it, so i can be on the track team, and that will give me something to do while i go to school, and learn some knowledge and gain some skills. Then one day i will have a job in which i will use that knowledge and those skills to make something to change the world a little bit so that other people can use their skills and knowledge to do other stuff. And things.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last post of summer

Well, not *technically*. I didn’t update earlier in the week because my friend left for BC on thursday so we were chilling and hanging and shooting the breeze. It was good fun. I also had another two days off in a row. I worked today at a new pool, way far away, and there was seriously no kids. I sat next to a pool for 8 hours and got paid for it. On my weekend that i got from the rain i had a skype party with friends Andy and Natasha. It was cool and awesome. ALSO, it was my sister’s birthday on tuesday. She didn’t know what she wanted for a present, so i didn’t get her one.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

long weekend is looooooooooooong!

So, this weekend it was all rainy and cold out. Sucks right? Except for when i don’t work in the rain and cold! Basically i’m at the end of a 4 day weekend right now. It’s pretty awesome. I went to the beach yesterday. Probably not the best beach day ever, but it was alright. We had the entire beach to ourselves at least. The only problem was it was super windy which made it not that warm. I made a killer sand castle though. And i’m now exfoliated in places i didn’t even know needed exfoliation! Today i got a haircut. That is all we are going to say on the matter.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Attention girl-types

AND anyone who’s ever said something to the effect “lol boys are messy.”.

you have clearly NEVER cleaned a public restroom ever in your life. I mean seriously! At my pool, there are 2 (two) one stall bathrooms. That means a toilet, a sink, a paper towel dispenser, a hand dryer, a bench for changing, and a garbage can. Every day i have to mop out both of the bathrooms so they aren’t a festering pool of filth the next day, and i don’t have to worry about people hurting themselves by drowning in poo or anything gross. At the end of the day, it takes me 2 minutes to clean the boy’s bathroom. That means 2 minutes to mop the floor, clean all the water sprayed everywhere from the sink, flush the toilet and make sure there’s the right kinds of paper in the right places. After that i do the girl’s bathroom. This takes me AT LEAST 10 minutes. That should mean 10 minutes to do everything that i do in the guys bathroom right? AAAAAND to pick up all the paper towels and garbage all over the floor, sweep out the food garbage, clean up the massive pool of water on the floor, rinse all the soap out of the sink, clean the chalk (no, srsly) off the walls, and unlock the stall, which someone locked and then slithered underneath the door.

Also, on monday i went to the beach. It was fun. I made a big sand castle. Then some girls were like “tee hee, we like you’re sand castle. it’s like sooo cool and you’re like soo handsome.”. That’s definitely how it happened. Anyone who says otherwise wasn’t there, they don’t even know. Then on tuesday it was alex’s birthday. He got some nice things and some stuff. I got him a nice thing and gave helpful suggestions on everything else he got it seems.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More summer adventures*

I’ve been busy once again, summer is on the way out now. technically. It’s definitely August now, Alex’s birthday is in less than a week, School starts in 4-ish weeks. All sorts of fun stuff. Work has been good. I get paid a lot. Kids are kids are kids who are bad.

Also i’ve been playing warcraft! It’s lots of fun. I "recruited” alex, meaning i got him his own account so we can play together. It’s more fun when you’re actually sitting next to someone and playing together, instead of over the internet. I’ve also had some really good ideas for stories or comic books, and they’ll probably stay good ideas until i decide to do something about them. Which will be in a while.

Work is actually pretty sweet. I finished a 1000 page book in less than a week, reading only at work and on the bus. I never thought i’d run out of the big stack of books i get from christmas, and my birthday, but i seriously went through it in a month! :S Now i’ve got to go to the library or something.

