Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NOW this is the story all about how...

... I got several crazy cool things!
I got: a new computer!
i got it for my birthday! It's pretty cool. it's also not here yet, right now i'm using my old computer still... But my new one is on the way! It'll be here in like 3 weeks. my mouse came today though! It's pretty snazzy!
new shoes!
I ran this race series, and my total time for all three races was the fastest, so i won a new pair of shoes! they're also not here yet, but they're on their way.
I caught mewtwo! I even caught him without using my master ball! because i am a pokemon master! now i have all the pokemon, and nothing to catch with my master ball :/
mewtwo's not even that good though. he's really fast and strong, but he doesn't know any good moves! like actually! He's a pokemon that can explode islands with his mind, but in the game, all he can do is raise his defense, and one weak attack. and he can switch stats with his opponent.
here's a picture for you. Try it at home, kids!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I planned this

This post is pretty special. If you've been keeping track, it's the 100th post in my blog! yay! Party favours for everyone! Today is ALSO my birthday! yay! More party favours all around!
That's right, today i'm definitely for reals an adult. Not kind of sitting on the fence like last year. To celebrate, i spent the day not doing what i was supposed to and playing pokemon... I MEAN... I actually sat around and did my tedious errands, and had an intelligent conversation about... politics...? yeah... that's it!
Well, not really. I sat around for the morning, then i raked the grass in the yard, then i played pokemon and had lunch, now i'm posting, then i'm going to rake some more, and then i'm going to study for my last two exams. And an adventure is called for too. I'm thinking walking to safeway to buy blue kool-aid. But that's later.
And now, cause it's my birthday I shall put some stuff here.
like songs! and questions! And other things maybe later. It will be a fiesta and a half!
SONGS: Shine On by Needtobreathe
Heavy by Collective Soul
Shine, also by Collective Soul
(3 points to whoever guesses where i'm stealing songs from :P)
Which is the best pokemon team? Pick any 6 from all of the ~500. why are yours the best?

Here's some pictures from my computer. i found them on the internets! i have some other funny ones, but animated ones appear to not work :(

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exam time

So classes are officially done, as of yesterday. Now i have exams! YAY! I have one exam on monday, then none for a whole week. I have 3 exams that week though, which is less than stellar.
But on the bright side, i'm basically done! I still haven't heard back from anywhere for a summer job, but i should here back within the week. otherwise i'll have to go look, which will be not terribly fun.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i dunno what put here

great news everyone! Only like less than 2 weeks of school! and then exams, and i'm done! wheee!
still don't have a summer job for sure yet, but i find out early next week if i got picked for mini u, and i have to go to city hall again for wading pool supervisor interviewing
Last week, there was all sorts of stuff. there was a big party for all the athletes on thursday, and a big party for anyone in comp sci on friday. i went to both, it was pretty cool. on sunday my family left me while they went on vacation. they came back on tuesday, and it was pretty cool. I lived on my own (more or less) for a while. I'm good at it! I took care of the pets, fed myself and even did laundry and dishes! wheee! I also played pokemon :D Today i beat the 7th gym! yay! (the gym leader is a massive jerk, it took me ACTUALLY HALF AN HOUR to kill ONE POKEMON. all he did was use REST OVER AND OVER AND I WAS LIKE D:<
That's basically it for now.