Friday, October 15, 2010


So i really can’t sing to save my life. But that’s beside the point.

Instead, i’ve been seeing people who CAN sing do so. A little while ago i saw Arcade Fire, with my friend Sarah. It was good. they had a lot of drums and instruments. Then they were singing about cars.

Today i saw Lights (!) I don't really listen to her ever. But my brother is a fan, and he needed a ride and his friend bailed on him, so i got to go for free! It was good too. There was a LOT of girls there, who were like 12 years old. She sang some songs, and then she played the keytar. It was pretty good. I'm listening to her on youtube right now, and she was a lot better live. She was all "HAY GUISE, I HAVE THIS NEW SONG FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO LOLS" and it's been out since tuesday, and it's only available in canada right now! Wheeee... I've also got a lot of homework, so i've been trying not to be distracted :/ IT'S GOING POORLY.

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