*Of questionable legality

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a great many of the humblest apologies…

because i haven’t been posting in a while. I’ve been super busy, what with that job and also with playing video games and sleeping and stuff. It’s quite busy actually. I sleep in (ish) in the mornings, and leave at about 9:30, then i get home at about 6:30, leave again at 7:30 or so, and don’t get back till after midnight. Then i go to sleep and wake up again the next day. I also really should be doing more running… Not exactly sure when i’ll be doing that though. Recently i went to a comic book workshop. i learned a plethora of things about comics, but not what i went in expecting to learn, which was a little bit of a downer. ALSO, i got moved to a new pool, away from the pool with the really good kids who always came with their parents. I got moved to a far away pool, in a slightly sketchy neighbourhood, with kids who always come with their parents and probably don’t realise i exist. Which is good. They also moved my partner from my other pool, which sucks because he was a pretty cool guy. My NEW partner is quite a bit younger. He gives me quite a window on “Kids These Days”. who apparently do not know how to use a broom or mop.

I still haven’t registered for university classes yet. I’ve picked all mine out though! I’m taking all kinds of comp sci, a couple linguistics, and a math and a stats and philosophy!

I went to the Fringe Festival on Monday. I saw two shows, “The Macabre Show of Horror and Macabre-ness” and “The First Five Minutes are Slow” I liked both of them, the first was super funny, and the second was a little silly, but still enjoyable. For some reason they kind of skipped out on a scene or something at the end though, because it was like the climax of the play, then the end, with no real explaining as to what happened. :( I would recommend the shows, but as the first one’s name suggests, it’s kind of grotesque, and like i said for the second, it’s quite silly. But if you like vulgar sorts of things, or improv, you should check out these shows.

And now, i must away! for it is fast approaching bedtime, and there is much nonsense to do before then!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy as a bee, doing whatever it is that makes them so busy.

I’m busy, so i haven’t had time to actually blog lately. I’ve started my new job, as a wading pool supervisor! (Not a lifeguard, i’m not actually certified as one :/) It’s pretty cool, if you don’t mind hoards of children splashing you constantly with water. Today was my first day, and let me tell you, cleaning broken glass out of the pool for an hour and a half before you can fill it is no fun at all. My pool is kind of in a ghetto…

Also i’ve been playing video games. World of Warcraft, again, as well as this steam game called Super Laser Racer. Yes. it is exactly as cool as it sounds. It’s like Mario Kart meets Space Invaders at some crazy rave, and they do some things that are awesome, and questionably legal.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I finished the half marathon! It was really hot, it was like 18 when we started, at 7 in the morning. It just kept getting hotter, until it was at least 25 when i finished, in 1:32:31. I haven’t checked my friend’s times yet because the site is really really slow, because everyone is looking for their results. I got 68th overall. Next year i think i’m going to run the full marathon, cause i’m wacky and crazy like that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was going to write about some big adventure i had on the weekend, but wouldn’t you know it, i forgot! Yesterday i had an adventure though, so it’s ok, i’ll write about that.

First i went and biked around in the morning, then i played on the computer all morning. Then aidan came over and we went and got slurpees. then we ripped on alex’s PSP go (lol, what a noob) and how it’s vastly inferior to a DS, which costs half of what a psp does. Then we watched Auto Tune the News, cause it’s awesome. Then Safeway called and was like “HEY MAN, WHAT R U DOOIN TONITE? WANT 2 COM WERK?” and i was like “uhhh k?” and then i realised: My work uniform was 5 miles away, and i only had a bike to get to it! so i raced across town to get my uniform, and the car, and then i drove to safeway. Then i worked, and it was not horrible. Also, the marathon is on the weekend! I’m excited! I have to get up early friday to go set up though :/

Also, you should all watch The Guild. It’s a web show about these MMO-addicts, it is hilarious.

Pff… Stupid live writer having a fit about me not putting a title. what a joke

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tablet Post

blogIt's also got a cool writing function. I'm using it right now, and you  can't even tell! Neat, huh? l'll post more once I've played with it more,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feel the spice of life… mine is salt.

