Tuesday, August 17, 2010

long weekend is looooooooooooong!

So, this weekend it was all rainy and cold out. Sucks right? Except for when i don’t work in the rain and cold! Basically i’m at the end of a 4 day weekend right now. It’s pretty awesome. I went to the beach yesterday. Probably not the best beach day ever, but it was alright. We had the entire beach to ourselves at least. The only problem was it was super windy which made it not that warm. I made a killer sand castle though. And i’m now exfoliated in places i didn’t even know needed exfoliation! Today i got a haircut. That is all we are going to say on the matter.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the rain.

Anyhow, I hope you like your new haircut...and yea, long weekends are LOOOOOONNNG!! *smirks*

Anonymous said...

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