Friday, September 17, 2010

This one isn’t about what i did.

I feel obliged to make a post now, because there’s nothing really better to do. I am about to go do some things and some stuff. THEN I will go to sleep, and tomorrow i will do more things and different stuff. After that, i’ll do some stuff, along with acivities. Then I will probably look at these activities and think some thoughts, and hear some sounds and look at some objects. Then i’ll go to a place, until a time, when i’ll do something. Not too sure what though. I just know there’s a race tomorrow I am going to do. Then a party after it. Then there’s another race i’m supposed to marshal the next day. It is very far away, and very early. But i am supposed to do it, so i can be on the track team, and that will give me something to do while i go to school, and learn some knowledge and gain some skills. Then one day i will have a job in which i will use that knowledge and those skills to make something to change the world a little bit so that other people can use their skills and knowledge to do other stuff. And things.

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