Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More summer adventures*

I’ve been busy once again, summer is on the way out now. technically. It’s definitely August now, Alex’s birthday is in less than a week, School starts in 4-ish weeks. All sorts of fun stuff. Work has been good. I get paid a lot. Kids are kids are kids who are bad.

Also i’ve been playing warcraft! It’s lots of fun. I "recruited” alex, meaning i got him his own account so we can play together. It’s more fun when you’re actually sitting next to someone and playing together, instead of over the internet. I’ve also had some really good ideas for stories or comic books, and they’ll probably stay good ideas until i decide to do something about them. Which will be in a while.

Work is actually pretty sweet. I finished a 1000 page book in less than a week, reading only at work and on the bus. I never thought i’d run out of the big stack of books i get from christmas, and my birthday, but i seriously went through it in a month! :S Now i’ve got to go to the library or something.

*Of questionable legality


Anonymous said...

haha...sound like you had fun during the summer.

Well yea, summer is almost over which is kinda sad...but then again, this means we can look forward to the NEXT summer~!!

Anonymous said...

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