Because salt is the most boring spice i can think of. Today it was raining in the morning, and thundering and lightning-ing. Just like yesterday morning. That all blew over rather quickly, by like 10 it was done. Then it was overcast and humid all day. I went to the mall and watched people. Then i took out my clipboard and drew. Then i made notes on it and glared at people. After that i went to the Apple store (zomg!) yes, me, yes, the apple store. I looked at the iPads. I was just as disappointed with them even with my low expectations. It’s quite literally, a big iPod touch. It’s not even as big as i though it’d be, I thought it would be like the size of a sheet of paper, but it’s smaller. And the whole “gestures” thing doesn’t even work half the time. AND i sent my friend an email from it, and it didn’t even go! when i got back home, i had an email from the mail server saying “what the crap are you doing, you can’t send emails like that.” The only cool thing about the iPad is that they all had Plants vs. Zombies on it. except you can buy that game for the computer and it’s better.

THEN I went to the food court, and i ordered french fries. Then i wandered around the mall eating french fries and then i left. Then i went for a run in the park, but because of the thunderstorms, that turned into a different adventure. It was really muggy and green everywhere, kind of like the jungle, and there was a big tree that fell over and i had to climb over it! And then there were big puddles and golf carts everywhere(for the teddy bear picnic). Then i saw some of my friends biking the other way too. After all that, i got tired, so i went back home, then it started to rain. again. In fact, it’s STILL raining! It’s just about to stop though, which is good.

Also, i started using Google Chrome, instead of Firefox! It’s kind of exciting, except i haven’t figured out how to block all the ads yet, which is a hassle. instead i spent an hour-ish trying to find a good theme to use.

Monday, May 24, 2010

all work and no play makes Paul a dull boy.

Well, at least it would if i ever tried that. Something along the lines of “A little hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk?” Strictly speaking, smelling like cold cuts at the end of the day is not the worst thing that you can smell like. Also, the whole job isn’t TOO too hard :) It’s hard to do it fast though, and they want you to be fast.

To be honest, it’s more of a “all play and no work makes Paul very bored” sort of thing actually. all i do these days is hang around and shoot the breeze.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Computer is here!

My new Computer got here yesterday afternoon, so i’ve been getting used to it… There’s a program on it that lets me write blog posts without actually having to open up the internet and go to blogger, which is handy, because i forget to do that frequently. That being said, I REALLY like Windows 7, it’s very shiny and works quite well. I haven’t tried out anything really yet, except for internet, and this, and installing stuff. I still have to transfer all my files and stuff over to it too, and pick a new desktop image. The one i have now is kind of cool, but i think i can do better. Just finished downloading all of my games from steam too, Portal is free now! It’s because they released Steam on Mac, so everyone who has a Mac and plays video games (All five of them) can play computer games with everyone else. To celebrate this, they’ve made Portal free for everyone until the 24th! Wheee! IF by some chance you don’t know what Portal is, i ask: What??? Even people living under rocks and those sealed in mine shafts for the past 30 years know what Portal is! It’s a pretty cool video game. there is cake at the end of it. That is all. I have no pictures or anything else for you today, because i didn’t move my stuff yet. Weren’t you reading!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I got a job! I got hired in the deli at safeway! Also, on wednesday i got $100 from google! But i can only use it for advertising my blog :/ BASICALLY it means that the only thing i get from it is more money for more advertising. I'd actually make real money if i had something to sell here. But i don't, so basically all i get is the next $100 faster if i use it :P
And my new computer shipped yesterday! That means it should be here soooon!
AND last weekend i ran a half marathon! My time was a little slower than last year, but it was raining and wet out, unlike last year. I still beat everyone who i was supposed to :P
That's about all i've to write right now. Time to go play mario party/kart!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NOW this is the story all about how...

