Saturday, January 16, 2010


Busy, busy. I have been busy. All sorts of work and stuff. My stats class is a lot of work. I've also been doing all sorts of other stuff. I spent the day making graphics for a math contest. i also signed up to be a note taker for all sorts of classes. Lots of homework assignments this term too. Comp sci project due friday, stats assignment monday, and uhh... calculus homework that's not really DUE per se, but i have to do it sometime, otherwise i won't do good in that course at all.
Alex bought both seasons of Chuck today, we've been watching it for several hours. I've been doing my stats homework and those graphics for the math exam.
My mom got me Macromedia Studio MX, so i also was playing with FreeHand today. I also have Dreamweaver and Fireworks and Flash! All sorts of fun programs to play with! And on the less fun programs front, i've had to install like seven inane programs for stats. AND one of them installed all sorts of ridiculous Yahoo! add-ons for Firefox. feh.
The weather is really warm here, it kinda sucks. It's only january, and already all the ice and snow is getting.... not... good.


Anonymous said...

I totally get wat u mean. 2010 started out quite busy. Well, take care dude...

I still miss the holidays! XP

Anonymous said...

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