Friday, August 13, 2010

Attention girl-types

AND anyone who’s ever said something to the effect “lol boys are messy.”.

you have clearly NEVER cleaned a public restroom ever in your life. I mean seriously! At my pool, there are 2 (two) one stall bathrooms. That means a toilet, a sink, a paper towel dispenser, a hand dryer, a bench for changing, and a garbage can. Every day i have to mop out both of the bathrooms so they aren’t a festering pool of filth the next day, and i don’t have to worry about people hurting themselves by drowning in poo or anything gross. At the end of the day, it takes me 2 minutes to clean the boy’s bathroom. That means 2 minutes to mop the floor, clean all the water sprayed everywhere from the sink, flush the toilet and make sure there’s the right kinds of paper in the right places. After that i do the girl’s bathroom. This takes me AT LEAST 10 minutes. That should mean 10 minutes to do everything that i do in the guys bathroom right? AAAAAND to pick up all the paper towels and garbage all over the floor, sweep out the food garbage, clean up the massive pool of water on the floor, rinse all the soap out of the sink, clean the chalk (no, srsly) off the walls, and unlock the stall, which someone locked and then slithered underneath the door.

Also, on monday i went to the beach. It was fun. I made a big sand castle. Then some girls were like “tee hee, we like you’re sand castle. it’s like sooo cool and you’re like soo handsome.”. That’s definitely how it happened. Anyone who says otherwise wasn’t there, they don’t even know. Then on tuesday it was alex’s birthday. He got some nice things and some stuff. I got him a nice thing and gave helpful suggestions on everything else he got it seems.


guitargirl said...

Haha. That doesn't surprise me. I mean, I've never hung out in a guy's bathroom before, but many of the girl's rooms I've seen are really...icky. :P

Anonymous said...

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