... I got several crazy cool things!
I got: a new computer!
i got it for my birthday! It's pretty cool. it's also not here yet, right now i'm using my old computer still... But my new one is on the way! It'll be here in like 3 weeks. my mouse came today though! It's pretty snazzy!
new shoes!
I ran this race series, and my total time for all three races was the fastest, so i won a new pair of shoes! they're also not here yet, but they're on their way.
I caught mewtwo! I even caught him without using my master ball! because i am a pokemon master! now i have all the pokemon, and nothing to catch with my master ball :/
mewtwo's not even that good though. he's really fast and strong, but he doesn't know any good moves! like actually! He's a pokemon that can explode islands with his mind, but in the game, all he can do is raise his defense, and one weak attack. and he can switch stats with his opponent.
here's a picture for you. Try it at home, kids!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I planned this

This post is pretty special. If you've been keeping track, it's the 100th post in my blog! yay! Party favours for everyone! Today is ALSO my birthday! yay! More party favours all around!
That's right, today i'm definitely for reals an adult. Not kind of sitting on the fence like last year. To celebrate, i spent the day not doing what i was supposed to and playing pokemon... I MEAN... I actually sat around and did my tedious errands, and had an intelligent conversation about... politics...? yeah... that's it!
Well, not really. I sat around for the morning, then i raked the grass in the yard, then i played pokemon and had lunch, now i'm posting, then i'm going to rake some more, and then i'm going to study for my last two exams. And an adventure is called for too. I'm thinking walking to safeway to buy blue kool-aid. But that's later.
And now, cause it's my birthday I shall put some stuff here.
like songs! and questions! And other things maybe later. It will be a fiesta and a half!
SONGS: Shine On by Needtobreathe
Heavy by Collective Soul
Shine, also by Collective Soul
(3 points to whoever guesses where i'm stealing songs from :P)
Which is the best pokemon team? Pick any 6 from all of the ~500. why are yours the best?

Here's some pictures from my computer. i found them on the internets! i have some other funny ones, but animated ones appear to not work :(

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exam time

So classes are officially done, as of yesterday. Now i have exams! YAY! I have one exam on monday, then none for a whole week. I have 3 exams that week though, which is less than stellar.
But on the bright side, i'm basically done! I still haven't heard back from anywhere for a summer job, but i should here back within the week. otherwise i'll have to go look, which will be not terribly fun.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i dunno what put here

great news everyone! Only like less than 2 weeks of school! and then exams, and i'm done! wheee!
still don't have a summer job for sure yet, but i find out early next week if i got picked for mini u, and i have to go to city hall again for wading pool supervisor interviewing
Last week, there was all sorts of stuff. there was a big party for all the athletes on thursday, and a big party for anyone in comp sci on friday. i went to both, it was pretty cool. on sunday my family left me while they went on vacation. they came back on tuesday, and it was pretty cool. I lived on my own (more or less) for a while. I'm good at it! I took care of the pets, fed myself and even did laundry and dishes! wheee! I also played pokemon :D Today i beat the 7th gym! yay! (the gym leader is a massive jerk, it took me ACTUALLY HALF AN HOUR to kill ONE POKEMON. all he did was use REST OVER AND OVER AND I WAS LIKE D:<
That's basically it for now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Totodile, i don't think we're in Kanto anymore!

AS you may or may not have noticed, i haven't blogged in the past like three weeks
That's not because my wireless card is still broken. I've had all the internets i could ask for since then. Now you may ask yourself "BUT PAUL! Why didn't you blog then? Surely you must have-" And i say, That is enough! I may or may not have been looking for a summer job. Actually, it's closer to the "may not". Basically all i've been doing is mucking around, trying to stop time so i don't have to write exams in two weeks D:
AND.... On the weekend i bought pokemon Soul Silver!
It's awesome. It came with a Pokewalker, which is LIKE a pedometer, but it involves you putting one of your pokemons inside of it, and leveling it up and getting stuff with it. Also on the weekend, i got certified for CPR C and first aid. Which means i can keep you alive until the ambulance gets there! even if you're a small child or an infant! I even know how to use an AED, or Automated External Difibrillator, although i'm not legally allowed to in the province of Manitoba. (I encourage you all to go to someone in authority and tell them to get these though, seriously, they save lives.)
so, that's basically my life in a nutshell (insert joke on me being nuts here. lol.) for now.
I had a job interview today for Mini U, it's like a day camp at the university. i think it went well :)
▼ these are my shoes. You can have a picture of them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two clownfish, one of them has a pie in his face

This is my new background, i thought i'd share it with you. My mom didn't get it until i explained it very carefully to her.

