Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World War in the World of Warcraft

The new WoW expansion came out on Monday. For you girls and other people who don’t know what that means, it means there is new stuff for me to do in my favourite video game! This is very good/bad news. Good because YAY NEW STUFF

I went to the midnight launch at the mall, it was really exciting, i’ve never done that for anything before! I got all sorts of free stuff, like a mouse pad and trading cards and a poster!

Bad because exams are right around the corner. I’m conflicted between my responsibilities and my non-responsibilities. I studied diligently leading up to Monday, then on Monday i finished off all my assignments and on Tuesday i played WoW! It was super cool! Though there were a lot of people everywhere. It was kind of annoying because there weren’t enough monsters for everyone to kill so everybody was fighting over them. I played enough Tuesday that i got ahead of most of the masses, but i missed supper, so i was sleepy by morning. Then i slept for a little and the rest of people caught up a little. Now i’m still ahead of most people, by the time i’ve almost finished with a place there’s a huge crowd of people that come into it, it makes it rather stressful. I play a priest, and they don’t wear lots of armor so i get killed by other players a lot if they all come and get me. It makes me really sad. Maybe i should relax and do exam stuff to make me less stressed. How ironic…

My exams shouldn’t be too terribad. I studied all weekend so i’m really prepared, and they’re close together so i can just hunker down and focus for ONE WEEKEND and then i’ll be pretty much in the clear.

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