Monday, May 24, 2010

all work and no play makes Paul a dull boy.

Well, at least it would if i ever tried that. Something along the lines of “A little hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk?” Strictly speaking, smelling like cold cuts at the end of the day is not the worst thing that you can smell like. Also, the whole job isn’t TOO too hard :) It’s hard to do it fast though, and they want you to be fast.

To be honest, it’s more of a “all play and no work makes Paul very bored” sort of thing actually. all i do these days is hang around and shoot the breeze.


Anonymous said...

all work is very boring!

BUT I do know people who are all studies and trust me, they're dull. WHY? They have zero social skills and they have nothing talk on except chemistry.
Oh well, people.

Anonymous said...

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