In other news, my computer broke! Kind of. It just won't connect to the internet wirelessly, from my home network. But anywhere else, and it might! probably...

You may be asking now "but Paul? If your computer won't connect to the interwebs, how are you blogging?" You know what? I've had it with you and your negativity! Clearly, i am an intelligent and resourceful child, i have ways to make you ta- err.... connect to the internet... yes...
The Olympics are pretty much done and gone. Except for the paralympics soon! And no more midterms!
I recommend songs now.
I choose 'It Hurts' by Angels and Airwaves. Good song. You'll like it. Life lessons in there.
I also choose "Young London" by Angels in Airwaves, cause it's another good song.
Those are all the songs i can really think of.... if you MUST have more songs, send me a mail, and i'll give you more. probably.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I haven't posted because OLYMPICS!
And studying, but mostly olympics. Studying is hard :/ I've still got quite a bit to do for calculus, which will be a good time and a half. School starts tomorrow, after a week off for reading week.
I did quite a bit of stuff: studied, ate, ran, read, slept.
Exams start soon, and also races for track and skating start again. Track on wednesday, skating sunday, exams on Thursday and saturday. Another exam in march, and some exam some other time :/ I'm going to be busy busy again. And i need a job too :(.
ALSO, you may have noticed i've kinda avoided talking about the actual olympics. Super pumped as i am about them, i'm a little disappoint. Canada should be doing better in my opinion. ESPECIALLY IN HOCKEY AMIRITE?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is when my weekend starts now :P The "real" weekend was busy busy busy. Friday, i volunteered at a track meet, until the evening. Then on saturday i worked for the day, and volunteered for the evening. Sunday i volunteered again all day. It was a lot of volunteering.
Sunday night i had to hurriedly finish my computer science assignment, because i was busy all weekend.
Volunteering was cool. Friday i just sat at the finish line and said who came in what place. Saturday i poured drinks and set up and cleaned up stuff. Sunday i was helping at speed skating ( i could have raced, but i would have missed the first day, because of work.) Basically all i did was run heat sheets around.
Now i'm just studying for tests this week, and then next week is reading week!
Also, i started playing Mario Kart. I'll put my friend number here when it's convenient, if you have mario kart wii, we can race!
Here is the number! 4297 4608 9192

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everything went better than expected

This week was absurd and ridiculous. I got all my assignment in on time, i FINALLY caught up (pretty much) watching Chuck, and on Monday there was a huge blizzard that dumped like a foot of snow here. I'm super excited about that, but the other residence of Winterpeg are less than thrilled. ALSO it's been REAL WINTER HERE! It's like -20 finally.
I got a job too! I'm a TA at the university for a math workshop on the weekends. It's not really permanent, cause the workshop only goes on for a month, but it's better than nothing! I'm thinking of applying to work in fastfood, but i'm not sure if i really want to do that....
Also: here is a song for you. Now, i'm off to do more stats homework!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Spicy Chicken flavour

