Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Spicy Chicken flavour

I am taking a break from linguistics and computer science at the moment, thought it would be a good opportunity to write things here.
The weather here sucks. It's been between like -2 and +1 for the past two weeks, everything's melting and getting all messy and stuff. I was supposed to have a speed skating meet today, but it was too warm, so it got cancelled. Yesterday was the second day of it, and it really sucked. It snowed/rained (yes. rained) starting friday night, basically until an hour ago when it stopped. Saturday morning, they were using the tractor to clear the snow from the oval, and the ice was so soft the tractor actually left tread marks in the warmup lane. As the day went on, it got a little colder, so the ice froze a bit, and the tire marks left, but then it got EVEN WARMER. The ouside lane of the corner was like slush. The times were basically what you'd get if you ran the same distance on a track in skates. NO GLIDE AT ALL.
AND i think i have a concussion, from something, but i don't remember hitting my head ever. All i know is i've been having headaches, especially when i jump/stomp/run or do anything that has more impact than walking. D:
Yesterday, i took Alex and Charles to Safeway to buy drinks though. It was pretty cool. They ended up getting 48 cans between the two of them. Charles paid $4 for his 24, of assorted Crush products, (including his $2.50 donation to Haiti), while Alex paid $10 for his Dr Pepper. I got 6 cans of orange crush because i drove them there, and Alex to work today.
On a homework-y note, the comp sci project actually turned out to be easier than expected; half the work was done for us. Linguistics is easy too, only i was doing it in a semi-public place and getting weird looks as i sounded out words (we're doing phonetics. I was sitting there trying to find the sounds in "serendipity"; "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ehhhhh RRRRRRR ehhhhhhh nnnnnnnn d ihhhhh p ihhhhhh t eeeeeeeeeeeee". or "loquacious".)


guitargirl said...

Sounds like you've been busy. XD

Hope your head feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope your heads feels better soon.

Ooohh, u been pretty busy. Well, chill & take it easy once in a while.


Anonymous said...

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