Friday, November 5, 2010

I really did mean to post!

like 2 weeks ago! But instead i decided to have a “WOW WEEKEND”. I made that term up by the by. It’s a weekend where  one sits in a room all weekend and levels a character the last little way to 80! except it wasn’t the last little way, it was like 5 levels in 3 days. That was pretty exciting. Then there were midterms, and Halloween. Halloween is gone, but the memory is still here, because the ghosts killed a lot of people ._. Midterms are gone too, and now i can breathe. Also, i hurt my Achilles a couple of weeks ago. it’s been interesting. i’ve been going to athletic therapy, and getting better, slowly. the first time i went they sat me in the warm tub. It’s like a hot tub but not really. Then they tested how flexible and strong my foot was. Then they gave me a massage, then they did an ultrasound on it, to loosen up the muscles. After that they did “soft tissue”, which is where they move my leg around like walking for me. They also did “stim”, which is where they hook two electrodes up to you and run a current through your skin to make it feel weird. It felt like my foot was asleep, and i’m sort of sure it was twitching. The next time we did some stretching and exercises instead of ultrasound and stim. then they gave me ice. Today was the third time, my foot was hurting a lot today, so we only did a few exercises, then stretched and stim and ice. It’s getting a lot better though! I can walk and do stairs and run without limping!

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