Thursday, April 1, 2010

i dunno what put here

great news everyone! Only like less than 2 weeks of school! and then exams, and i'm done! wheee!
still don't have a summer job for sure yet, but i find out early next week if i got picked for mini u, and i have to go to city hall again for wading pool supervisor interviewing
Last week, there was all sorts of stuff. there was a big party for all the athletes on thursday, and a big party for anyone in comp sci on friday. i went to both, it was pretty cool. on sunday my family left me while they went on vacation. they came back on tuesday, and it was pretty cool. I lived on my own (more or less) for a while. I'm good at it! I took care of the pets, fed myself and even did laundry and dishes! wheee! I also played pokemon :D Today i beat the 7th gym! yay! (the gym leader is a massive jerk, it took me ACTUALLY HALF AN HOUR to kill ONE POKEMON. all he did was use REST OVER AND OVER AND I WAS LIKE D:<
That's basically it for now.


Anonymous said...

YO~! Enjoy life and take it one step at a time.
Haha..took u an hour to kill a pokemon!! Hehe...

Anonymous said...

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