Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doldrums of insanity

The Doldrums is a place in the ocean where there’s no current, just calm.

Which is why i’m posting here and now! It may be quarter to one, but that’s okay, because now’s the best time to post.

It snowed here! A lot! It snowed for days, and then it was cold and blowing snow everywhere. Today it was just cold. It’s pretty exciting too, it’s like real life winter!

This is more or less what it looked like.

And it was busy too. The new WoW (stop that. This is my blog and i will write about what i want. Now keep reading.) is coming out in like 2 weeks, and i’m super excited! ALSO exams are coming out in 3 weeks and i’m considerably less excited. So, basically i’ve been trying to do as much school work as possible and play as many video games as possible at the same time. Not EXACTLY the same time though, otherwise you go crazy.

Also, my ankle is pretty much better! I think i wrote that in the last post too, but now it’s better all the way. I don’t have to go to athletic therapy anymore. Though it hurts today because i was running around catching buses in the cold, and jeans, and sneakers, and snow yesterday. LIKE ALL DAY.

This week i had 4 assignments and a midterm. I also explored the entire world in wow, just to see it before it gets broken. It was pretty fun, although i didn’t sleep much. Three thirty is a tad ridiculous to go to bed.

I’ve also been playing with HTML tags, see if you can find some in the post!

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