Sunday, February 21, 2010


I haven't posted because OLYMPICS!
And studying, but mostly olympics. Studying is hard :/ I've still got quite a bit to do for calculus, which will be a good time and a half. School starts tomorrow, after a week off for reading week.
I did quite a bit of stuff: studied, ate, ran, read, slept.
Exams start soon, and also races for track and skating start again. Track on wednesday, skating sunday, exams on Thursday and saturday. Another exam in march, and some exam some other time :/ I'm going to be busy busy again. And i need a job too :(.
ALSO, you may have noticed i've kinda avoided talking about the actual olympics. Super pumped as i am about them, i'm a little disappoint. Canada should be doing better in my opinion. ESPECIALLY IN HOCKEY AMIRITE?


Anonymous said...

Hehe...watching the olympics?!
Yea, I get what u mean. It's slightly dissappointing. There are some teams tat u support but itz obvious tat they aren't doing their best.

Anonymous said...

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