I am taking a break from linguistics and computer science at the moment, thought it would be a good opportunity to write things here.
The weather here sucks. It's been between like -2 and +1 for the past two weeks, everything's melting and getting all messy and stuff. I was supposed to have a speed skating meet today, but it was too warm, so it got cancelled. Yesterday was the second day of it, and it really sucked. It snowed/rained (yes. rained) starting friday night, basically until an hour ago when it stopped. Saturday morning, they were using the tractor to clear the snow from the oval, and the ice was so soft the tractor actually left tread marks in the warmup lane. As the day went on, it got a little colder, so the ice froze a bit, and the tire marks left, but then it got EVEN WARMER. The ouside lane of the corner was like slush. The times were basically what you'd get if you ran the same distance on a track in skates. NO GLIDE AT ALL.
AND i think i have a concussion, from something, but i don't remember hitting my head ever. All i know is i've been having headaches, especially when i jump/stomp/run or do anything that has more impact than walking. D:
Yesterday, i took Alex and Charles to Safeway to buy drinks though. It was pretty cool. They ended up getting 48 cans between the two of them. Charles paid $4 for his 24, of assorted Crush products, (including his $2.50 donation to Haiti), while Alex paid $10 for his Dr Pepper. I got 6 cans of orange crush because i drove them there, and Alex to work today.
On a homework-y note, the comp sci project actually turned out to be easier than expected; half the work was done for us. Linguistics is easy too, only i was doing it in a semi-public place and getting weird looks as i sounded out words (we're doing phonetics. I was sitting there trying to find the sounds in "serendipity"; "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ehhhhh RRRRRRR ehhhhhhh nnnnnnnn d ihhhhh p ihhhhhh t eeeeeeeeeeeee". or "loquacious".)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Busy, busy. I have been busy. All sorts of work and stuff. My stats class is a lot of work. I've also been doing all sorts of other stuff. I spent the day making graphics for a math contest. i also signed up to be a note taker for all sorts of classes. Lots of homework assignments this term too. Comp sci project due friday, stats assignment monday, and uhh... calculus homework that's not really DUE per se, but i have to do it sometime, otherwise i won't do good in that course at all.
Alex bought both seasons of Chuck today, we've been watching it for several hours. I've been doing my stats homework and those graphics for the math exam.
My mom got me Macromedia Studio MX, so i also was playing with FreeHand today. I also have Dreamweaver and Fireworks and Flash! All sorts of fun programs to play with! And on the less fun programs front, i've had to install like seven inane programs for stats. AND one of them installed all sorts of ridiculous Yahoo! add-ons for Firefox. feh.
The weather is really warm here, it kinda sucks. It's only january, and already all the ice and snow is getting.... not... good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The End of the Beginning of the Middle bit of the...

Winter break is almost over! For most of us, it probably ends tomorrow. For the awesomes of us (read: Me) i have another couple days. I start school again on Wednesday! :S This time in new and never before seen classes!? Well, not COMPLETELY new... Two of my classes go all year, Linguistics and Economics. The other three are ALL NEW!!!!1 which is fun, i guess. IT DOES MEAN that i don't have to do that silly programming practises anymore. That course was hard :\
Instead i'm in some other compy sci course and Calculus 2 and Statistics. They're mostly in the mornings, except tuesday/thursday, when i don't start till 10, but i have to stay until like 3, which sucks. I'd rather just get it over with and enjoy my afternoons.
The rest of the holidays were cool, Not sure if i mentioned it, but i got a large amount of video games for christmas, so i basically played those all day for the whole break. I saw alexander yesterday, because it was his last day in Winnipeg. He's back in Vancouver now, and getting ready to start tomorrow :P
I still have several games to OPEN, let alone beat. Haven't opened Mario Kart, Wii Sports Resort, or Wii Fit Plus. I've also only done half of Rockband 2, but that's more for having friends around to play it with right? (now... if i could just find some friends... :/)
For new year's i went to Aidan's house and we played HexBox Full rotation, for like 13 HOURS IN A ROW. I got there mid afternoon, and we went to bed around 6 (the next morning) Basically we played Castle Crashers, and Left 4 Dead 2 all evening/night and then we started watching Star Trek (the new movie, not the nerdy ones) at like one in the morning. Then we played Modern Warfare 2 for a couple hours, then we played castle crashers, then aidan went to sleep and i went to bed shortly thereafter. I woke up at like 10:30, and he didn't wake up till 2. I considered just leaving him there, but i decided against it :P
It's going to be a little weird going to bed at a reasonable hour again also :/ I don't think i've gone to bed earlier than 2 this whole break D: