Saturday, September 19, 2009

More shenanigans and nonsense adventures

Today was the first meet of the cross country season. It was actually just a time trial, so our coach could see how good we are, and so he can pick who gets to go on the travel team (That's the team that goes to all the meets around the vicinity of Manitoba and the surrounding region) (they do us good...should you ever see someone wearing a Bison's shirt, i want you to stop them and tell them "Son/Girl [select appropriate]... ya done good.")
anyways. It was a 2 km loop, the guys did it three times, and the girls did it twice. I ran my 6 k in 24:47, which is alright-ish. 4:12 per km isn't that great, but it was hilly and muddy!
Yesterday i had the rest of my classes (finally lol) Well, just my first two labs. I had Comp Sci, then Calculus in the afternoon. First, when i got to Compy sci, i was afraid that everyone would be really smart and everything, because it's a second year course, and i'm not a second year chap. But it turns out that everyone's just regular old dumb kids anyways, so i fit right it. I even got everything to work! Yay me! Our lab is in a Mac lab, which means that i have to use a Mac. It's not so bad though... The whole one button thing is annoying, but we don't actually use the Mac parts of the computer. What REALLY happens is we tear a hole in the Mac bit, and get at the nice Unix piece underneath. (Unix is this other Operating System, like Windows or Mac OS X, macs all run Unix, which has been made pretty so people who don't feel like devoting their lives to computers can use it.) Calculus was a neat lab too, our TA is really nice, he just gave us some problems, and then worked through them with us. the only problem is that there isn't enough chairs in the class, so the 8 slowest people have to stand/sit on the floor at the back of class.
Also, on thursday, me and my friend Lloyd went to the Max Bell Centre (sports complex on campus) It was sweet. For those of you who don't know this place, it's got a track, an arena, and it's attached to a big gym, and the other building Frank Kennedy, which has more gyms, and a pool. The best part about it being on campus is this: The arena is open year round. The best part about THIS is that the zamboni has to resurface the ice all the time. The best part about THIS is that it takes all the snow it scraped off the ice and dumps it beside the parking lot. THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. FREE SNOW IN SEPTEMBER. It must have been at LEAST 30 degrees out, and we were having a snowball fight! Then we took a big bunch of snow and made a snowman halfway across the campus :D


guitargirl said...

Hi! *waves* :)

Wow. Snow in September. Ew. I'm dreading winter. Winters in PA aren't as bad but they're still cold :/

Anyways, just figured I hadn't commented in a while. I actually haven't been, blogging much, but I got bored this evening and refused to crack a book ;)

Anonymous said...

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