Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy as a bee, doing whatever it is that makes them so busy.

I’m busy, so i haven’t had time to actually blog lately. I’ve started my new job, as a wading pool supervisor! (Not a lifeguard, i’m not actually certified as one :/) It’s pretty cool, if you don’t mind hoards of children splashing you constantly with water. Today was my first day, and let me tell you, cleaning broken glass out of the pool for an hour and a half before you can fill it is no fun at all. My pool is kind of in a ghetto…

Also i’ve been playing video games. World of Warcraft, again, as well as this steam game called Super Laser Racer. Yes. it is exactly as cool as it sounds. It’s like Mario Kart meets Space Invaders at some crazy rave, and they do some things that are awesome, and questionably legal.


Anonymous said...

ooohh...a pool wading supervisor. That's cool. Does that mean you get to swim in the pool?

IF you do, that would be so cool!

Anonymous said...

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