Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Campaign

Apologies for not posting in a while, I’ve had chances, but I haven’t used them to blog thus far. Right now I’m on the train. (There’s no internet here actually, I am writing on MS word, and then I am going to put it up later.) I was in Nova Scotia for the past week, specifically Mahone Bay. It was pretty sweet. I got to see Helen again; I hadn’t seen Helen for a year basically to the day. I also met all kinds of people there, mostly Helen’s friends, some of whom I talked to on MSN. It was pretty cool. Before that, I stopped in Toronto to see my cousins who live there; I hadn’t seen them for two years. Now I’m heading back west, I’m going to Vancouver to see my other good friends Maegwin and Laura (If you guys read this before I see you, Hi Maegwin and Laura!) along with my friend Evanna from camp. Along the way I’m going to stop in Montréal tomorrow morning, and Toronto tomorrow afternoon. Then I’m going to be in Winnipeg Sunday morning, just enough time to have a shower and do laundry :P I’m going to be travelling with my Aunt Pris back to Vancouver, she’s pretty laid back.

I'm in Montreal right now. I tried to get my ticket changed to an earlier train, but it was full. I have five hours here. Luckily i have found an internet connection that doesn't require me to pay like $5 for fifteen minutes.

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