Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NOW this is the story all about how...

... I got several crazy cool things!
I got: a new computer!
i got it for my birthday! It's pretty cool. it's also not here yet, right now i'm using my old computer still... But my new one is on the way! It'll be here in like 3 weeks. my mouse came today though! It's pretty snazzy!
new shoes!
I ran this race series, and my total time for all three races was the fastest, so i won a new pair of shoes! they're also not here yet, but they're on their way.
I caught mewtwo! I even caught him without using my master ball! because i am a pokemon master! now i have all the pokemon, and nothing to catch with my master ball :/
mewtwo's not even that good though. he's really fast and strong, but he doesn't know any good moves! like actually! He's a pokemon that can explode islands with his mind, but in the game, all he can do is raise his defense, and one weak attack. and he can switch stats with his opponent.
here's a picture for you. Try it at home, kids!


Anonymous said...

Wow, u got a new computer for ur b'day!
Tatz juz awesome!!! Well, hope u enjoy it!!

LOL at tat pic. Itz so cute!! XP

Anonymous said...

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