Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I planned this

This post is pretty special. If you've been keeping track, it's the 100th post in my blog! yay! Party favours for everyone! Today is ALSO my birthday! yay! More party favours all around!
That's right, today i'm definitely for reals an adult. Not kind of sitting on the fence like last year. To celebrate, i spent the day not doing what i was supposed to and playing pokemon... I MEAN... I actually sat around and did my tedious errands, and had an intelligent conversation about... politics...? yeah... that's it!
Well, not really. I sat around for the morning, then i raked the grass in the yard, then i played pokemon and had lunch, now i'm posting, then i'm going to rake some more, and then i'm going to study for my last two exams. And an adventure is called for too. I'm thinking walking to safeway to buy blue kool-aid. But that's later.
And now, cause it's my birthday I shall put some stuff here.
like songs! and questions! And other things maybe later. It will be a fiesta and a half!
SONGS: Shine On by Needtobreathe
Heavy by Collective Soul
Shine, also by Collective Soul
(3 points to whoever guesses where i'm stealing songs from :P)
Which is the best pokemon team? Pick any 6 from all of the ~500. why are yours the best?

Here's some pictures from my computer. i found them on the internets! i have some other funny ones, but animated ones appear to not work :(


guitargirl said...

Yay! Happy birthday and 100th post!! Do you feel all grown-upped now? *brings cake and ice cream*

Heh. I know where you're finding those songs too. You're finding them on my playlist :P Because I love NTB and Collective Soul. :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!! Happy 100th post and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Dude, love those pics!! Man, I wished those animated ones worked. I bet they wud be awesome!! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Dude, did u noe ur b'day is the same with Hitler's???

HEHE...juz thought u wanted noe!! XP

Enjoy ur b'day!!

Anonymous said...

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