Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Totodile, i don't think we're in Kanto anymore!

AS you may or may not have noticed, i haven't blogged in the past like three weeks
That's not because my wireless card is still broken. I've had all the internets i could ask for since then. Now you may ask yourself "BUT PAUL! Why didn't you blog then? Surely you must have-" And i say, That is enough! I may or may not have been looking for a summer job. Actually, it's closer to the "may not". Basically all i've been doing is mucking around, trying to stop time so i don't have to write exams in two weeks D:
AND.... On the weekend i bought pokemon Soul Silver!
It's awesome. It came with a Pokewalker, which is LIKE a pedometer, but it involves you putting one of your pokemons inside of it, and leveling it up and getting stuff with it. Also on the weekend, i got certified for CPR C and first aid. Which means i can keep you alive until the ambulance gets there! even if you're a small child or an infant! I even know how to use an AED, or Automated External Difibrillator, although i'm not legally allowed to in the province of Manitoba. (I encourage you all to go to someone in authority and tell them to get these though, seriously, they save lives.)
so, that's basically my life in a nutshell (insert joke on me being nuts here. lol.) for now.
I had a job interview today for Mini U, it's like a day camp at the university. i think it went well :)
▼ these are my shoes. You can have a picture of them.


guitargirl said...

Oooo! Converse shooz!!!

You, sir, get today's epic win. :)
Good luck with the job hunting and stuff!!

Anonymous said...

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